Chad Johnson’s Friend Claims He’s Been Violent With Evelyn Lozada Since Day One! Plus BasketBall Wives Reach Out To Evelyn Via Twitter

The mess that has become the very brief – and I mean less than three months brief – marriage of Chad Johnson and Evelyn Lozada continues to implode. Chad has recently lost yet another endorsement deal, in addition to being fired from the Miami Dolphins and having their upcoming VH1 spinoff Ev & Ocho dropped.

It seems things continue to get worse for the reality TV lovin’ former NFL player. A friend is now speaking out and accusing Chad of abusing the Basketball Wives star all along!

Chad has been abusive towards Evelyn basically from the beginning of their relationship,” a source close to the couple revealed to RadarOnline.


Chad doesn’t like Evelyn’s party lifestyle and it made his anger worsen,” the insider continues. “He hated the way she acted on TV and would often lash out at her for any little thing.”

The friend attests that their relationship was volatile from the get-go and “a mistake from the start.” Apparently Chad’s temper was triggered by Evelyn’s chaotic life and the multiple employees she had living with them. “He [Chad] went off the scale at her once because he was tired of having Evelyn’s friends, like her assistant and stuff, living in his house.”

Things were so bad between the two, friends worried for Evelyn’s safety. Perhaps that is what Jennifer Williams was doing by speaking out about their relationship!

“She [Evelyn] told me that Chad threatened to kill her one time and that was really a red flag,” the insider claims.”But only a small circle of her friends knew what was going on and it was hard to convince her to get out of the situation.”

Whether or not Evelyn’s co-stars knew of the situation or not, many have expressed their concern and reached out on Twitter.

“There will B times when U got 2laugh 2keep from crying & others where U gotta cry cuz ain’t shit funny. Either way LIFE keeps going & U have 2do the same. Stay strong, stay focused & STAY in prayer!,” Tami Roman encouraged.

Royce Reed set her differences with Evelyn aside to chime in with: “FYI I don’t bask in another person’s misfortune. It’s sad people think I’m laughing or amused. I’m not. There’s nothing funny about it period! #Human.”

Finally, JennEvelyn’s former BFF – posted a tweet directed at no one in particular which stated: “Sending my love… and keeping you in my prayers…” I think we can all read between the lines at who that is meant for.

Hopefully Evelyn will reach out to friends and family at this difficult time.