Sheree Whitfield Says No One Can Replace Her! Nene Leakes Talks Her Three Jobs!

While she may have been ousted from Real Housewives of Atlanta, Sheree Whitfield remains as delightfully delusional as ever, telling S2S Magazine that any new cast members added for the show’s fifth season will be mere additions, not replacements. See, there is only one Sheree!

“No one can replace me. I can’t be replaced.” Well, that’s true. Who else would be able to produce something like She By She Broke, our Mary’s favorite fashion line? To those who say she cried and asked for her job back, Sheree says “as if”. You see my character. I’m not even that girl.”


That girl was in San Juan — at the St. Regis, as she points out, and she asks us to “look it up.” Sheree claims to be happy she is done with the hardest job in the world. “It feels like a weight lifted off of my shoulders when I tell you. I am so serious. It was a lot of stress. So right now, I’m just taking time out to kind of enjoy life.”

Working a bit harder is former cast mate Nene Leakes, who now has three jobs (which may be why she is so very rich) on Real Housewives, Glee, and will also be appearing on The New Normal next fall. Nene tells the Advocate that she will probably not be taking any time off and will probably be appearing in all three: “I might be doing triple duty. I might stay on Housewives and do Glee and The New Normal.”

While she does admit she’ll be living in Los Angeles, she also says Bravo “doesn’t want to do crossover” but then says “it would be hilarious to be a Beverly Hills housewife.” I can see it now: Taylor vs Nene! How amazing would that be. And it just might happen if this Tweet is any indication; Nene was apparently looking at real estate in 90210. “Shopping n Beverly Hills! I’m looking @ homes tomorrow…Maybe I will move here.”

While Nene is making it happen in Hollywood, she won’t forget her roots, and tells Vibe that she’s already started shooting season five of RHOA despite having misgivings about returning:

I am currently shooting. We’ve been shooting for about three weeks. We have a long way to go. Everybody wasn’t expecting me to come back for this season. It was really a hard decision for me to even think of coming back because I was so tired of the whole reality thing. And not just being tired of it—I had other things in the works. But I think it’s a good idea that I’ve come back for season 5. I would love to just walk away, but when I sit down and talk with my team, it’s not… If you can do it all, then just do it all.

When asked if reality television had gone too far, especially with all the physical fights on Basketball Wives, Nene thinks the Atlanta housewives were better in this regard, and that that kind of behavior will limit the basketball wives in the end:

It’s gone way too far. The truth is the truth. It has just gone too far. Too many fights, my God! I can see if there was one here or there. And I always say to people when they say something about reality, you can say whatever y’all want about reality TV, Atlanta Housewives, we don’t do that. We definitely have had our verbal fights, but never physical fights.

And, you know, I’m friends with Jennifer [Williams] and she’s on Basketball Wives. I can’t believe it. I almost, you know when I watch, I’m like, “How much do they paid?” [Laughs] My goodness. And then I think about—they can’t want to do too much in their careers. A good ole argument, everybody likes that every now and then to tune into, but you couldn’t be trying to have too much in your career because that stuff, it don’t work. You can’t represent a product and be that way. That just doesn’t work. That’s one of the reasons when I’m sitting on my show, I’m thinking I’m just tired. Because at some point this can’t even help my future. You know, you would want to think that it would help your future.

The above would be a huge explanation as to why Nene got “boring” in the last season and toned down her behavior. A diva act might work in one arena but not when you’re trying to break into Hollywood and already carry the reality television stigma.