Is Ali Fedotowsky Considering The Bachelorette Again?! Plus, Is Jef Holm Playing Hard To Get?

Ali Fedotowsky‘s ex-fiancé Roberto Martinez is rumored to be the next Bachelor.  With Roberto and his delicious dimples getting so much attention, is former Bachelor and Bachelorette star Ali also hoping for another chance? Returning to the show isn’t out of the question.  Brad Womack recently gave it another try.  He’s still single and now we’re stuck with the yawn-fest that is Emily Maynard, but he tried.  Will Ali follow Brad’s example and return to the show?

“I don’t think so – at least, not in the near future. I think it’s way too soon for something like that. So not right now, no,” she tells Wetpaint.  So, that’s a no to the Bachelorette (for now).   Ali‘s single and ready to mingle though!!  Ali says, “I’m single right now. I’ve actually been single this entire time, despite what you may have heard! I’ve been on one or two semi-dates…I’m not even sure you would call them actual dates. But I’m ready. I’m ready!”

Speaking of Emily Maynard, front runner Jef Holm talks to Reality TV World about his experience on the Bachelorette.


First thing, Jef, why did you wait so long to kiss the girl?!?  Jef says he simply did it when he was ready and, besides, it kept Emily guessing.  Jef is a little tease!  He explains, “I think it was kind of cool to make her wait, because like I said, all the other guys were just like chasing her and right out there in front, and I was the one guy who was just like, “You’re going to have to fight for me too! I don’t want to be the only guy who’s pursuing you here. I want you to pursue me and I want it to be like a mutual thing, and if we develop feelings for or a relationship with each other, then I want it to be both ways.”

While Jef is one of the good guys, there were some shady characters this season, including Kalon McMahon.  Jef was present when Kalon suggested that Emily’s daughter Ricki would be “baggage.”  Jef says, “We were sitting on the couch in London and I just happened to walk in right as he said that, and I asked him, “Well, if you feel like Ricki’s baggage, then why wouldn’t you leave?” And he said he felt like his life back home was pretty boring and he was in it for the cool adventure to be on.”

Outraged, Jef knew that it was time to let Emily know about the real Kalon. Because his helicopter, pretentious clothing, duck face, and condescending attitude weren’t clue enough for Miss Emily.  “I would’ve definitely told her on my one-on-one date. I felt like she needed to know something, you know, some information that’s that crucial,” says Jef. “And so, luckily, Doug told her. I think Doug’s a really good guy for doing that and standing up for her, but yeah, I definitely would’ve told her on our next date — the first opportunity that I had for her to know, I wanted her to know.”

Finally, would Jef consider being the Bachelor in the future?  He says, “No, I wouldn’t. I’m kind of done with the whole dating on TV thing. I mean, it was a different situation for me and I’m literally glad I went through it because I learned a lot about myself and I met an amazing person, like I said, one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. But yeah, I don’t think that I would ever consider being the next Bachelor.”

Hmmm, is he “done” with TV dating because he’s going to be married and making babies with Emily or because Emily breaks his heart?

TELL US – Are you rooting for Jef?

Also, would you watch Ali as the Bachelorette again? If you could bring back any contestant to star as either the Bachelor or the Bachelorette, who would it be?

Personally, I think it’s time for the Bachelor franchise to either call it quits or find some new blood. Tell us what you think!!