Farrah Abraham Releases Song & Memoir! Plus, Accused Of Abusing Adderall And Xanax!

With Teen Mom in it’s final season it is clear that some of the stars are scrambling to be relevant outside of the trainwreck TV show that made them a household name. Farrah Abraham has had a rocky relationship with her parents and her questionable decisions have kept viewers wondering for seasons.

Farrah claims she was at rock bottom following the birth of Sophia and the death of Sophia’s father Derek Underwood. All the stress and heartache had the reality star feeling suicidal, but now she has found music and all that changed!

In a new interview with In Touch Weekly, Farrah claims her life has turned around and she has just wrapped her debut album. Farrah’s first single from the new album, “Finally Getting up From Rock Bottom,” is about finding her happy. “I’m happy again, and this is my song for finding happiness,” Farrah shares.


“After almost wanting to kill myself, I found meaning and happiness within,” Farrah says of what inspired her new single. You can take a listen to Farrah’s newest single right here. I don’t advise listening to more than 5 seconds…

In addition to her musical aspirations, Farrah has also written a memoir titled, “My Teenaged Dream Ended.”

The new book hits stores August 14th and MTV has the official preview. In the book Farrah reveals the gory truth about her relationship with her parents (including accusing her mother of chocking her), using drugs and alcohol to cope with depression and loss, feelings of suicide, and the scary reality of dealing with Derek’s death.

An excerpt from Chapter One, which details the morning she learned of Derek’s death, is below:

“I woke up from an uncomfortable sleep to the sound of my cell phone ring- ing. It was December 28th and I had fallen asleep downstairs in my parent’s bedroom while watching a movie with my mom. I didn’t usually sleep in my parent’s bed, but my mother had wanted me to sleep with her that night. She was worried about me because lately I had turned from a confident social butterfly into a quiet, sad and lonely girl.”

For a sample of the first three pages of Farrah’s story, please click here!

Well all news is not good news where Farrah is concerned – despite her insistence that she is in a good place, clean, and happy; a former friend claims Farrah is using drugs and drinking to excess.

Farrah has previously admitted to relying on alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine to make her happy.

Well, Austin Mathouser, a friend of Farrah’s who lives in Southern California claims the reality star has definitely not turned her life around and in June was partying like crazy while out in Hollywood.

“When she was in Hollywood to celebrate her 21st birthday we partied at Geisha House and Kiss Lounge in Beso,” Austin dished to RadarOnline. “All throughout dinner and the club she talked about how she does Xanax and Adderall to stay up and energized. She frequented the bathroom that whole night taking them to stay up.”

“She got very drunk. She was grabbing on guys and girls, and even hit one guy that didn’t want to dance with her,” Austin continued. “She got really sloppy and was throwing her drinks around and yelling.”

Apparently Farrah shared that she relies on Adderall to help her stay awake and deal with her busy schedule. “Farrah said she does Adderall before every event that she attends,” Austin claims.

Farrah’s reps did not respond to the allegations.

[Photo Credit: Farrah Abraham’s Twitter]