Yesterday, Mrs. Kim Zolciak-Biermann had a long day of communicating with TMZ. First a source close to her told the gossip site that she was certainly NOT being evicted as previously reported. And although Kim told everyone at the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion that she was “closing” on her “dream house,” she and hubby Kroy Biermann have since changed their mind, citing the $3M listing price was over-valued by a million dollars.

Kim also said her landlord/interior decorator, the formidable Kendra Davis, threatened to evict her after she walked away from the purchase deal and then Kendra started bad-mouthing her on Twitter. This was after Kim started badmouthing her on Don’t Be Tardy For The Wedding (and Twitter) of course!

Now there have been many rumors about Kim‘s attempt to purchase said mansion – namely that she and Kroy couldn’t get approved for the $2.5M mortgage required to buy the property. Of course we don’t have access to Kim’s bank account, so we have no idea if that’s true, but that’s the tea that was spilled.


Back to the matter at hand, a source “close” to Kim (so close it’s Kim herself) claims the Biermanns have never missed a rent payment and the family is moving out on their own volition. The source also said that Kendra is using Kim for her 15-minutes of fame. Previous rumors have said that Kendra was a contender to join the cast of RHOA.

Well, fast forward a few hours and Kendra herself got on TMZ-Live to tell her side of the story! Which is of course drastically different. And it also outs Kim – via her source – as a liar!

TMZ got their hands on a copy of the Biermanns’ lease with Kendra and it looks like Kendra was telling the truth about when the lease ends and the purchase of the home. Kendra previously said that Kim’s lease ended on May 30th and they were staying at the house on a month-to-month basis – with NO plans to purchase the home.

Well, according to the document that’s exactly what’s happening! The lease also stipulates that either Kendra OR Kim have the right to terminate the lease by giving notice in writing 30 days before the lease terminates. If no one gives notice, the lease would automatically extend on a month-to-month basis. That was probably added into the contract because when they originally signed the Biermanns expressed an interest in buying the house. A copy of the lease is below.

Well, someone DID give 30-days notice… The Biermanns! Kroy emailed Kendra on March 29th saying they wanted to move out, so the lease officially ended on May 30th. Meaning that Kim told a falsehood when she said it was still in effect.

Since it’s now June 6th and the Biermanns are still living there with apparently no plans of where to relocate, they are now considered – wait for it – “squatters!” AHAHAHA. Or in technical terms: “illegal tenants.”  And for every day they remain in the house as squatters they owe Kendra a whopping $600 bucks. Which Kendra claims they haven’t paid, so I guess Kim isn’t current on her rent as she said.

Kendra apparently issued the Biermanns a letter demanding they vacate the property immediately or she’s taking them to court. Which she probably will end up doing anyway as Kim STILL owes her for her interior decorating services. And she is “borrowing” a whole heap of Kendra’s furniture used in the house. So we’ll see what happens with that.

Well, Kim got back to TMZ about her living situation and admits she certainly has not been paying Kendra the $600 a day for being a squatter. But she claims she’s going to pay in a lump sum once they move out. yeah right. So we can add that to the list of money Kim owes Kendra. Hopefully Kendra is better at getting checks than Kandi Burruss is!

Kim also says they are moving out ASAP and making plans to build their own dream house. I hear Chateau Sheree is available.

And Kendra‘s house is now back on the market. Kendra listed the property for $2.9M.

In other Kim news, there’s been many whisperings that Kim’s spinoff is headed for a permanent spot among the Bravo roster. It’s been drawing big numbers – over 2M viewers last week and Kim is hinting heavily on Twitter that it’s a permanent deal. Just this morning she tweeted: “Still on this conference call…oh my…Big things happening!!”



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