America’s least successful matchmaking show has spawned another walk down the aisle! Although these two smarties have never tried to meet the love of their life under the glare of reality TV cameras. Oh, no – they found each other BEHIND the reality TV cameras. Two Bachelorette producers tied the knot this weekend with Chris Harrison officiating the ceremony. Awwww…

Cassie Lambert and Pete Scalettar said “I Do!” in Malibu under the guidance of Chris (who probably made sure they gave each other the final rose) and it was a full-on reunion as the guest list was filled with former show contestants.

“It might be a new job for me,” Chris joked with People Magazine. “They asked me in Prague this season when we were there if I would do it for them. … I love them to death and I’ve seen then grow as a couple and I love them as a couple and as individuals.”


The couple met on Matt Grant‘s season of The Bachelor and Cassie gained attention for being the ex-fling of Arie Luyendyk on Emily Maynard‘s season of The Bachelorette. Keeping it all in the family, the couple married at show creator Mike Fleiss‘ Malibu mansion. Neil Lane designed their rings.
Pete and Cassie have helped so many other love stories blossom so to be able to witness theirs unfold was an absolute honor,” says Emily who attended with Jef Holm. “Jef and I couldn’t be happier for them!” I guess she moved past that Arie thing! He was not there, by the way.

Also attending were Ashley Hebert and fiance JP Rosenbaum, who are rumored to be next to walk down the Bachelor aisle. “Not only were Ashley and I fortunate to have found the love of our lives in that crazy world in which they work and live, but we were also fortunate to have found lifelong friends,” JP gushed about the couple.

Other alums present at the festivities were Ali Fedotowsky, DeAnna Pappas with hubby Stephen Stagliano, and Casey Shteamer.

Also making a surprise appearance given their press avoiding nature as of late were Courtney Robertson and Ben Flajnik. Nope – they haven’t broken up, in fact they just officially moved in together. It looks like Courtney has at least three fans then – Ben and the two people who got married.

Some photos of the nuptials are below!

Back to the  other news – yes, Ben and Courtney have officially moved in together. Say what? Another successful-ish couple from this show? They’re on a roll – that’s three in a row! Hot dang, Chris H, you may just have a new job in the officiating wedding business.

Yes, Ben and Courtney are now living together in San Francisco. “It’s a soft move-in,” Ben confesses to Life & Style. “We’re spending long periods together to make sure it works.”

“We’re taking it slow,” adds Courtney, who is still keeping her LA apartment just in case. And with good reason. This is the second attempt at living together for the couple.

“A couple of months ago we tried this, and it didn’t go so well,” Ben spills. But a change in priorities (i.e. more publicity) convinced them to give it another shot. Apparently they decided to pretend to be dating instead of focusing on being engaged.

And they are very motivated to make it work. “I love Ben very much — I’ve never loved anyone as much as I love him,” Courtney gushes. “We’ve been feeling our way through it, day by day.”

“It’s nice and cozy here,” she shares. “I feel really at home.” Ben seconds that, “It’s been great!” Hey – that’s a lot of emotion for him.

The couple expects they’ll be in this for the long-haul and are aiming for marriage and babies. In the next five years.  Ok, then.

To celebrate their new living arrangements – and Ben’s vineyard, Evolve Winery – the couple hosted a wine tasting at the KIA Beachhouse this past weekend in Malibu.

The party was mainly for close friends, the media, and photographers. “It was a pretty quiet day for the friends, lounging out and catching up,” according to their publicist. “Ben and Courtney were able to sneak away for a few moments as they dipped their toes in the water and shared soft kisses on the beach.”

Some photos of the event are below. Courtney looks cute and Ben, well – he still has bad hair.


Canoodling and Foodleling at the Kia Beach House. [Photo Credit: Talent Resources]

‘So happy together even with the sun blinding our eyes. All the better to avoid seeing that hair!’ [Credit: Talent Resources]

Models do eat. Er, well… fondle food for advertisement purposes at least. [Photo Credit: Talent Resources]