Basketball Wives LA Recap: Roller Derby

Last night’s Basketball Wives LA was no different from anything we’ve seen this season thus far.  I am just waiting (as I’m sure you are) for some kind of shocking revelation or a giant shoe to drop.  We all know Jackie Christie is going to continue to be the focus of the show.  Heck, even Laura Govan’s evil ways are starting to lose their drama.  What are we to do, VH1?

Laura is meeting Jackie’s daughter Chantel.  Chantel tells Laura that Jackie warned her about meeting with her given Jackie thinks Laura has bad intentions.  Chantel couldn’t care less.  She knows her mother is fame hungry and only cares about appearance.  Laura starts to regret her plan to intervene, but then she brings up Chantel’s sister as being too black.  Jackie tried to pit her daughters against one another.  Growing up, the girls couldn’t even speak because of the things that her mother instilled in them.  Chantel felt that she was the placed in a situation as a younger sister where she shouldn’t have been.  Laura is in over her head.  She just wanted beef against Jackie…she didn’t expect to get a horrid family situation like she did. 

Malaysia Pargo, Brooke Bailey, and Laura meet for froyo.  Laura and Malaysia share their trip to Seattle with Jackie.  Laura tells Brooke that Jackie was calling her oldest daughter too dark and overweight.  Malaysia revisits Brooke and Bambi’s rift and hopes that they can make amends at an upcoming 80’s roller skating event.


Brooke and Jackie meet up, and both apologize for going crazy at the cocktail lesson.  They’re laughing like old friend about the fact they were pulling out each other’s weave two weeks ago.  Jackie gets teary,  yet she’s thrilled that she and Brooke are finally getting along.  Jackie reveals that Laura isn’t going to be happy about the two reconciling.  Brooke questions Jackie’s thoughts about her older daughter’s skin color.  Jackie doesn’t want Laura chatting with her kids.

Jackie is discussing Chantel’s future with Doug.  She’s worried that her daughter won’t come back to LA and is planning to stay in Seattle.  Doug explains to Jackie that she may be a bit controlling with Chantel, and perhaps she should back off from her girls for a bit.  Jackie tries to get Doug to come to Malaysia’s skating party, but he’s on the fence.  Instead, he segues into Jackie’s clothing line showing at NYC’s Fashion Week.  She loves his support.  He loves that she is so easily distracted.

Malaysia is enlisted by Jackie to pick out fabric for her show at NY Fashion Week.  Jackie wants all of the women to come support her show, but she’s hesitant to invite Laura.  Why is Malaysia wearing her fake reading glasses yet again?  Jackie plans for her friends to walk in the fashion show. 

Bambi and Malaysia meet with Malaysia’s friend Gary to work with him about a potential charity which reaches kids through basketball.  Bambi is excited to mentor the kids and learn more about Gary’s program.  She is preaching college education.  Meanwhile, Gloria Govan is getting her make-up done to film some web scenes for her upcoming Internet movie.  She’s nervous about the stunts, and I’m concerned about her well-being if she falls into the pool wearing all of that pleather.

Draya Michele, Malaysia, and Bambi are meeting for cocktails so that Draya can learn about the pair’s trip to Seattle.  Upon hearing that Draya will be attending New York Fashion Week, Bambi chastises her friend for not extending an invitation to everyone in the group.  Malaysia just can’t wait for her 80’s themed skating party, and Bambi quickly changes the subject to diss on Laura.

At the party, the women are dressed to the 8’s… because it’s 80’s.  Bambi is channeling her inner Jane Fonda while Jackie is dressed as TLC meets Rainbow Brite.  Bambi approaches Brooke to find out her nemesis’ take on Laura.  It’s funny to see that the former enemies are in agreement about Laura’s phoniness.  Of course, Laura approaches, and she’s wearing her third spiked backpack thus far this season.  Geez.  Malaysia tries to be the peacemaker between Jackie and Draya.  Draya isn’t ready to wave the white flag, but Jackie is thrilled that Draya seems to be open to be rekindling a friendship.  Draya just wants to get on the rink, so she’ll say anything.

Jackie confronts Laura about her bullying, and Laura says she doesn’t care what Jackie thinks.  It’s about to get ugly.  Laura is hot and cold, but she shares with Jackie that the pair is still friends.  Brooke hates that Laura is still being fake towards Jackie.  If Laura is fake to Jackie, how can the other women expect her not to be fake to them?  We’re distracted with Bambi trying her hardest to skate backwards.  It’s as awkward as me trying to skate backwards. 

Malaysia cuts her roller skate cake while the ladies pose for group pictures.  Malaysia implores the girls to get along, and Draya is wondering what she means.  Brooke explains that Laura is trying to play Jackie, and the new girls think its mean.  It’s the women against Laura, and it’s the first time I’ve realized that Laura’s new studded neon backpack makes her look like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

Next week, the Sister Govan discuss Jackie’s daughter potential anger towards their mother based on their own past.


[Photo Credit: VH1]