Danielle Staub’s Possible Return to Real Housewives of New Jersey Doesn’t Phase Melissa Gorga!

Love and light, readers, love and light.  What do you do when one of the housewives franchises has become beyond toxic?  Well, if we're talking about Real Housewives of New Jersey, you'd bring back the most controversial woman ever…prostitution whore Danielle Staub

The former stripper, singer, stage mom, perpetual victim, and employer of personal security is set to return in the upcoming season to set the record straight about all the drama she was reportedly stirring up behind the scenes with Melissa Gorga about the table-flipping Teresa Giudice.  Now, I am terrified of Danielle.  I wouldn't want to meet her or her "friend" Danny in any sort of dark alley situation, that's for sure.  However, this new twist could be very interesting. 

Will Danielle side with the one woman who hated her the most in an epic effort to take down a shiny sister-in-law?  Will Danny return to intimidate Poison Gorga while plotting to bring an end to the Manzos and their blk water?  Can we get Ashlee Holmes back for an episode or two to rip out more of Danielle's weave?  Oh, the possibilities are endless. 


According to In Touch, Danielle can't wait to share some pretty juicy secrets regarding the family feud to end all feuds.  A source close to the show says, “Danielle will set the truth straight and shed light on all the little stories they have been telling on the show. She will say whatever she wants."

Apparently, Danielle plans to remind all her former cast members exactly why she should be so feared.  The insider continues, “Danielle knows what people want to see and she’s going to make a big return. Not everyone liked her and she is going to steal the spotlight away.”

Of course, she'll have to wrestle the spotlight out of both Teresa and Melissa's cold, lifeless hands as they've been fighting over it for ages.  Melissa, who once tried to align herself with Danielle to get dirt on Teresa, should probably be a tad worried right about now.  After all, Danielle is poised to shatter the "woe is me, my husband's sister is so mean and calculated" schtick we watched all last season. 

Melissa, however, isn't phased by Danielle's return.  As far as she's concerned, her relationship with Teresa is so far gone that whatever Danielle has to share won't make any difference.  It can't get any worse.  Melissa tells the same site, “I don’t think anyone can cause more problems for Teresa and me — not even Danielle,” adding, “I’m not going to run from her. If she wants to film together let’s film together.  Bring on the drama!"

And bring it she will…just like she brought it in the below video of her debut of "Real Close."  Enjoy the throwback.  You're welcome!


[Photo Credit: D.Salters/WENN.com]