Basketball Wives LA Recap: The Diabolical Plot Thickens

Jackie Christie is starting to get wise to Laura Govan's evil ways!  Last night's Basketball Wives LA involved–you guessed it!–lots of meeting up for chit-chats and a certain lady at the center of all the drama.  I wonder who that could be!  Bambi, Laura, and Malaysia Pargo join Jackie on a trip to Seattle, while Draya Michele and Brooke Bailey try to keep their distance.

The show begins with Chantal and Takari being ambushed by the therapist.  Takari is in tears, and Chantal reminds her mother that while she provided everything for her girls, it was their grandmother who served as the mother figure.  Jackie doesn't want to hear any of it.  Chantal wants her mother to take responsibility for their past relationships, but Jackie is totally on the defensive.  She thinks her daughters are being mean and throwing false accusations at her.  The girls leave after Jackie refuses to shoulder any of the blame for their relationship troubles.  Doug tries to placate the girls in the driveway, but they are both over trying to make things work with someone who won't acknowledge any mistakes.  Back inside, Jackie apologizes to the therapist for having to listen to her disrespectful daughters spew lies.  The therapist is smart enough to know that she just needs to keep her mouth shut.  Could Jackie be any more delusional?

Brooke is waiting on Gloria Govan to meet her for lunch when she reads that Matt Barnes is in trouble with the law for his multiple traffic violations.  She calls Gloria who won't be able to make it to lunch…which I guess is a good thing given that there's a half-eaten pizza in front of Brooke.  She clearly wasn't waiting.


Draya and Brooke are meeting for drinks, and Brooke downplays her relationship with her NBA player.  She thinks he's too young to get serious.  Draya agrees…young guys aren't worth it.  Gloria arrives and tells the story of Matt's arrest.  It pretty much happens like TMZ first reported.  Gloria wishes that Laura was around to be supportive, but she's avoiding her sister's texts.  The girls discuss Gloria and Matt moving since she has her new acting career and Matt's basketball future is uncertain.

Jackie has hired an assistant named Shawn who is helping her go through her storage unit.  At one point in time, Jackie purchased a ton of stuff (from $5,000 teddy bears to flat screens to sewing machines to benches that Doug once sat on) to sell online.  She never got around to making that online business a reality, so now she's charging Shawn with finding a home for it all.  Jackie is convinced that her fans will be willing to buy it all.

In Seattle, Jackie is excitedly waiting on the arrival of Laura, Bambi, and MalyasiaDoug has prepared quite a feast for the ladies, and Jackie shares the woes she is experiencing with her daughters.  Laura can't imagine things happen the way Jackie describes, and she asks if she can speak to Jackie's girls.  Bambi thinks Laura just wants to get more dirt on Jackie, but Laura says she wouldn't mess with Jackie's girls just to be vindictive…yeah, right!  Jackie doesn't want Laura to rehash things with her daughters, but Laura uses her past molestation to convince Jackie she could help her daughters move forward.  Jackie is concerned that Laura is going to to be too into her business, and Laura thinks this is her chance to totally mess with Jackie.  Evil!

Brooke accompanies Draya to a lesbian bar, and she admits that she's never had any lady loving.  Draya is excited to invite her friend into her world, and she loves that Brooke is getting hit on by multiple ladies.  The women think that both Draya and Brooke are straight, to which Draya takes offense.  Her nails are too long for her to be a lesbian!  All in all, the girls have a fun and drama-free evening.

It's the ladies last day in Seattle, so Jackie wants to take them to Pike Street Fish Market.  Laura and Bambi are all in, while Malaysia is a good sport.  It appears that Laura has that triceratops backpack in silver as well as black.  Jackie is concerned that Laura isn't being such a great friend, and she approaches Bambi to get some advice.  Bambi tells Jackie that she's far too passive when dealing with Laura.  While Bambi is happy to give her point of view, she knows that Jackie isn't going to listen to her.  Bambi shares with Laura that she hates being put in the middle.  Laura feels badly, but she knows that one day Bambi will realize how crazy Jackie truly is.  Bambi can't wait to get back to L.A. to share the entire back story with Jackie.  Good luck!

Draya and Brooke are taking boxing lessons while the other women are in Seattle.  I am curious as to how Draya plans to get in the ring in a bandeau bikini top.  I see a nip slip in our near future.  Draya loves flirting with boxing instructor Victor Ortiz, and he's happy to reciprocate the attention.  Brooke has an amazing time at the lesson, and I've totally decided I never want to fight with Draya or Brooke.

Bambi, Jackie, and Malaysia head to lunch to talk about their trip.  Bambi can't believe that Laura wants to talk to Jackie's daughters.  That is crossing the line as far as Bambi is concerned.  Jackie appreciates hearing all of the dirt on Laura for Jackie, and Jackie hopes that Malaysia will side with her childhood friend Bambi instead of her friend Laura.  Malaysia is going to make her own decisions, regardless of what Bambi and Jackie say.  I love how Jackie just hops from friend to friend once she's exhausted her past relationships.  Bambi has no idea.  Didn't she watch last season?

Jackie decides she needs to take matters into her own hands and chat with Laura.  When they meet for lunch, Jackie immediately throws Bambi under the bus as she questions Laura.  Laura is quick to admit to saying she wouldn't be sad if Jackie died, but she reminds Jackie that she said it within a certain joking context.  Laura wonders why Bambi is so ride or die for Jackie, and Jackie appreciates Bambi's loyalty.  Jackie hopes the pair can move forward, and Laura is quick to oblige…while continuing with her scheming master plan to pay back Jackie for how she treated Laura last season.  Intense!  Laura is all about a grudge!  It's not like she's trying to expose Jackie for being wacky–everyone knows that she's bat shiz.  In my humble opinion, she needs to channel her energy elsewhere. 

Gloria is meeting Malaysia and Laura for dinner to hear about Seattle.  Poor Gloria is still sporting her Dara reading glasses.  The girls share that they really didn't do much while they were in Washington, and Malaysia and her presh haircut explains that Laura has decided to play mediator between Jackie and daughters.  Malaysia still likes Jackie, and she accuses Laura of being a bully.  Laura doesn't take offense, but she tries to explain her reasoning to Malaysia…and there's Laura's glitter eye again in her interview.  What IS that?  And then it's gone.  Malaysia reminds Laura that karma works both way, but Laura shares that she feels Jackie is to blame for the prior rift between Gloria and her.  While Malaysia thinks that Laura's negativity serves no purpose, she kind of understands what her friend is saying. 

Next week, Laura talks with Jackie's daughters, and Jackie prepares for a show at New York Fashion Week.  That has to be a joke, right?  There appears to be an awesome '80's party where Malaysia feels the need to regulate Bambi.


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