Jeff Lewis On WWHL: What’s Happening With Jenni Pulos And The Lawsuit!

Yesterday Jeff Lewis was on Watch What Happens Live with the extremely annoying Lisa Rinna. After the requisite debates about Jeff possibly wearing a wig and having lip implants/injections, the Flipping Out star responded to questions about the lawsuit with Jenni Pulos over a book she's writing which may or may not have juicy details about working with him.

If you recall Jenni has a book in the works that discusses dealing with difficult bosses and workplace dramas, among other things. Jeff requested a copy of the manuscript from Jenni's publishing house and was denied. He since filed a suit to stop the publication.  

As always Jeff was completely blunt. He said his attorney didn't want him discussing the matter, but oh well! "I'm still in a state of disbelief over this whole thing," Jeff said. "It was a last resort. I tried to work out every possible reconciliation." 

He believes he was forced to file the suit after trying repeatedly to negotiate with Jenni over the content. "A book was written without my knowledge," Jeff said. He maintains that he encourages Jenni to pursue opportunities outside of the show but he needs to protect the confidentiality of his clients and his business.


"I can't have her hurting me in the process," he explained, adding that the show doesn't feature ALL his clients and many conversations about his business dealings are off-camera.

Jeff wishes Jenni would have included him more in the book process. "I don't want any money. I don't want any part of her book," he shared. Despite all of that they are still friends and recently had a long, heart-felt talk about the status of their relationship.


"We're trying to work through things," Jeff revealed. "I love Jenni dearly." Jeff is confident they'll get through this and his comments seemed positive, unrehearsed, and genuine. 

A video of Jeff discussing his relationship with Jenni and the lawsuit is below! 

There was no a Season 6 reunion, but Jeff is currently filming a second season of Interior Therapy along side Jenni. He says they have "undeniable chemistry" and must have either been married or siblings in a past life. "It is such a strong bond that even this I don't think could break us. I think we're gonna get through this." 

Jeff didn't reveal whether or not Jenni is still employed by Jeff Lewis Design, but it seems so as they continue to work on TV projects together. 

One person not currently working there is creepy, sexually harassing assistant Andrew. Andrew was disrespectful to Sr. Design Assistant Vanina and Jeff was forced to fire him a few weeks ago.

When asked why Jeff gave Andrew a second chance in first place, he revealed many people have given him multiple chances and he beleves in returning the favor. Jeff also didn't comment on his relationship with Gage Edward!

LA Late News recently did some digging on the whole Jeff/Jenni lawsuit and uncovered that Jenni has retained  Adam Levin as her attorney. Jenni's attorney has yet to respond to the complaint filed by Jeff on Nov 14, although Jeff's attorney is speaking out to the media about the situation. 

"Who’s going to buy a book about Jenni’s life if it doesn’t include Jeff Lewis," Jeff's attorney J. Scott Souders told ABC. In response Jenni's attorney says the case is "fabricated" and insists his client has the right to publish the material. “She’s done nothing wrong and expects the lawsuit to be dismissed soon.”

As far as further business deals with Jenni, Jeff has commented, "We found out we are more successful together [then apart].” And that, my friend, is totally true. 

In other news, Jeff and Andy Cohen finally kissed last night. And Andy is rocking a new Anderson Cooper Jr style haircut… 

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