PHOTOS: Real Housewives of Miami Before They Were Housewives! Plus, Lindsay Lohan Hits Someone With Karent Sierra’s Car!

Oh Real Housewives of Miami – staying true to the Bravo creed and giving us drama straight out of the gate. Apparently Dr. Karent Sierra has rubbed all her fellow Housewives the wrong way. Them too? 

In a sit-down with Hollywood Life, Alexia Echevarria confesses that Karent just irked her from the very first moment. Yikes! “I think the one that is [crawling under my skin] is Karent,” Alexia shares.

“You’ve haven’t had the pleasure to meet her but I’m sure she’ll do the same thing to you. In episode one, you don’t really see it, but I knew her from before. She gave me a very cold greeting so I took it very personally. This was my first time out in six months and I saw her with her smile … and it did bother me because she did know me,” Alexia adds. 

Other ladies have dished that Karent causes a lot of drama this season – and apparently she's also invading the non-reality world with her chaos. Remember how Lindsay Lohan ran someone over in NYC on Wednesday night? If you watched Anderson Live while were live-blogging the show yesterday, you got to hear an indepth discussion about from TMZ's Harvey Levin. 


Well, apparently the owner of the Porsche that Lindsay was crashing belongs to none-other than dentist to the stars, Karent! Juicy. TMZ reports that Karent unwisely sold the Porsche to patient and Lohan devote, Domingo Zapata. Karent never completed the sale of the car and the registration is still in her name.

Domingo, unfortunately forgot that his lobotomy left him unable to reason because he loaned the car to crash-test dummy Lindsay to drive around NYC while she was hitting the clubs. Apparently Domingo was hoping his Porsche would come to an untimely demise or something. So Lindsay crashed into a pedestrian who is pressing charges and Karent could inadvertently be sued as the legal owner of the vehicle!

Karent is denying all culpability. Her rep issued this statement claiming Karent was "completely unaware of anyone (other than the new owner) driving the vehicle."

"Through filming for Real Housewives of Miami, press engagements, and crazy travel schedules, the paperwork has not been executed 100% for the sale of the Porsche. But [Dr. Sierra] is not responsible for the unfortunate occurrence that took place with Ms. Lohan and the pedestrian. “

Karent may claim she had no knowledge of what Domingo was doing with her old car, but NY State law supersedes that. In NY if a car owner issues implied permission for someone to drive and the current driver gets into an accident or say runs someone over while desperately trying to get their club on, the victims can hold the OWNER responsible under what is called "Implied consent." 

Furthermore if the owner doesn't expressly say but no one but the person she or he handed the keys to can drive, they are still responsible! 

Karent better hope a judge sees things her way cause something tells me she has a lot more money to lose than Lilo or Domingo! 

And to break up the bad news about how everything sucks if you're Karent here's some awesome photos of the Real Housewives of Miami before they were plastic surgery victims Housewives. Enjoy! 

Oh, and don't forget tonight is an all new episode of RHOM and drama continues at the Food & Wine Festival over Karent, her boyfriend, and Anna Quinoces

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