RHONY Cast Feuds Over Twitter! LuAnn de Lesseps Accused Of Mistreating The Band On Monday’s Episode & Alex McCord Vlogs Again!

The ratings on Real Housewives of New York are finally really picking up – which coincidentally coincides with an increase in drama. Out to demonstrate that the on-screen drama matches the off-screen drama the ladies took to Twitter following Monday’s episode to square-off and call each other out.  Taking most of the beating? Why Pinot Singer, of course!

First up, Ramona chose to involve herself in the business matters between Heather Thomson and Sonja Morgan. If you recall, Heather announced that Sonja was not a client, because, well clients pay and Sonja she was receiving some friendly advice free of charge.


Disputing that is Ramona who sees herself as Sonja’s bodyguard or something. “AAAAAAAAnnnnnnddd IIIIIIII-EEEEE-IIIIIIIII WILL ALWAAAAAYSSSS LOVE YUUUUUUUUUU-OOOOOOOOOOO-OOOOOWWWWWWWW” Sorry – I had to. But I digress – I think Ramona has to look out for her only remaining friend on the show. Taking to Twitter, Ramona announced:

Well, Heather quickly defended herself, calling Ramona out for lying: “Ramona they were not paid a red cent so dont lie about some reduced rate its bologna you”

Ramona fired back with, “one thing i never do is lie! talk too much yes”  Heather directed fans to visit her blog for her version of the story.

Moving onto Ramona’s other twitter feud of the evening. She took on Aviva Drescher for her father George’s behavior and accused George of cheating on Aviva’s mother, now deceased. The exchange is below:

Oh dear… I guess Ramona just can’t make friends with anyone. Except pinot.

In other RHONY drama LuAnn de Lesseps is taking heat over the band present at this Monday’s Christmas party. And just who is annoyed? Why the band. They are looking for their 15 minutes of fame claiming LuAnn mistreated them at her charity Christmas shin-dig!

The band in question – called the Stumblebums – are the geniuses behind the new lyrics for Jingle Bells. The lyrics go like this: “I want to F#@& You In The A$$!” Class with the Countess, right? Well, Stumblebums insists they had a reason for adding the salacious lyrics – payback. Apparently payback, like LuAnn, is a bitch!

Their statement is below:

“You have to understand the band did exactly what it was supposed to do. We played Christmas songs outside in the freezing cold for an hour. They showed none of that. The band waited 2 hours for LuAnn to show up for a rehearsal, she blew it off. They showed none of that. The band had a minimum of 75 emails pertaining to what songs to play so there was no copyright infringement. You don’t see that,” they say in a statement to RumorFix.

LuAnn took a glass of wine from the singer (his first and only glass of wine) after missing her rehearsal. The viewer also didn’t see the part where she doesn’t want to pay us because it’s going to be on Bravo. Like its OK for her to make 26K an episode but the band shouldn’t make anything,” their statement continues.

“Anyhow the band did make a hundred dollars a guy. A nominal fee for working and being treated like crap. They also edited the song so all you hear is him saying “I Wanna F@ck You in the A@@” over and over. They must of really liked it ’cause they were up out butts about signing our releases.”

Yeah, it was a helluva way to make a hundred bux. It’s all about money and they got the shots they wanted. We don’t claim to be clean cut but come on, we do our music quite well. Not to mention that band wasn’t even amplified. Another reason we sound like crap…

The Stumblebums.”

Well, uhhh… yeah – that’s how the countess does class, I s’pose!

Finally, Alex McCord will not let the man get her down. She continues to vlog the episodes despite Bravo trying to shutter her opinion. Alex’s latest blog speculates on why Ramona was present at the meeting with Heather and Sonja.

Alex also gives some insider dirt about the Christmas party. Bless you Alex and your vlogs cause they keep me more interested in the show, than well, the Housewives! You can see Alex’s most recent vlog below.

[Photo Credit: BravoTV.com]