Sonja Morgan Calls Out New Housewife Aviva Drescher, Kelly Bensimon Mad At Bravo, & Competing Housewife Premiere Parties!

If you thought the Real Housewives of New York was going to get less dramatic following the firings of Jill Zarin, Alex McCord, and Kelly Bensimon, you’d be wrong. Rather than getting classier, the show is probably going to look a lot more like the menopausal, passive aggressive version of Bad Girls Club. The show premieres in two weeks and already, the ladies are taking shots at each other in the press for truly pointless things like their premiere parties.

Rob Shuter of the Huffington Post, who love him or hate him, does appear to have a direct line into the RHONY world, reports that the upcoming season will be Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan versus the rest of the gang, which isn’t surprising. As far as Countess LuAnn, she remained more opportunistic, as she usually is, and stuck with the new blood, and the anonymous cast member tells Rob “The Countess, who has tried to stay neutral in the past, was forced to choose between the new ladies and her old cast mates … and picked the former.”


The Countess and Ramona are throwing competing premiere parties, which will be held at the same time for the first time ever, which Rob seems to think is a a historic event the likes of Pearl Harbor. In the past, Housewives threw different parties but never on the same night. And who decides to go to which party will be “very telling!.” An “ex-cast member” (perhaps by the name that rhymes with Bill Larin) tells Rob that “Both of these ladies take this very seriously and are very competitive. ”

Parties are serious business. Equally serious is Kelly Bensimon’s reaction to Bravo’s repeats of her nervous breakdown during Season 3 in the infamous “Scary Island” episode. She used the only venue she has left, Twitter to air her concerns to Bravo, “Oh my god @bravoandy I did my job on #rhony, your fans need to be told the truth about ‘scary island’ if you are putting it on repeat.”

Kelly continues to insist that she had a “breakthrough” on that episode and has even insinuated that the whole event was scripted and part of her role for the season. Fans responded to her that no one forced her to go on the trip, something else she claimed during the Season 3 reunion, that she was forced to go on the trip. I’ve always believed that in a way, Kelly was “forced” to go, in so far that her agent and manager told her that she should go on the trip to ensure that she would be renewed for season four. She just saw it as a work obligation, but Kelly is just inarticulate in a really frightening way, and the media is not kind to those people. Unless you’re Kim Kardashian. And then you can make millions.

Anyway, let’s move to housewives who are actually on the show. Aviva Drescher, one of the new women on the cast, who also happens to be an amputee, has been accused by Sonja Morgan of being a fake philanthropist, which is soooo #richpeopleproblems it’s not even funny. Sonja told the New York Observer that she was never actually involved with any charities. “We all went to one of her SoulCycle events, but she wasn’t really involved with any charities. I ran into her ex-husband (Harry Dubin) and he was just as surprised; he said Aviva never did any philanthropy.”

The Observer called Aviva for comment, and she called Sonja’s comments “absurd” and that she’d been helping amputees since she was 20, adding “That’s about as silly as saying that I have two legs.” She topped it all off by accusing Sonja of being a drunk: “Besides, Sonja Morgan is an alcoholic. She has to be carried out of every party.”

Well, then. If that’s how it’s going to be, then we’re in for a helluva season. No passive aggressive or double speak with these women.

In our last RHONY tidbit of the day, Alex McCord has decided to sign up with the Dial A Star service that we were all making fun of Danielle Staub for doing a few weeks ago. Is Alex so broke she needs to sign up for this? What could Alex possibly have to add that she doesn’t post to her Twitter and Facebook? Who on earth is paying $20 a minute to talk to her? I’m embarrassed for everyone involved in this.