Hollywood Exes Recap: That’s A Wrap

This episode wraps up season one of Hollywood Exes. The Exes have shared great times and endured bad times, but season one ends nicely. The women end the season with a toast to a new journey and new friends.

Last week on Hollywood Exes, Mayte Garcia auditioned for a role in a movie. Mayte is anxious, waiting to hear back from her agent. Just as Mayte asks Nelly if she has any pills for anxiety, Gladys calls with the good news. The director loved Mayte's audition tape and wants to offer her the role. Mayte and Nelly celebrate the good news while Mayte's dog Boogie walks on a treadmill. Those L.A. dogs aren't just born that fabulous, you know, they have to work for it!

Sheree Fletcher surprises her husband Terrell Fletcher with a trip to Harley Davidson.Terrell has been pining over a bike for awhile now, but Sheree is against the idea. However, now that she has an agenda, she's down with it. Sheree hopes a new bike will distract Terrell from the fact that his wife lives in L.A. while he lives in San Diego. For ever now, Sheree is not willing to relocate. She's banking on the motorcycle buying her at least another year in L.A.


Sheree's constant nagging sucks the fun right out of bike shopping.Sheree mocks Terrell's choice of bike. It's a little bike. The salesman says the smaller size is good for control. Sheree says it doesn't look masculine. Sheree chides, "Does the bike come with training wheels?"

Moving on, this episode mostly features Andrea Kelly. Andrea moved to L.A. from Chicago at the beginning of the season. Andrea came to L.A. only knowing two things. One, Nicole Murphy. Two, she no longer wants to be known as "R. Kelly's ex wife."

For that to happen, Andrea needs to take care of the Robert tattoo on her back.“I got it on my back because it stood for ‘I have Robert’s back and he’ll always have mine’,” Andrea says. “And we didn’t get always. We didn’t get forever.” Andrea's son's name is also Robert, so she's going to have Jr added. It's an emotional experience for Andrea. Mayte comes to support her friend. Andrea sobs, and her eyelashes fall off.

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Nicole is engaged to Michael Strahan… and has been for awhile. Until now, she hasn't felt ready to take that next step. Nicole and Sheree check out "wedding bands." (wedding bands is code for huge diamonds)

Sheree says to Nicole, "Girllll… second marriage." Then, referring to their long engagement, she says, "You want to make sure that it's right, but you know that it's right. You just had other things going on." Sheree goes on, "It's a marriage. It's a lifetime commitment… till death do us part." She lays it on a little thick considering they're all divorced. Nicole did have some reservations going down the isle a second time, which is completely understandable, but now she says she's definitely ready.

The salesman shows Nicole a stunning 7-carat diamond ring worth $140,000. Nicole is sold! Nicole leaves the store shining as bright as the diamond… now she just needs to tell Michael she went ring shopping.

Mayte supported Andrea when she had her tattoo altered. It wasn't the actual tattoo that was hard for Andrea, it was accepting everything the tattoo once stood for is now gone. Andrea shows up at Mayte's house to return the favor. Andrea's like, the Prince china? It's got to go, girlfriend! Mayte starts to cry. Andrea jokes, "No crying, damnit, because  I do not have eyelash glue!" Mayte eventually gives Andrea permission to start removing the china from the cabinet. Together, they box it up.

Mayte says, "It's my youth, it's what was, it's a reminder of the failure, it's everything… to get that out of my way…" She lets out a big sigh. Andrea decides to they need to pack the china away for their future "Hell No" museum. She explains, “Will I ever be in this position again? … HELL NO!

Andrea is proud of Mayte. Andrea says, "I feel like my friend got her power back."

Jessica Canseco and Sheree go for a walk. While they're out, Jose Canseco calls Jessica. Jose's baseball gig is coming to an end, and he needs a free place to stay again. So, of course, he calls Jessica. He knows she's vulnerable and he uses their daughter Josie to weaken her further. Jessica cries, "He always does this to me. He's always in and out of our life like this." Sheree tells Jessica, "He can't do what you don't let him do. You have to put your boundaries up. You have to guard your heart and protect your daughter." Jessica doesn't give Jose an answer. She simply tells him she'll call him in a few days.

