Teresa Giudice Bashed By Co-Stars In Us Weekly Cover Story!

I'll be the first to admit that I finally took a stand on my feelings for Real Housewives of New Jersey's Teresa Giudice after watching that horrid first installment of the reunion.  Now I may be eating my words…just a bit.  A very little bit.  I still don't feel sorry for her, and I think I may keel over if I ever hear her utter the words "I was wrong" or "I lied."  However, now I don't feel badly for any of them.  They are all a bunch of fame whores as evidenced by the new Us Weekly cover story.  You have to love that they're all wearing red.  I guess they got Tre's devil memo!

You have to love the hypocrisy that comes with being a New Jersey housewife.  One minute Jacqueline Laurita, Caroline Manzo, Melissa Gorga, and Kathy Wakile are calling out Teresa for hawking her story on magazine cover after magazine cover (after magazine cover!), the next minute they are gracing the pages of Us Weekly (high brow…no In Touch for these gals!) and bashing their former friend.  Eye roll.

In a five page spread, the women spill all the details of their fallout with Tre.  Now, I don't doubt for one second that Teresa is a textbook narcissist, but how is moaning about her in a national publication going to change that?  Are these ladies actually expecting her to have some sort of epiphany and change her ways?  Doesn't anyone know how to take the high road anymore?  Geez.  Build a bridge, people!


The hens are clucking about how Teresa ruined her family, with Melissa saying, "I used to always cover up for her–I've kept a lot of secrets.  Not anymore.  When she stops telling lies about me, I'll stop telling the truth about her."  Oh the maturity that comes with being a reality TV star!

Melissa adds, "She's selfish.  If it's not about her, she doesn't care."  Well duh!  "[Teresa]'s the person who would come over and show off her new shoes and let you know how much they cost.  She's been that way since we met."

Not only is she selfish, she's poisoning her parents against Melissa and husband Joe.  I guess poison really does run in the Gorga family!  Melissa shares that the when her in-laws come over for dinner once a week (yes, you read that correctly…she still sees them once a week despite their huge rift!), they are very distant.  She explains, "Joe feels like she poisoned their brains.  Teresa needs them so they're standing by her."  Of the irony of the poison-filled becoming the poison victim…

Kathy also feels that her aunt and uncle have turned on her.  She reveals that she stopped by their home to clear the air, stating, "There was so much being said, I wanted to talk to them.  Teresa's mother agreed I hadn't done anything wrong, but my uncle left.  It was hurtful."  Probably almost as hurtful as it was for them to hear Kathy talk smack about them on the reunion, right?

The women don't out Joe for cheating in the magazine (although we all know Jacq does it on part two of the reunion), they leave that to "sources."  One such source reveals, "Everyone has heard the rumors about Joe cheating."  Indeed, we likely saw it first hand on that tragic vineyard episode.  Gah!  My skin crawls just thinking about it.

Kathy adds, "She brings up my marriage to deflect from her own problems."

I will agree with Jacqueline when she discusses Teresa's insensitivity to Nicolas' autism diagnosis.  I was beyond appalled when all Teresa could say was that he used to be Audriana's boyfriend, but they "broke up."  Inexcusable.  Jacqueline recalls, "Teresa was like that all year.  My son had been regressing while we were filming and I was doing a lot of crying.  If I went to talk [to Teresa] about my son, she would quickly change the subject and start bashing her family.  Despite what she's claiming on TV, she wasn't there when I needed her most."

Of the situation, Caroline chimes in, "Jacqueline was hurt.  She was loyal to Teresa and she got one in the gut."

As for Teresa calling out Lauren Manzo for lap band surgery, and insider claims it was even uglier than shown on TV.  Teresa, for once, stands by what she said, telling the magazine, "Lauren has all the time in the world to work out.  She took the easy way out."

Melissa also claims that Teresa spoke poorly of her own niece, seven-year-old Antonia.  Melissa remembers when Teresa learned that Antonia had been signed to a modeling agency, "Teresa called me and said, 'I heard Antonia got accepted.'  Then she was like, 'Yeah, the ugly ones always get picked.'"  Surely Teresa wouldn't say something like that about a child, would she?  Oh, who am I kidding!

She goes on to say that her sister-in-law told her how she faked her tears in the scene where she reconciled with Jacqueline.  Melissa asserts, "[Teresa] was like, 'Oh Jacqueline's crying again.  I don't care.'"

Of course, now Melissa is moving to get away from Teresa (not because she can't afford her house like all the other ladies!).  She says, "I moved to this town so my kids could go to school with their cousins, but after this I got really scared. I don't want them around anybody who is bashing their mother."

As for the what to expect on the next two installments, Rosie Pierri will take a seat with the women (after threatening Teresa from backstage), and the dueling Joes almost come to blows.  On a lighter (??) note, Poison apologizes to Kim D. for calling her a coke whore.  Awww!  <hugs!>

Good gravy.  Here's what I surmise from this interview.  Melissa and Teresa are pretty much the exact same person, except that Teresa isn't smart enough to admit when she's wrong, making harder for her to come across as the victim Melissa claims to be.  Give.  Me.  A.  Break.  For more reading pleasure, please enjoy the tweets below from–who else–Queen Twitter herself, defending herself against people calling her a hypocrite.  You just can't make up this stuff!  Who do you think Jacq is hinting at as the one who got paid?  My money's on Melis!


[Photo Credit: Us Weekly/Twitter]