EXCLUSIVE: Joe Giudice Angry And Frustrated Over RHONJ; Blames Joe & Melissa! Plus Is Caroline Trying To Force Teresa Off The Show?

While there is no new episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey tonight, the tumult rages on! Teresa Giuidce can’t keep her family drama out of the media for a second. First it’s her brother, then her husband, and now her daughter! Wherever Teresa goes, it seems chaos follows. However, despite appearances things aren’t as bad as they seem!

Our source tells Reality Tea EXCLUSIVELY that no matter what happens Teresa remains loyal to her husband Joe Giudice and will never divorce him! “Teresa will never leave Joe. She worships him,” our source shares. But it goes deeper than Teresa just loving her husband – apparently it’s also about her pride. “Plus, she will never let anyone see her fail at anything, including her marriage.”

Despite Joe‘s less than appealing behavior this season – including last week’s episode where he threatened to leave Teresa – is apparently the result of pressure from the show and from the media. “Joe’s behavior is off the wall due to all the TV pressure and family drama,” our source explains.

Joe doesn’t like drama and never starts problems. He is quick to forgive and move on. Joe is not a mean person. His anger and frustration are a result of the show.” Joe may be a wonderful man, but that doesn’t take away from his DUI and his pending trial which could land him in prison for up to 10 years!


“[Joe] cannot stand all the back and forth and he cannot forgive Joey and Melissa [Gorga] for joining the show. Bravo wanted new cast members who would go up against Teresa and her own brother and sister in law sold her out,” our source alleges.

And that is what caused Joe‘s outburst last week. “The Guidice family may have many issues of their own, but when push comes to shove they defend their own. They also stick by each others side. Joe cannot wrap his head around how they could do this to their own family.”

Even better, Joe is apparently not the broke, pathetic loser the media has scripted him to be. “Teresa is not the only one making money. Those reports of him being

jealous of her are not true. Joe is bringing money in and taking care of his family.” Doing what I can only imagine. I’ve heard a rumor that he is making wine. Ugh Which I would gladly review for Reality Tea’s Booze ‘N’ Book Club!

Moving on RadarOnline is now reporting that Caroline Manzo‘s feud with Teresa is getting nastier by the second! Caroline is supposedly sick of the drama. And that drama happens to go by the name: Teresa! “She thought being on a reality show would be fun, but it’s just been drama, lies, deception and scandal.”

And Caroline has decided the drama has got to go, but rather than leave the show, she’s allegedly trying to force Teresa out of the cast! “Caroline is sick of the drama that Teresa brings,” a Bravo source reveals. “But more than that, she’s jealous because she knows [Teresa] is the bigger star.”

“It’s Teresa who appeared on Celebrity Apprentice, it’s Teresa who gets all the magazine covers and it’s Teresa that is perceived as the star of the show. Caroline hates it and would love nothing more than to get rid of Teresa… for good!” Um… wowzers! Maybe somebody needs to read Caroline a book about being a sore loser. I nominate Gia!

“She’s been trying to get the other ladies to all gang up on Teresa and make some kind of ultimatum of ‘Teresa or us’ to Bravo producers, she believes that could work, but I think she is seriously underestimating the star power of Teresa,” the source adds. This is reportedly one of the tactics the ladies used to get Danielle Staub ousted from the cast. Caroline and co. have been tweeting the RHONJ producers a lot as of late…

Sadly, Caroline‘s plan may backfire. According to Teresa the source, “Bravo knows that Teresa is the one that viewers tune in to watch — either love her or hate her, people love to watch her and her drama and there’s no way they are going to lose her. Caroline, they could care less about. She doesn’t really deliver anything and they wouldn’t really care either way if she left or stayed.” Ouch. Not sure I totally believe that as Andy Cohen seems to be quite buddy-buddy with the Manzo clan.

The source assures that Caroline has no chance of winning against Teresa! “Put it this way, Caroline is really picking the wrong fight if she thinks she can push Teresa off the show. It just isn’t happening.”

It seems Teresa is starting to get wise to Caroline‘s tactics! Maybe because she joined her in using them against Danielle? After Jacqueline Laurita‘s blog insulting her parenting and her daughter, Teresa was reportedly furious. And she is blaming Caroline for Jacqueline’s suddenly nasty behavior towards her. “Teresa is convinced Caroline was behind Jacqueline’s blog,” the source shares. “She knows how sneaky and underhanded Caroline can be and how she loves to stir up trouble.”

Teresa is going to get to the bottom of this either way, and she will not take it laying down, you can guarantee you are going to see some major fallout over this whole blog mess.”

What. A. Mess. Gotta say, I’m kinda happy there’s no new episode tonight. I need a break from these ladies! Whew!


UPDATE: Caroline is denying the RadarOnline story, of course. She Tweeted: “I’ll say it again – have not once nor ever will demand 2 Bravo that any cast-members be removed from show-not my style.”  Hmmm… Do you believe her?