Sheree, Mayte, Jessica, and Nicole agree to dance at Andrea's dance showcase/benefit. They meet up with Andrea to learn the dance. Sheree struggles with the choreo, the counting, the moves… When it's all said and done, Andrea doesn't know if she feels better or worse.

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It's the morning of Andrea's event. The women are freaking out about the idea of performing for real people. They all look great when they rehearse.. even Sheree. Andrea dismisses the Exes but continues to rehearse with her company dance group. Andrea's ballroom dance number includes several risky lifts and twists. Sadly, Andrea hurts her foot while practicing one of the lifts. Andrea's cries go all the way to the pit of my stomach. Sheree is praying.

“I’ve been a dancer for many years. I’ve been injured. I know that yell,” Mayte says. “I know it’s bad.”

Sheree says to Andrea, "This is going to make tonight's performance even more special." Seriously?! Sheree needs to zip it. The paramedics want to take Andrea to the hospital, she refuses. Andrea's heartbroken. Despite the pain, she hopes she will still be able to dance. The benefit starts in less than two hours. 

Andrea struggles to put even the slightest bit of pressure on her foot, let alone the full weight of her body. She says, "That's when I knew. This is not a sprain, I broke my foot. The pain was so intense, I knew in my heart… it's not happening." There's no way Andrea will be able to dance.

Andrea addresses the crowd on crutches. She thanks them all for attending and supporting her cause. As she talks, Nicole, Jessica, and Sheree are becoming more and more nervous. Sheree is worried she will forget the choreo, Nicole looks like she's going to vomit, and Jessica is antsy. Mayte is leading the line off stage. Since she's an experienced (and amazing) dancer, she's as calm as can be. She's probably oblivious to the nervous energy happening behind her. Once the women are on stage, you wouldn't even know they were ever nervous. The dances are perfect! Johnny Gill, who was invited by Nicole, also performs.

Andrea is ecstatic. She closes the show by thanking Nicole, Mayte, Jessica, and Sheree, calling them her new family. Andrea says, "It was a bumpy ride but mission accomplished. It was a great performance and wonderful benefit. My girls did well, my dancers did well, and Johnny came out and supported. At the end of the day, who can be upset about that? The only thing that will top this… maybe a cocktail or two."

Andrea hops into the after party and joins Nicole, Jessica, Mayte, and Sheree. They're all smiling and enjoying each other's company. Andrea jokes, "Baby, them nerves are shot! I know I lost a couple baby hairs."

Nicole says, "Drea has come such a long way from when she first got out here to L.A. It's nice to see that. She seems like such a strong woman, and even stronger now."

Sheree says, "I'm so proud of her. The Drea I met three months ago… she has just blossomed, she has got her wings, and she's flying. She just pulled something off that was so incredible. She just made her mark on this city."

“At the end of the day, we do have a sisterhood and we are good friends. We're building a relationship.” Jessica says. “I am happy we have all come together.”

Mayte says, "We've picked up, brushed up the pain and the tears, and moved forward. I think that's what connected us all. We all have great hearts. I trust them. I love them. They're my girls."

Andrea says to the camera, "I feel unstoppable now. I feel a level of courage and love for myself that I've never thought I would have. I can proudly say… Andrea, the ex wife, and that's okay. I found myself again. Now, it's time to live. I'm not just surviving day to day anymore. I'm finally living."

Andrea ends the season thanking the women for their friendship and support. "I came out here, feeling like a lost little kid, and having you guys in my corner, saying, 'No, you are not going back to Chicago and you will not stop dancing. We've got your back.' … I can honestly say, I no longer feel like I left Chicago, I feel like I came home."


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