It's always fun to hear stories about fan encounters with celebrities – especially reality TV stars because they are so much more unfiltered than your typical celebs.  Sometimes it pains me to find out a favorite star is a complete diva or jerk (I won't mention any names), but it gives us a twinge of hope when a celeb is cool. One of our readers (user name Desiday) shared her recent Real Housewives of New Jersey encounter with us and gave us permission to post it – along with her great photos! Desiday met up with Caroline Manzo, Jacqueline Laurita, Albie Manzo and Chris Laurita at a blk. water tasting and meet 'n greet this past weekend in L.A.  Desiday lucked out and before any crowds arrived, she was able to hang out with the RHONJ crew and get some juicy deets! 


"On Saturday a friend and I went to the grand opening of a Walgreen's here in Los Angeles, and Jacqueline Laurita, Caroline Manzo, Chris Laurita, and Albie Manzo showed up for a BLK tasting (Albie's pretty cute in person!).  Since there were maybe 5 people there, we got to chat a lot with them and take a ton of pics. "

"Albie told us that ALL of the women are coming back — in fact, the night before we went, they filmed a soft opening for Walgreen's for RHONJ.  Caroline told us that "everything is real," and the only producer intervention is when they throw all of the women together for some event.  Obviously, I don't believe her and that's the party line, but she got a little miffed when my friend asked! "

"Also, Albie talked to us about the confidentiality clauses of their contracts (I was interested, since I'm *almost* an attorney), and he said that they're not supposed to Tweet about the goings-on while they're filming, but Bravo is pretty lenient about that.  The only time Bravo gets upset is when the women Tweet about the reunion.  In fact, Albie pointed to Jacqueline and called her "the queen of overshare!"  They were all very sweet and open to talking and taking a bunch of pictures.  Just wanted to share my fun and juicy experience!!"

Queen of the Overshare!  That's definitely our Jacqs.  Thanks so much for spillin' the tea, Desiday!

Have you had a chance to meet any of your favorite reality TV stars in person?  Was it a good experience? 

Photo Credit: Reality Tea Reader "Desiday"

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