Divorcing an A-lister is apparently very good for the bank account – particularly when there’s no prenup. Just ask Camille Grammer!

Celebrity Networth, the sometimes accurate but always amusing site, has just broken the bank on the ladies of Hollywood Exes. Some of them have made divorce a very lucrative business!

Nicole Murphy: Once married to funny man Eddie Murphy, Nicole is worth a cool $5M. Before becoming Mrs. Murphy and having five kids, Nicole was a model, actress, and singer; however the bulk of her income allegedly comes from the $15M lump sum divorce settlement she received.


Nicole chose to forego spousal support in lieu of the big check, which she did not spend wisely. Apparently she was practically broke a few short years later after she was defrauded in a $7M investment scheme. Did Bernie Madoff get her, too?

According to court documents from that time, she owed $5M on a mortgage, $900,000 to the IRS, and $600,000 to a law firm (Good Lord!), and a whopping $60,000 to a landscaping firm. Luckily Nicole met her next wealthy savior and became engaged to former NFL player Michael Strahan – who hopefully is better with investments.

Nicole also landed her role on Hollywood Exes – which is produced by one of Eddie’s step-brothers – and should be good for some change in the form of product endorsements. I’m sure she’ll have a make-up line, or shapewear, or a cocktail, or a book coming out soon!

Jessica Canseco: The former Mrs. Canseco is worth an estimated $3M. Jessica wasn’t just married to Jose, however, more recently she was married to Dr. Garth Fisher, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. And if the various Housewives franchises have taught us anything; plastic surgeons make big bucks. Interesting that she kept the last name Canseco…

Dr. Fisher is of some celebrity note, appearing on shows such as Access Hollywood and Extreme Makeover to give his expert opinion on what plastic surgery various celebs are denying. I love those segments. He was also once married to Brooke Burke – who’s had absolutely no work done at all.

After divorcing Dr. Fisher, Jessica opened her own cosmetics and medical tattoo businesses through LA, however I’m guessing the bulk of her wealth comes from divorce settlements. She also wrote a memoir: Juicy: Confessions of a Former Baseball Wife

Sheree Fletcher, lovingly known as Sheree 2.0 is anything but She by SheBroke. The former wife of Will Smith is worth an estimated $6M.  In her spare time Sheree is also a fashion designer (sadly her line is not called She by Sheree) – and she is also married to Terrell Fletcher, a retired NFL player who is now a pastor.

Sheree is still friends with her ex-husband Will, with whom they share a child, Trey. Trey lives with Sheree and Pastor Fletcher in San Diego where they direct City of Hope International Church. I guess religion is big money these days. Or maybe getting divorced from a megastar and remarrying an NFL player is…

Mayte Garcia: Mayte, a former child star and the ex-wife of Prince, is worth $2.5. She met Prince as a back-up dancer – where else – and they married in 1996. The couple had one child together, Boy Gregory, who tragically passed away after only a week from Pfeiffer syndrome. The couple divorced in 1998.

Mayte then jumped in bed with Tommy Lee, but they split. These days she’s making money as a choreographer to some big name stars, like Britney Spears and has had several TV guest spots. She’s probably also still living off the proceeds of her A-List divorce. Mayte is still searching for Mr. Right…

Andrea Kelly: Oh, Andrea… worst ex, best settlement. The former wife of R. Kelly is worth a cool $40M. And I’m sure she deserves every penny! Andrea stood by R. Kelly throughout several of his, uuuhhh… issues – including the teenaged sex allegations. And upon their divorce she reportedly received a $50 M settlement!

Andrea is also a dancer and choreographer who runs her own studio. She just hurt her ankle dancing and, according to Sandra Rose, rumors are circling that she may leave reality TV because of her injury.