UPDATED: Did Emily Maynard And Jef Holm End Their Engagement?

Just days after Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson announced their split, Bachelorette couple Emily Maynard and Jef Holm are reportedly gearing up for the same announcement. 

According to Reality Steve, Emily and Jef are no longer engaged. "This isn’t a rumor, I didn’t hear this 5th hand, and I’m not making something up for attention," Steve wrote in his blog. "All I’m here to tell you is that Jef and Emily are no longer an engaged couple and have broken up."

“Right now, they are in the process of figuring out how they are going to present the breakup to the media, when they’re gonna release the statement, and who the statement will be released to," Steve added. "Could be tomorrow, could be in a few days, could be next week, could be in two weeks.”

If it's any consolation, Steve did apologize for being the bearer of bad news and ruining everyone's day. He's funny. He cannot be serious. This is hardly "shocking" and "ruined day" kind of news. Considering the sexting scandalBurger King rumors, and fake engagement scheme, a broken engagement was just a matter of time. Emily and Jef were bound to crack from the constant scrutiny – or simply confirm/deny the rumors, end the charade, and move on.

Steve concluded, "With the Ben and Courtney story just breaking on Friday, I can see them waiting a little bit longer to make it official just because, well, that looks REALLY bad for the franchise." Eh, it hardly matters. ABC will promote the hell out of Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum's upcoming TV wedding special and Sean Lowe as the next best Bachelor ever. Then, by the time Sean asks will you accept this rose? for the first time, I (we? am I alone?) will be completely over Emily and Jef and sucked into the journey to find true love… via reality TV… take 25. Ugh. There's no hope for me (us?)!
More Emily news… according to Life & Style, Emily has enlisted "keep me relevant" help from a prominent talent company based out of Los Angeles. Life & Style's source said, "This is definitely a sign that Emily wants a career in the show business, whether it's acting, a reality show, or hosting."
Emily signed with talent manager Corrie Pembleton. "The signing is fairly recent," the source added. "Authentic [Talent & Literary Management] is well-known in the business for being a good management company."
UPDATE:  According to Tierney at E!, Reality Steve could be misinformed!  A source close to the couple says it's not true.  "It's not true. They are not broken up." 
It looks like we'll just have to wait this out and see what happens!
Photo credit: Twitter