Former Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants Holly Durst and Ali Fedotowsky throw Emily Maynard their best advice and well wishes.

Holly, who was a season 12 contestant on The Bachelor and the winner of Bachelor Pad 2, has faith that Emily will find Mr. Right.

“I think Emily is adorable, and I think she’s going to do a great job. I hope she finds love. I don’t know her personally but I think she’s the cutest thing in the world.”

Holly strongly believes in finding love on reality TV, since she’s set to marry her Bachelor Pad co-star Blake Julian next month. She tells Rumor Fix: “I found love on the show, and I believe in the whole system. No matter who you end up with, know it was your choice and no one else’s. Love that man with all that you are and you will truly find your happiness! Good Luck.”


Also weighing in is Ali Fedotowsky, a former Bachelorette, who did find love, but not “lasting love”, as she and Roberto Martinez called off their engagement and parted ways last November.

Ali shares that after just one episode, she knows the perfect guy for Emily:
Jef. “I am loving Jef with one F! I just think he is spunky and I want to be friends with him! She says she likes guys who are tattooed and a little more on the rougher side. Jef could possibly be [a frontrunner] because he seems like he’s a little funky, a little different and I think she’d like that.”

And lastly, because we can’t get enough of videos that make fun of reality TV in some form or another, below is a parody of ‘Bachelor’ type shows. ‘Burning Love’ features celebs like Ben Stiller, Kristen Bell, Christine Taylor and more, poking fun at the “finding love on reality TV” contests.

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