PHOTOS: Meet The 26 Bachelorettes Of Sean Lowe’s The Bachelor Season 17!

Aww, there he is.. our new Bachelor holding a rose. ABC officially announced Sean Lowe as the star of The Bachelor Season 17 earlier this week! You know, right after Chris Harrison spilled the beans at the Emmy Awards. We met Sean on the Bachelorette, of course, but that season was all about Emily Maynard

Now, Sean is the star and in charge of the roses. Sean, 28, is an entrepreneur from Dallas, Texas. Southern values, family, and faith are very important to Sean. In his free time, Sean enjoys camping, wakeboarding, dancing, outdoor activities, and attending concerts.

The ABC press release tells us what Sean is looking for as the Bachelor: "He wants to be the patriarch of a family that is centered on faith, love and, laughter. He is eager to be a supportive husband that will encourage his wife to chase her dreams, as well as someone who she can rely on to help her through good and bad times. Quite simply, he is looking for his best friend. Sean also wants a big family and would love to adopt a child along with having his own – just so long as he can pass along the values he was taught to his kids."

Taping is already underway for Sean's season, which will begin airing in January 2013. And, ABC must be eager to get this party started, because they have already released the pictures and first names of the 24 "new to us" women that will be competing for Sean's final rose (and that sweet Neil Lane rock). Undoubtedly, Sean's final rose will bring us the most romantic rose ceremony ever. Like, ever.. ever. I digress.. anyway, this information has been released at least three months earlier than normal. Their ages, hometowns, and occupations were not listed, however. In addition to the new faces, there are two familiar faces! Enjoy!

Also, check out  the Sean Lowe is The Next Bachelor video at the end. It's hilarious!


What is your favorite all-time book and why?
The Shack – it's emotional and humbles you.
What was the most romantic present you have ever received and why?
I was offered a Prada bag or the same amount of $$ donated to a charity that we would volunteer at (I went with the second).

