Aviva Drescher Discusses Sonja Morgan’s Relationship With Harry; Slams Her For Hanging Out With An Alleged Deadbeat Dad! Plus, LuAnn de Lesseps Is Déclassé At GLAAD Event!


Aviva Drescher and Sonja Morgan have already started the tepid steps to disband their barely consecrated friendship. Following a disastrous trip to Miami and Sonja’s friendship with Aviva’s ex-husband (the intrepid, blundering, moon-faced, womanizer Harry Dubin), Aviva has about had it up to [insert Harry’s disappearing hairline] HERE.

In her Bravo blog the Real Housewives of New York star expresses just what is so troublesome about Sonja’s relationship with Harry. Aviva is forthcoming and honest in her sentiments, which is quite frankly shocking (albeit) refreshing for a Housewife and for that we thank you.

“If I had a magic wand, I would have married Reid 12 years ago and had Harrison and Veronica as ours without having to share them. Sharing children with ex-spouses can be very challenging. It becomes even more painful when you have to pretend to get along with your ex around your children,” Aviva begins.


“For Reid and I, it is all about the best interest of the children. This has meant often biting my tongue when embarrassed or ashamed that I ever married Harry. And sometimes I like to make believe Harry never existed and my love life began and ends with Reid.”

Aviva continues, “When Harry asked me to come and see his new business, ‘Poopy the Pig’ I first viewed it as an opportunity to help my son and reinforce a united parental front. These are difficult moments for me, because I must attempt to hide the ugliness Harry has brought to me and my family. In prior episodes, I refer to such ugliness as ‘crinkles.'”

Unfortunately for Aviva, she is forced to deal with her animosity with Harry on both her friendship and professional fronts. It’s quite upsetting that she has been forced to mix business with displeasure. And that is partially Sonja’s fault!

Aviva is quick to call Sonja out for fraternizing with RHONY’s very own Slade Smiley. Yep, Senor Dubin is accused of being a dead-beat dad! Does Bravo hire these people on purpose?

“On the note of ugliness, it appears that Sonja is also experiencing problems with her ex-husband. According to Sonja, he has also allegedly failed to stand up to his contractual responsibilities to their daughter. How would Sonja feel if someone in her circle was gallivanting around town, drinking, and partying with the dishonorable father of her child? I would never even speak to such a man,” Aviva seethes.

Sonja’s running around New York City with Harry and showing off about it is utterly shameful. Sonja knows exactly what is going on behind-the-scenes and should work to empower women instead of supporting the men who neglect responsibilities to their children. I have started to question her moral compass.” Sonja’s relationship with Ramona Singer wasn’t a red flag?

Aviva insists she tries daily to remain composed and mature when the subject of Harry arises on RHONY because she feels compelled to shield her son from the unpleasant situation. Perhaps she shouldn’t be discussing it on reality TV then?

“My ex still does push my buttons though. For instance, when Harrison and I were leaving the studio, Harry had to get in a provocative comment: ‘You look good in that top,'” Aviva recalls.

“I didn’t call him a jerk or anything but I wasn’t completely restrained; I hit him on the head with a magazine. That, Reid said, was the first smart thing I’ve done on the show. . . ” Something tells me Reid isn’t a fan of RHONY – and why should he be!

In other Housewives behaving badly news, LuAnn de Lesseps made quite the faux pas at a recent GLAAD event. And apparently she isn’t too thoughtful where people with disabilities are concerned. LuAnn was so eager to get inside the event, she rudely cut in front of Ali Stroker on the red carpet.

Celebrity Magnet’s Tom Murro who was at the event reports, “So she cut right in front of a girl in a wheelchair!” Oh, LuAnn… not so classy with the ex-countess!

Moving on, tonight is an all-new episode of RHONY and the problems with Ramona and Heather Thomson continues to escalate. Heather’s patience wears thin – very, very thin. So thin she’ll no longer need Yummie Tummie!

Real Housewives of New York airs tonight on Bravo at 9/8c. Reality Tea will be live-tweeting all the pinot-nanigans. So, please, recover from your Ryan Lochte ab withdraw and join us for some good ol’ fashion Housewives bashing. I’ll be wearing black as I’m still in mourning. Oh, please be the next Bachelor, Ryan – I need more shirtless action.

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