Teen Mom Shocker: They Tweeted!

For the past three years, we've been following the lives of Catelynn LowellMaci BookoutFarrah Abraham, and Amber Portwood, starting with 16 and Pregnant. Tuesday night's series finale of Teen Mom marked the end of an unforgettable error era.

During the broadcast, some of the stars shared their thoughts via Twitter.

Farrah was real quick to pass judgment on Gary Shirley. Farrah tweeted about Gary, "What a pig! You're horrible; go get mental help for Amber's sake P.O.S."

What got her so fired up?


Really, it could have been any number of Gary and Amber scenes that made Farrah so mad. Neither Gary nor Amber went out on a positive note. But, it was these insults that led to Farrah calling Gary a pig:

"Amber, you're such a whore."

"You're a slut puppy."

Farrah also shared her opinion on Gary being awarded sole physical and legal custody of Leah.

Farrah said, "To be honest, Gary is so negative and I don't see how he is better to raise Leah then (errr, you mean than, Farrah) Amber. Get the point Gary! Learn to focus on Leah." Classic, coming from the girl who sent her baby away for a month so she could learn how to make a margarita.

Gary let the tweets fly as well, including:

"@F1abraham go make another hit single or treat your parents like s**t. Always stuck up for you — not anymore."

Gary also had a few opinions about Farrah's fortune cookie cannoli concoction. However, he deleted most of his insults before the end of the show. His last tweet to Farrah, "Sorry Farrah. But you need to be nice to people. Sorry for my tweets not who I am. @F1abraham."

Next up, Maci and Ryan Edwards!

Maci sent a tweet to Ryan, "shout out to @RyanCEdwards because even though sometimes we wanna kill each other we have come so far and we are doing a damn good job!"

Ryan, on the other hand, addressed his fans, letting them know he's happy with where things now stand. Ryan tweeted, "So much has changed all for the better by far. Don't care what anyone says I have never been happier I love my son my family n my gf more than anything thanks for the support!!!!"

Through most of the season, Ryan considered taking Maci to court to get 50/50 custody of Bentley. The series finale showed Ryan consulting a lawyer and asking Maci for Bentley's birth certificate. I know I'm curious… and you're probably curious… did he follow through?

Ryan explains, "Don't give a s**t who she lives with was just mad at the time!! Didn't go through with that since yall are wonderin."

Finally, Tyler Baltierra was worried his fans would walk away from the series ender thinking he was a bad guy. Tyler tweeted, "Everyone I did not beat my dog lol! Put his nose in it smacked his a** n threw him outside, he listens now! #oldschool #worksthebest."

Hmm, yeah, I think Tyler throwing his dog outside should be the least of his worries. And, I'll sign that with a #angermanagement.


Photo credit: MTV