Jenelle Evans Calls Off Her Engagement To Gary Head!

For the six of you that still care, Jenelle Evans has called off her engagement to Gary Head. Anybody surprised? Yeah, I didn’t think so!

The surprising thing about the now defunct impending nuptials is the reason WHY Gary and Jenelle split. No it wasn’t her alleged drug use, or her twitter antics, or the accusations of domestic violence, or the scandalous photos of her surging around the web, or the legal drama… it was over an alleged stolen necklace.

Taking to twitter – where else – the Teen Mom 2 star announced the pair had called it quits when Gary reportedly stole her $300 Tiffany necklace and took it to base with him. Jenelle accuses him of breaking into her house to get the necklace and posted a photo of the broken door jam. The photo is below.


Gary, being the standup guy that he is, claims he is holding it hostage until he gets the engagement ring back. Gary even allegedly texted Jenelle that the necklace would look better on her former BFF Hanah Inman, who Jenelle accused Gary of cheating with the first time they broke up! Jenelle seems to think she should keep the ring, as it was a gift. I guess Gary doesn’t agree.

Jenelle and Gary, according to the Tweets, turned to the police who told them unless Gary takes Jenelle to civil court the ring belongs to her. Maybe they could go on Judge Judy.

Proving that Jenelle’s bad judgement knows no bounds, she reached out to James Duffy via the twitter for some consolation. Don’t remember James Duffy… he is Jenelle’s former boss who was accused of sexually harassing her. He’s also the middle-aged loser who released a whole slew of drunk, scandalous photos of Jenelle in some compromising positions. So she accused him of cyberstalking and pressed charges…  he had her arrested for allegedly threatening his girlfriend Hannah…

And three, two, one … til Jenelle and Gary back together for the 400th time.


“Proof” that Gary stole her necklace. [Photo Credit: Jenelle Evan’s Twitter]