Nicole Murphy Talks About Eddie Murphy And Season One Of Hollywood Exes

Nicole Murphy, star and executive producer of Hollywood Exes, recently spoke out about her relationship with her ex and her hope for the future of the show. Nicole is currently engaged to former NFL player Michael Strahan, but she is the ex wife of Eddie Murphy. They were married for 12 years and have five kids together. Thankfully, they're on good terms now. 

"Eddie and I are friends; he’s my babies’ daddy so we speak to each other and have a great relationship. I think that’s important when you have children involved, Nicole told Radar Online. "We can be in the same room and hang out, it’s all good!" 
Nicole added, "I don’t have an issue with my ex, I think the other girls are good too, but Drea Kelly is still going through a little something with hers."

Hollywood Exes is Nicole's first experience with reality TV, so she wasn't sure what to expect. "There is no putting on airs and trying to be something I’m not or being someone I’m not," said Nicole. "You get so comfortable after a while that you forget the cameras are there. I got to hang out with my girlfriends, so I was pleased by how it turned out."

That's not to say there weren't a few hiccups along the way. "The most surprising thing was when Mayte Garcia threw that damn drink! I didn’t expect that," shared Nicole. "You can see from my face that I was very shocked, then I just chuckled. Mayte and Drea all get into it a bit. I think Mayte wins the prize for drama, some people handle their anger differently. Mayte lets hers build up and then she explodes."
Nicole continued, "I was very surprised because I handle my anger different than other people. They may throw stuff, but I stay calm. If I get angry, I just want to talk about it and get it over with."
Bringing five women together can have its challenges; however, the women of Hollywood Exes ended season one on good terms. Nicole thinks making the show was a positive experience for everyone involved.
Nicole explained, "The show is definitely therapy, I am sure that other women who are watching the show have a situation they can relate to. I have women tell me on Twitter that I’ve inspired them not to jump up and get angry. "
With the first season of Hollywood Exes behind her, Nicole hopes there's a season two. "I would absolutely do the show again if we get picked up," said Nicole. "If not, I would like to do my own show. I have no regrets at all. I really enjoyed it, it was a lot of fun for me." 
Photo credit: VH1