Sheree Whitfield Claims Negative Situations & Editing Led To Her Leaving RHOA; Plus Is Kim’s Wig Line For Real?

She by SheBroke has officially hung up her rented Housewives crown and moved on to other venues. Since leaving the show that made her extravagant spending and delusional ideas about elegance and soffisication a household topic, Sheree has decided to go in a completely different direction and one that I think will serve her well. Hey, she might even become She by ShePaid!

Speaking to Essence Magazine, the former Real Housewives of Atlanta star shares how things have been since announcing her retirement. “I’ve got a couple projects that I’m working on that I’m really excited about. I’ve partnered with a company called Xooma to create a 5 million-pound fitness challenge,” Sheree reveals. “We’re trying to help a generation get healthy. I’m really excited about it because this is my realm and what I love.”

Sheree maintains that the decision to leave the show was completely her own. “It was an amicable split,” Sheree insists. “I was ready to move and I don’t need to explain myself to anybody.”

“I am super happy and I’m moving in a different direction. This is what I know. I’m not about just being on a show bickering and fighting with women. There are big parts of my life that weren’t shown that I’m ready for everybody to see.”


She adds that editing played a role in her decision to call it quits. “We don’t see the show until it airs, or a couple days before it airs. Even when we were taping, there were a few things I wasn’t happy with as far as how I was portrayed,” Sheree reveals.

“I was going through some really tough things in my life and watching back and seeing how it affected not only my life, but also my kids’ lives, I made a decision that I didn’t want to be selfish. My kids come first.”

“You’re being put in situations with people you normally won’t be around. You’re doing the show, but at the same time, you can’t control the editing,” Sheree explains. “It’s crazy. We’re very emotional beings — women period, not just Black women or White women or Italian women or Asian women. We’re all the same way.”

Moving on to Kim Zolciak, who apparently maintains her friendship with Sheree despite her success on Bravo. Does anyone remember Kim’s wig line? You know the one she was supposedly coming out with in season two before her “singing” career eclipsed it?

Well, apparently no such wig line exists! Reality Tea received a tip that if you want some Wigs by Kim Z… don’t hold your breath! Our source shares, that Kim’s wigs were supposed to be produced through Pop Wigs and land in stores in 2010, but no such wigs ever appeared! So where are the wigs?!

Our source believes Kim made up the wig line to seem “busy” and “important!” LOL. “It seemed as if Kim used the wig line to validate how ‘busy’ she’s been when Kandi Burruss wasn’t working on her music and Big Poppa wasn’t buying her furniture to make it seem like she had some lucrative businesses that allowed to do so.” Now remember, this isn’t Reality Tea’s opinion – we’re just reporting the scoop.

Interested in procuring a wig, the source went straight to Kim herself to find out where exactly one might get a Kim Z hairpiece. Allegedly contacting Kim’s assistant through her website, this person was told: “Kim has no wig line – she hasn’t started one yet so nothing is available right now that is still under contracts and what not.”

So there you have it people, if you want a Wig by Kim Zolciak… well, too bad!