Dance Moms Miami Finale Recap: Mama(s), Mia

Oh snap!  The Dance Moms: Miami finale is bringing some dramz in the form of a new dancer…the adorable Mia and her Charo-esque mother.  Sweet!

As always, the episode started with the list, and Lucas takes the top spot for his many successes last week.  Hannah scores second on the list for scoring second overall, and Angel tells her that she’s now acting like a great dancer and will be treated as such.  Sammy is third for increasing her artistic game, with Kimmy fourth for sloppy transitions.  Jessi is at the bottom (watch out for Susan!) for messing up in her duet with Kimmy.

Sammy and Hannah both get solos, and Lucas and Kimmy will be performing a duet.  Jessi will only be dancing in the group number.  Jessi is upset that she isn’t getting a solo, but she’s determined to keep it together to prove to Angel and Victor that she’s a team player.  The theme for this week is “celebrity” since they swept last weekend’s competition.  Victor announces he has a surprise, and enter Mia.  She is one of the studio’s top dancers, who at ten, according to Victor, has the skill and technique of an eighteen-year-old.  The dancers are thrilled.  They love Mia…Lucas is even rocking a Mia crush.  She is a precious little girl.


The moms, on the other hand, don’t look too thrilled.  Perhaps that is because they will now have to put up with the wrath of Leo—Mia’s mother.  Brigette already has moves like Jagger eyes like daggers.  Angel is singing Leo’s praises for being beautiful, skinny, and fabulous.  He knows the mothers are going to be beyond jealous.  Secretly Abby is excited…she’s no longer the new girl, and she knows how these women operate when they feel threatened.  Not surprisingly, Ani is the only one to sincerely welcome Leo.  Debi, Susan, and Brigette are sitting on their sofa staring like smug pugs.  Victor informs the viewers that Leo is a very normal mom, because yes, there are normal dance moms at their studio.

The mothers want to know if Mia is sticking around for good, and if so, who will be the one removed from the team?  Ani is thinking that Kimmy may be the one to go, and she knows her daughter would be crushed.  She leaves the viewing room in tears, but she’s comforted by Mayra who urges her to have more faith in her amazing daughter’s dance skills.

At Lucas’ home, Brigette is trying to get her family to support Lucas at his upcoming competition.  His dad, however, already has plans to take his younger sons to a football game.  When Brigette compromises that the family will watch Lucas the following weekend, her husband is quick to say he has to work.  Is it just me or does someone not want his son to be a dancer?  Snap judgment, I realize.  He probably doesn’t want to hang out with scary Brigette more than necessary.

At twelve, it is Sammy’s first solo competing in the teen category.  Abby fears that Sammy could be replaced by Mia as she’s the new girl.  The group number is way off beat, and Angel believes it’s because the other children are too busy watching to see what Mia is doing.  Victor dismisses the kids while Angel offers Mia a solo.  Debi and Abby decide to approach the coaches about who could potentially be replaced by Mia.  Leo relays to them that it’s not her daughter’s fault for being asked to dance.  Abby calmly tells her that no one blame Mia or Leo…they just want their children to have a spot on the team as well.

Lucas and Kimmy’s duet has become a trio with the addition of Mia.  Kimmy is noticeably rattled and intimidated.  Poor Ani’s heart just breaks for her precious daughter.  I have to agree with Susan (what?) when she says Mia is getting a lot of favoritism from Angel and Victor.  Poor Mia must be under a lot of pressure from her coaches to improve this team.  Debi warns Hannah that Mia could potentially take her or Sammy’s solo.  Hannah tells her mom that she’d happily offer her solo to Mia, as she is only dancing with them for one week, and she’s been dancing competitively with this group for a long time.  Again, these kids are so much more mature than their parents.

I feel really badly for what I just said about BrigetteAni asks Brigette how she is doing, and she admits to having personal issues and misses her two younger children.  She also doesn’t want Lucas to feel guilt over her stress.  In her interview, she reveals that unbeknownst to her kids, she is divorcing her husband.

The group arrives in Oklahoma with Angel rocking a cowboy hat.  Lifetime switches it up, and we are shown the group number first.  They are in and out of sync, and Jessi leaves the stage in tears for messing up a turn.  Kimmy, Mia, and Lucas rock their trio.  Kimmy is determined to bring it, and Mia is thrilled she got the chance to dance with the pair.  They win first place.  The group number garners third, and Susan blames Mia for such a low place.  Leo is embarrassed for her daughter to be on a third place team when she’s always used to being first.  The mothers get into it with Victor and Angel about not registering three solos if they knew Mia was going to be dancing.

Angel announces that no one will be deprived of their solo.  Sammy isn’t feeling confident in her solo.  Her head hasn’t been in it since she was unsure as to whether she’d be competing.  After her performance, Sammy is disappointed in her turns.  Hannah is concerned that her solo doesn’t showcase enough technique to place high, but she does a phenomenal job.  Thankfully for Mia, even if the mom’s aren’t her biggest fans, her teammates are.  She totally rocks her number.  Hannah places sixth place overall with Mia getting first.  Leo feels vindicated.  Susan is pissed.  Sammy is thrilled and shocked to win second place in the teen category.

Leo seems to stir the pot, and she accuses Brigette of being jealous and insecure.  She approaches Brigette to talk some more, and then she puts her hand in Brigette’s face.  Brigette lunges for Leo and is averted by Angel.  Victor kicks her out of the room.  Thankfully the kids are all outside.  Leo claims she feels bullied, but I do think she’s the one who approached Brigette not that Brigette’s reaction was in any way excusable.  Ani feels terrible as everyone, including Leo, know the stresses on Brigette due to her marriage.  Brigette informs a sobbing Lucas that they will no longer be dancing at Stars.  Susan believes it is neither Brigette nor Leo’s fault, but the coaches’ faults for showing so much favoritism.  She screams as much to Victor and Angel, and Angel has an Abby moment where he kicks her out of the studio.  Poor Jessi is crushed.  She wishes her mother would just let her dance and stop trying to live vicariously through her.  If she’s fine with Mia-tism, her mom should be too.  And fin.  Really?