Teddi Mellencamp Says Dina Lohan Is Trying To Hook Up With Her Dad John Mellencamp

During a recent episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Teddi Mellencamp was a guest at bestie Kyle Richards’ Christmas dinner. RHOBH viewers probably thought that they were done seeing Teddi on their TV screens when she was fired after three boring seasons. I give Teddi props for admitting that she was let go instead of trying to spin it that she decided to leave.

The accountability coach and owner of All In by Teddi actually took some accountability. But her company has been garnering some backlash for it’s reported diet programs.

Kyle refuses to allow Teddi to fade into the background because “it’s always fun to have Teddi be a part of the show.” But is it, really? Garcelle Beauvais reaction to seeing Teddi at the dinner was hilarious. She called Teddi “just kind of annoying for no reason like a little gnat.”

Then Teddi slammed Garcelle during an appearance on E! News Daily Pop on August 20, 2021. Teddi stated, “However, let’s say I found you really annoying and I talked about it behind your back. I wouldn’t be texting you ‘Happy Birthday. I hope you have a wonderful time,'” she added. Point taken, Teddi.

Garcelle and Teddi took their beef to Twitter. Queens of Bravo tweeted that on Teddi’s podcast, “Teddi overheard Garcelle tell production: ‘Why is she even here and why does she get to have an opinion?'”

A follower quoted the tweet and said, “Iconic behavior.” Garcelle responded, “Well that’s not true!” Another user tweeted, “we really want it to be tho. Like really!” Then Garcelle replied, “I said it in front of her while we were filming.” Garcelle is on fire!


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Teddi hopped on Twitter to respond. “I said you said while looking at prod[ucers] in front of me while filming & I responded ‘Do I need to ask you when I can speak?’” Teddi wrote. “maybe I should have asked why you text me Happy Bday or about mattresses & agents if you’re so bothered by me.” Snooze-fest!

Last season, Teddi was furious when she found out that Denise Richards allegedly said that Teddi lived in her father, rocker John Mellencamp’s shadow. Denise denied making that comment. Who knew that Teddi could live in her dad’s shadow and kiss Kyle’s ass at the same time?

Teddi tweeted an amusing screenshot of a text conversation between her and her famous father. “Got my sense of humor from my dad’s shadow,” Teddi wrote. John responded, “I know you are busy living in my shadow but…Dennis Richards- never heard of him….” Score one point for John!  “You know who DENISE is dad. She is the girl who mentions Charlie Sheen every episode,” Teddi wrote.

Teddi recently revealed on E! News Daily Pop that a celebrity is hoping to romance her father, John. Apparently, Dina Lohan, actress and singer Lindsay Lohan’s mother, is going all in (pun intended) in hopes of meeting John. Dina, who is Lindsay’s “momager” took part in  Season 2 of Celebrity Big Brother. While locked in the Big Brother house, Dina told her co-stars that she was involved in a 5-year relationship with a man who she had never met in person, or even seen on video chat. Oof.


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The RHOBH alum told Daily Pop that she has been dealing with “relentless” DMs from Dina. Teddi remarked, “She even said, ‘The girls are all in for me to be with your dad.’ Can you imagine Lindsay and I could be sisters?” Hold up-now that would be an interesting storyline for Teddi!


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