Michael Lohan Blasts Dina Lohan As “Unqualified” To Be On New Reality Show(s)

The famewhore parents-of-the-year are at it again. Michael Lohan is stamping his feet and crying foul to any media outlet who’ll listen because his ex-wife, Dina Lohan, has landed herself not one, but TWO new reality shows.

Dina is slated to star on both “Hollywood Exes” and “DramaMamas“. It’s the latter show that has Michael up in arms. The series will feature Dina and others mentoring youngsters who are hoping to make it on Broadway.


Michael says that Dina shouldn’t be allowed to give advice or help young aspiring thespians because of how badly she screwed up with Lindsay. It’s Dina’s fault because Michael was off in jail and couldn’t be bothered with that whole fatherhood thing until Lindsay hit it big. Michael tells TMZ, “Dina destroyed our kids by lying to them and alienating them … I feel bad for her next victim!”

Michael doesn’t think that Dina has any place on the shows because she has no talent, it’s all the kids (well, mostly Lindsay). “Lindsay is the talented one. She did it on her own … Ali is doing it on her own too … her beauty … Dina did nothing.”

Love how he backpedaled there to include poor Aliana. And no mention of his sons – who play

These two never cease to amaze me. Michael is the one who has been DESPERATE for fame. He who is constantly scrapping with his girlfriends and winding up in jail and on Celebrity Rehab, etc. Also, wasn’t there some celebrity dads show he and Jon Gosselin tried to pitch a few years back? I can’t keep all the famewhoring straight. At least Dina isn’t doing outrageous things all in the name of notoriety.

You know what I’d love? A Lohan reality show – and not that Living Lohan crap they tried to feed us back in ’08. I want the REAL, uncut crazy. These people are the epitome of dysfunctional. Dina with her denial over her family’s issues and reminiscing about her days as a Rockette and living vicariously through Lindsay. Lindsay and well, just everything about her crazy, can’t-go-five-minutes-without-an-incident life. Michael and his pathetic attempts to open a rehab center and a nightclub all in the same month. Wait, even better yet…let’s make Dina a Bravo Housewife!! I’m starting my petition to Bravo right now.

Dear Ali, all I want for Christmas is for you to write a tell-all book.