Courtney Robertson and Ben Flajnik called off their engagement last week. I doubt anyone was truly shocked, as their relationship was doomed from the start. The majority of Bachelor fans never warmed up to Courtney's man-eating ways, and they ridiculed Ben for choosing her. Also, Ben's hair is just icky. 
All alone now, Courtney opens up about the demise of their relationship. Courtney tells Wetpaint Entertainment that she's sad but okay. “I’ve been really surprised by all the support and the nice things people have said," Courtney says. "It means a lot to me.” 
Courtney adds, “More than anything, I want people to know there wasn’t some huge fight or one specific thing that led to it. There’s really no story to tell other than the fact that it just wasn’t working out.”

In a different interview with Life & Style magazine, Courtney cites their busy – and separate – lives as a contributing factor to their strained relationship. "Our relationship has been tested pretty much the entire time we've been together," Courtney says. "When I stayed [with Ben] for long periods of time, it helped. I think if we'd lived together, we wouldn't have broken up."

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While the couple's official statement to the press implies their break up is a mutual decision, a few of Courtney's comments make me wonder if Ben gave up. "I knew I had no fight left," Courtney concludes. “Right now I'm focusing on healing my heart. I’m a hopeless romantic and still believe I will find my soul mate. I need a guy who is ready for that chapter.” 
Despite the sad end to her love story, Courtney insists she doesn't have any regrets. 
Photo credit: Judy Eddy/WENN