If you could have lunch with one person, who would it be and why?
Adele, I want to hear her story behind her music.  Then I'd have her sing to me the rest of lunch.
How long does it take you to get ready to go out for a big night on the town?
As long as I'm allowed.  I could easily take 3 hours.
Ashley H.
Would you consider yourself adventurous or conservative?
A bit of both; There's a time for work and a time for play.
What are your favorite foods?
Anything prepared with organic products; but I love everything!
Ashley P.
What is a typical Saturday night like for you?
Going out with my best friends and their fiances/husbands.  Whoever/whatever.  My 2 closest GFs all do dinner and get ready together.
Do you consider yourself a romantic and why?
Yes! extremely I wear my <3 on my sleeve and tend to let my emotions rule over my head and romantic attention. 
(check out those earrings!)
Do you consider yourself a good cook?
Yes, I'm good at making most dishes. My specialty is lasagna that will melt in your mouth!
What is your favorite holiday and why?
Birthdays, I love celebrating life with friends, family, and lots of fun/cake. 
Who do you admire most in the world and why?
Anyone who can look beyond themselves and unselfishly help others. Giving more than they may have. They are an example for us all.
What are the top 3 things on your bucket list, and why?
To eat traditional pasta in Italy, to go skiing in the Alps, and to ride an elephant in Thailand. 
What are your 3 best attributes?
My positivity, drive, heart.
What is your ideal mate's personality like?
Funny, sweet, driven, smart and charming. 
What is your favorite all-time book and why?
"Eat, Pray, Love" because it's a personal journey of overcoming and finding love and happiness along the way. 
I love it when my date…
Isn't trying to be someone else or act different to impress me. When they can be candid and goofy and let the date proceed naturally.
If you could be someone else for just one day, who would it be and why?
Taylor Swift, because I can't sing and I would love to know what it feels like to be extremely talented.
Do you consider yourself a romantic and why?
In a lot of ways yes, but sometimes if it's too corny it makes me uncomfortable. But I love to be treated like a lady.
Who do you admire the most in the world and why?
My mom, she's been through a  lot and she's still the most kind, giving, patient person I've ever known.  Dedicated a lot of time to volunteering and helping people.
Which US city is the most romantic and why?
New York during Christmas time.  All of the lights, the snow, and horse carriages are so pretty!
Would you consider yourself adventurous or conservative?
Adventurous. Life is boring without risks.
What is your favorite all-time book and why? 
"Sassy, Single, and Satisfied" – it's a book about loving who you are first and foremost so you can cultivate the best in all your relationships. 
(love her hair!)
Do you like being the center of attention, or do you prefer being more mysterious and why?
I don't mind attention being on me but I maintain an air of mystery, I think. I don't share everything with everyone.
What is your favorite television show and why?
I'm obsessed with all things Food Network and Cooking Channel. I haven't had cable the last year, though. Also, Extreme Makeover – Weight Loss and Biggest Loser make me cry like a baby.
What is your greatest achievement to date?
Going back to college…I moved to a new state, made new friends, had multiple jobs and had a blast while keeping an honors scholarship, high GPA and finishing with a degree in 4 years!
What does being married mean to you?
It's a commitment, a friendship, a devotion of honesty, truth and true love. It's also a willingness to be less selfish and accept someone as your other half.
What are your top 3 all-time favorite movies?
Something's Gotta Give, Dirty Dancing, Father of the Bride
Describe your idea of the ultimate date.
My ideas are endless, I imagine exotic places, where love literally fills the air. I picture me and my date, exploring a tropical city, doing crazy adventurous things – all about the romantic paradise setting.
Do you like being the center of attention, or do you prefer being more mysterious and why?
I prefer being more mysterious.  I'm an observer and like to analyze the room before I do anything crazy.  I can be the center of attention if it's around a small group I know well. 
What's your worst date memory?
Getting picked up and having no plan and then driving around arguing what to do or where to go.
What is your favorite all-time book and why?
"The Best Advice I ever got" compiled by Katie Couric.  This book is full of great life lessons from people in all career fields.
I hate it when my date…
doesn't offer to pick me up from my house, texts me and doesn't come to the door to let me know he's there.
What is the most romantic present you have ever given? why?
I would always leave notes for my last boyfriend to find…in his dress drawers, on his pillow, in his car, in his suitcase when leaving for a trip…
What's your biggest date fear?
Talking to a brick wall?  I usually go out with people I've met at least once before.
Do you prefer a man who wants to be pursued or a man who pursues you, and why?
Ideally I would like a man that pursues me.  I feel like I'm always the one pursuing and it would be a nice change for once.  I want a man that's so in love with me and he can't imagine life without me.
What's your worst date memory?
I got sent on a blind date with an old man!
What is the most romantic present you have given?  Why?
I made my ex-boyfriend a drawing book when he studied abroad because he loves to draw.  He loved it!
(one of many wearing a cross)
What is the most outrageous thing you have ever done?
Going on a stake out to stalk my friend's ex-boyfriend.
If you wanted to approach a man you had never met before, how would you go about it?
I'm not shy.  I will go straight up to the person, tap them on the shoulder and say hello.
I love it when my date…
Compliments me!!! – Guys are forgetting how important it is to tell a girl how she looks!  She spent a long time getting ready for you.  Tell her you notice!!!  Calls me rather than texts, plans the whole date without asking me anything.  Gets creative, teaches me something new, shows me who he really is.  talks and initiates great conversation.  
If you could have lunch with one person, who would it be and why?
Oprah, just because who wouldn't want to have lunch with Oprah and pick her brain for an hour.
Do you consider yourself a romantic and why?
I am a sentimental person, but wouldn't consider myself romantic.
(cute top!)
What are your 3 best attributes?
Generosity, loyalty and most importantly forgiving.
What is your ideal mate's personality like?
Optimistic on life, fun and open to new things, motivated, organized in his finances but not too uptight about them, can joke around when the time is right. 
If you could have lunch with one person, who would it be and why?
My future soul-mate!  I just want to meet him already.  Someone who it is just as naturual and we are best friends!
Do you consider yourself a romantic and why?
I like to be a romantic at times, I just haven't found someone who i can share that with yet.
Finally, the "surprise" familiar faces this season:
Ben Flajnik reject. Reality Steve says, "I can officially confirm Kacie Boguskie is one of the girls on Sean’s season. Makes sense. She’s always been a fan favorite and due to her strong Christian background, I’m assuming they thought she would be a good fit."
Rumor has it that this Bachelor Pad superfan is also competing for Sean's heart. Bikini shot because that's just how the Bachelor Pad rolls.

Photo and bio credit: ABC