Big Rich Texas: Who Is Bonnie Blossman?

I'm new to Big Rich Texas, but I am already completely in love with Bonnie Blossman. Hands down, she is my favorite personality on the show. Booger and Whitney round out the list of people I thorougly enjoy watching. I merely tolerate and/or love to hate the rest of the cast. (Not counting the daughters. They're just kids… my heart aches for a few of them.)

Bonnie, also known as Botox Bonnie or Dr. Bon, isn't your average reality TV star. She's well educated, fun, crazy, witty, caring… I could go on and on. When she's not crashing dog parties and bonding with Booger on Big Rich Texas, Bonnie works for The University of Texas at Arlington, teaching courses in Biology, Biochemistry, Parasitology, Gene Expression, Anatomy & Physiology, and Contemporary Biology. She has an impressive sixteen years of college-level teaching experience. Bonnie earned her PHD in Biology in 2007, graduating with a 4.0 GPA. 

In addition to mom/wife and college professor, Bonnie is also a published author, a recording artist, an entrepreneur, and the CEO of her own company. When asked about her crazy-busy life, she said, “I think I have ADHD. I’m serious, I googled it!” Bonnie added, “I could have easily stayed with one career, but I think I’ve just harnessed my ADHD. I was never interested in school, and one career just wasn’t enough. I’m happy doing so much.”


The most recent episode of Big Rich Texas featured the launch party for Bonnie's latest book, Fiona Frost: Order of the Black Moon. Bonnie describes her books as young adult / adult horror meant to appeal to the fans of Harry Potter and Twilight. Bonnie's other published books include Take Heed to your Nightmares, Chronicles of Zombie Town, 614 Scarlet Court, and the original Fiona Frost, Fiona Frost: Murder at Foster Manor, as well as her autobiography, From GED to PhD (which I just added to my Kindle!).

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In 2006, Bonnie started the (now very successful) company My Murder Mystery. "It’s just an awesome way to hang out with your friends," Bonnie explained. "You get to dress in costumes and find out who killed whom. We have actors, writing, the whole thing, and we hope to expand this into a television series. I want to do iPhone apps, make this a whole franchise.” According to her website, Bonnie is the world's leading murder mystery game author. 

With all of this (and more) going on in Bonnie's life, why in the world would she want to subject herself to claptrap that is Big Rich Texas? While it makes for good TV, Bonnie admitted the drama gets to be "a little consuming" and that sometimes sucks the fun out of the experience. Nevertheless, Bonnie said she loves it and doesn't expect viewers to "get" their dysfunctional relationships.

“We’re a very loud, obnoxious family and we know it," Bonnie added. "We love it though, we pick on each other and we have the closest bond." 


Photo credit: Style Network