At Least One Person Watches Bristol Palin’s Reality Show; Levi Johnston Going After Full Custody Of Tripp

We have confirmation that at least one person is tuning in for Britsol Palin’s new reality show ‘Life’s a Tripp: baby daddy Levi Johnston.

Levi called the paparazzi to let them know he could be photographed leaving a courthouse this week, as he picked up papers to start the process of gaining full custody of his son Tripp. Apparently Levi has been watching Bristol’s show and has decided that Tripp is better off with him.  At this point, Tripp’s chances of survival would be better with a pack of wolves in the Alaskan wild, but that’s just me.


Levi is reportedly disgusted by his son’s behavior and Bristol’s mothering, and is now planning to seek full custody of his son.  On the show Tripp is shown talking back, using bad words and just running wild, with Bristol admitting she’s failing to discipline him.

Maybe the Palin family pays Levi to help them get publicity.  I mean, it’s a little coincidental that just as Bristol is headed back to Dancing with the Stars and her reality show is bombing, suddenly there’s going to be a dramatic custody battle with the baby daddy who relies on the Lifetime channel to “see” his kid and to learn what’s up in his life?

Photo Credit: WENN/ Joseph Marzullo/WENN