RHOC’s Jim Bellino Blogs for the Masses, Gretchen Rossi Defends Her Friendship with Alexis

It honestly may be Christmas in June. Thank you Real Housewives of Orange County!  A little nugget known as Jim Bellino’s chin blog has officially made my day.  In excerpts from a post written at the beginning of May, he interviews himself.  It’s brilliant.  Technically, he’s not the one who generated the questions, but he’s certainly answering them in pure Jimbo fashion.


I want to thank a specific housewife and/or a specific network for acknowledging that my blog has impacted them so much that they are now using the title, “Keepin’ it Real” with the exact same grammatical inflections that I have used in both the title of my blog and my weekly sign off. I wonder if this person is going to claim that she had it first. Know what I mean?

I also want to thank the nearly 200,000 friends that read my blog (I don’t believe one calls people fans until you’re [sic] making Brad and Angelina money.)

I’m going to do something really unusual this week—I’m going to interview myself. I am going to take all of those questions you guys ask me every week and answer them for you.

If you’re so against the show, why do you continue to do it?

Number one, contractual obligations, and number two, somebody needs to keep it real.

What does Jim Bellino really do for a living?

There’s not really a title for what I do, but here are a few of my endeavors: I own a hotel, I am opening a trampoline park called Sky Zone Anaheim and I have several real estate investments.

Why are you trying to control what Alexis does with her career?

If you watch the scenes carefully, I don’t go to her with my opinion, she comes to me for my opinion. And if you listen to my words carefully, I give her my perspective and always remind her that it’s her decision.

Why does the media insist that you want to keep Alexis at home?

It is not popular to want to protect yourself and your loved ones from the outside influences that wish to tear your family apart because that makes for a better story. It’s called healthy preventive maintenance. In other words, finding the balance between too much work and not enough family time is not as simple and straightforward as it may seem—it’s a very fine line. And we (Alexis and I together) are simply trying to define where that line is.

As if that wasn’t enough, just last week, after the most recent episode aired featuring Alexis’ pretentious intervention (let’s call it a pretentervention), he only had one thing to write.

The network and these women must be so proud of what they tried to accomplish.

I have no words.

Ouch!  Hitting Bravo where it hurts…right in the dramatics!  And he’s not alone.  His wife, Alexis Bellino has suffered a huge rift in her friendship to Gretchen Rossi.  Alexis said earlier today, “Right now I’m not sure where [our friendship] stands. I’ve seen a whole new side to [Gretchen] as she’s aligned herself with Tamra [Barney].”

Gretchen, of course, needs to set the record straight, so she is talking to Celebs.gather.com.  She tells the site, “I’m not aligned with Tamra; I just choose to put the past behind us! My relationship with Tamra has nothing to do with Alexis!”

Gretchen continues, “I warned Alexis about the ‘intervention’ on the plane ride over and gave her my example in private so she not side-swiped or not prepared for ambush, ’cause that’s what friends do! For her to act like I threw her under the bus is BS!”

Is Alexis just trying to garner attention after being ganged up on by her fellow cast members?  “Apparently she thinks playing the ‘poor me’ card is working to her benefit so she’s running with it,” cites Gretchen.

Gretchen wants to make it known that she has no beef with Alexis.  She sums it up by reminding fans (and Alexis), “There has not been any footage of me talking about Alexis with the other women negatively and actually.”  Time will tell…season’s not over!