All the Past and Present RHOM Housewives Ranked

(Photo by Nicole Weingart/Bravo via Getty Images)

Real Housewives of Miami debuted in 2011 on Bravo. Currently airing is Season 6, which means that many Real Housewives have graced this cast. Some housewives have been epic. Others have made us want to loose ourselves in Marysol Patton‘s bedazzled tumblers. Let’s order these ladies who tried, shall we? Here are our rankings for the RHOM Housewives, starting with those who we were the least exciting to watch.

Cristy Rice – Season 1

Cristy Rice/Instagram

Cristy Rice saw her full-time position axed following Season 1. This is because Cristy brought the drama, but it was petty and not fun. Overall, she came across as unsympathetic, with a side of brat. Therefore, Cristy is one of our least favorite RHOM cast members.

Joanna Krupa – Seasons 2-3

Joanna Krupa/Instagram

Joanna Krupa‘s beautiful. Yet, her good looks couldn’t save her from being cut after just two seasons. She wasn’t the nicest, and she even shamed one of her co-stars over fertility struggles, which SUCKED. Joanna, you will stay here now, towards the bottom of our ranked ladies on RHOM.

Karent Sierra – Seasons 2, 3

Karent Sierra/Instagram

Karent Sierra was a main cast member during Season 2, but after this, she just made a handful of Season 3 appearances. She didn’t really fit in, and was never asked back. She was also in a super sketchy relationship, and she came across as a social climber. Therefore, Karent has earned herself a spot here, near the bottom of our ranking of RHOM cast members.

Ana Quincoces – Seasons 1-3, 6

Ana Quincoces/Instagram

To be clear, Ana Quincoces was only a full-time cast member for Season 2. In Seasons 1 and 6, she was a guest, while in Season 3, she was a friend-of. Even in her smaller guest role this season though, she is still bringing the drama, using her lawyer skills to help her pop off on Alexia Nepola and her son, Peter Rosello. Overall, she’s feisty, so Ana lands in the lower middle of our RHOM cast rankings.

Lea Black – Seasons 1-3

Lea Black/Instagram

Lea Black was a main star throughout Seasons 1-3, but she was also brought back for a guest role during Season 5. Honestly, Lea presented as the Lisa Vanderpump of this series, because she was richer than rich, and she was also an incredibly successful entrepreneur. While some viewers found Lea smug, others (it’s me) found her funny. Therefore, Lea is ranked in the lower middle spot as a cast member on RHOM.

Larsa Pippen – Seasons 1, 4-6

Larsa Pippen/Instagram

Larsa Pippen has only ever appeared in a full-time role, but she did sit Seasons 2 and 3 out. Basically, she didn’t bring the drama during her first round, but she made up for this in spades upon her return. As for her drama, it’s cringe, as Larsa cannot keep a secret, her reactions to a co-star’s cancer diagnosis sucked, and, she said that an Anesthesiologist wasn’t a real job. Therefore, Larsa is not ranked highly amongst her RHOM cast.

Adriana de Moura – Seasons 1-6

Adriana de Moura/Instagram

There are many overrated Real Housewives, but Adriana de Moura isn’t one. Adriana’s been on every single season, yet, Seasons 1-3 are her only full-time showings. She fights, she’s petty, and she even secures fun storylines, like her music career, while only being a friend-of. In conclusion, Adriana, you deserve a full-time mojito, so that we can move you up on the ranks of our RHOM cast list.

Marysol Patton – Seasons 1-6

Marysol Patton/Instagram

Marysol’s graced our screens since Season 1. Yet, following Season 2, she’s only aired as a friend-of. She still currently sits in this position, typically with a cold drink in her hands. She’s quirky and hysterical, and she stirs the pot just enough to make a dent, so we are placing Marysol at the top middle spot in our cast rankings for RHOM.

Alexia Nepola – Seasons 1-6

Alexia Nepola/Instagram

Alexia is another Real Housewives star who has appeared on every single season of her series. In Season 2, she stepped down to participate in a limited role, as she was spending most of her time in the hospital alongside her beloved son, Frankie. As for her storylines, phew, well, she runs a business with Frankie, she was once married to a cartel member, and she’s almost always at odds with at least one cast member. On the other hand, she loves her children fiercely and is an entertaining villain. With all of that in mind, Alexia has earned herself a higher ranker within her RHOM cast.

Lisa Hochstein – Seasons 2-6

Lisa Hochstein/Instagram

Lisa Hochstein didn’t appear on RHOM until Season 2. Yet, she secured her pricey bag, as she has held her full-time position on this cast ever since. Her divorce from Lenny Hochstein has become her largest storyline, after his hot mic moment caught him admitting to stepping out on her in Season 5. While Lisa is incredibly self-absorbed, she’s on the upswing, starting a new business and moving forward, which has earned her one of our upper spots on this RHOM cast ranking list.

Julia Lemigova – Seasons 4-6

Julia Lemigova/Instagram

Julia Lemigova is an adorable human. As the only housewife in a same-sex marriage, Julia is breaking boundaries on-air. In addition, her love for animals, nature, and her wife, Martina Navratilova, has resulted in uplifting storylines, especially when Julia stood by Martina’s side while she fought off her double-cancer diagnosis. We adore Julia, which is why she is one of our highest ranked Real Housewives of Miami stars.

Nicole Martin and Guerdy Abraira – Seasons 4-6

Nicole Martin, MD/Instagram

Nicole Martin and Guerdy Abraira are life, and these two secure a tie in our top spot. As an MD, Nicole is not only a reality television star, she’s also helping to heal those in her community. She is also willing to let harder narratives air, such as her damaged relationship with her father, who has recently, sadly passed.

On our girl Guerdy, she continually shows up as a levelheaded, fun housewife, despite the fact that she just spent the last year of her life kicking (and beating!) cancer’s ass. Guerdy is an inspiration to all, and we love the friendship that she and Nicole have built. In conclusion, these two ladies are our highest-ranked cast members thus far on RHOM.