Celebrity Apprentice Recap: It’s Finally Over

Oh, poor Clay Aiken. Always a reality show bridesmaid, never a reality show bride. For the second time, Clay proved he had the talent to take it to the end, but fell short. Again. At last he has his extremely devoted fans, the Claymates. And Clay will always have the best line of the season when he expertly described Aubrey O’Day climbing out of her momma’s womb and onto a stripper’s pole. For that, he will always live on in our hearts. Well, until the next troop of Z-listers comes around for Celebrity Apprentice.


Last night, in the “live finale” which just meant Donald Trump could extend the torture a bit longer like he has his producers do in the boardroom, we were also reminded that Mario Andretti was on this season for like 5 seconds when he drove Donald out to the majestic American Museum of Natural History. While I was hoping the live finale had some Housewives-style reunion-like fireworks, no one told anyone to “close their legs to married men” so it was all rather boring. The same fights we saw play out during the season still exist: Victoria Gotti vs. Lisa Lampanelli; Lou Ferrigno vs everybody; Tia Carrere vs Lisa. Dayana Mendoza and Lisa however, did kiss and make up and announced a new touring comedy duo.

Just kidding. Dayana and Lisa still hate each other. I’m sure that racial slur incident in the press didn’t help.

We do get to see the variety shows on this episode and they’re both predictable, with Lisa doing a comedy routine in Arsenio’s show and Aubrey and Dee Snider singing for Clay’s show. Clay of course, sings to us, and it’s wonderful. My prediction with the camera angles for PSAgate ended up coming true: magically, the editing crew neglected to inform us last weekend that they did indeed get a decent shot of Magic Johnson when they went to film the PSA. Duh. Of course.

Now, the two teams were told they’d be judged on how much money they raised and both men managed to raise big amounts from their celebrity friends (or in Arsenio’s case, people who managed to call him back this time, unlike the last time he tried to raise money from his old comedy friends), and like some other challenges we saw, the loser did actually end up raising more money. Clay in fact raised way more money than Arsenio. And yet, Arsenio won the title and $250,000 for his charity, the Magic Johnson Foundation.

While the winner of Celebrity Apprentice isn’t just based on the final task, and both Clay and Arsenio were strong players through out the whole season, I’m still torn about how I feel about the decision to crown Arsenio the winner. It just feels off. On the other hand, it does give Arsenio an opportunity to reboost his career. And working with Magic Johnson’s foundation is a great PR move for the Donald.

In any case, we have a new apprentice so now it’s time to start thinking about next year. Who do you think should be cast for next season? I’d love for Vicki Gunvalson to be cast because I think her head would explode if faced with having to interact with real celebrities. I also love the idea of casting RuPaul, former MTV VJ Kennedy, and 50 Cent.