Jersey Shore Threatened With A Lawsuit Over Bar Brawl And Ronnie Gets Charged! Plus How Much Does The Cast Earn? And PHOTO: Deena’s Mugshot!

No good deed goes unpunished! Following last week’s epic Jersey Shore bar brawl, the cast members are being taken to court! Justin Viterito and Devon Chichele, two of the victims in the fight, are planning a massive lawsuit against Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, J-Woww‘s boyfriend Roger Matthews, MTV, Viacom (the company that owns MTV), the bar’s bouncer, and Bamboo Bar where the brawl took place!

The fight began innocently enough, but quickly spiraled out of control. According to TMZ, Justin Viterito was drinking with Ronnie and Roger but when Devon Chichele approached to find his friend a member of the Jersey Shore entourage “pushed him in the back,” says their lawyer Matthew DiBrino.

Mr. DiBrino alleges that Justin went to help Devon but was physically assaulted by Ronnie in the process after the bouncer held Justin in a headlock allowing Ronnie to hit him in the face.


Ronnie then punched him in the face a few more times,” Mr. DiBrino says. Justin had to get stitches in his forehead as a result.

Justin and Devon were escorted out of the bar by the bouncers and everyone from the show quickly disappeared. Mr. DiBrino claims the reason for the lawsuit is that MTV and Viacom promote this sort of behavior for ratings.

While the lawsuit isn’t official yet, the victims are definitely putting the process in motion! Justin, who really wants to make some money and get his 15 minutes, has filed a criminal complaint against Ronnie for assault. The Seaside Heights police are currently investigating the matter.

TMZ obtained the court complaint documents related to the matter. You can view the complaint below! Ronnie is currently still involved in an 18-month pretrial probationary program stemming from a 2009 assault charge, so this likely isn’t good news for the giudo.

Finally, the paycheck busting sleuths at RadarOnline are now releasing how much the cast of Jersey Shore allegedly gets paid for embarrassing themselves on TV. Does Radar have a source at the IRS or something?

Anyway, according to their findings Snooki, The Situation, and Pauly D are each banking $150,000 per episode for the sixth season of the show. Since this season is slated to have a total of 12 episodes, that means they’re expecting to earn $1.8M!

They also reportedly get a $400,000 signing bonus at the beginning of the season, a $200,000 bonus at the end of the season and $150,000 for any additional reunion episodes. When you total all that up the three most popular cast members gross about $2.5 M for a season of the show. Good lord – it really pays to be a drunk loser reality star!

JWoww earns $100,000 per episode and Vinny Guadagnino makes $90,000. As for the former couple Ronnie and Sammi Sweetheart – they each earn $80,000 per episode.

Poor Deena Cortese makes significantly less since she hasn’t been on the show as long as the others. Deena earns a mere $40,000k per episode, but allegedly her salary is about to increase dramatically as a result of her dramatics!

“With all the drama that Deena has been bringing to the show, including kissing a girl and even getting arrested, her salary is definitely going up thanks to that,” a source claims. Well, good to know some good can come from breaking the law!

And speaking of breaking the law, below is Deena’s ever-so-classy mugshot. Looking good, girlie!

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Photo Credit: Seaside Heights PD