RHOBH’s Camille Grammer Discusses Season One Hardships, Brandi Glanville Introduces A Dress Line, And Taylor Armstrong Isn’t Going Anywhere…Sorry!


What a difference a few seasons can make.  Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Camille Grammer knows that…perhaps like no other lady in the franchise.  Pushed into doing the show by her now ex-husband Kelsey Grammer, we watched awkwardly the first season as her marriage crumbled and she butted heads with her cast mates.  Let's just say she didn't make the best impression.  She quickly redeemed herself in the second season.  Again, I think she may be the only one in the franchise who went from being hated to a fan favorite…we all know it happens the other way around though!

Another housewife from RHOBH who seems to be gaining fandom is Brandi Glanville.  She continues to build her brand while thumbing her nose at her ex-husband and his new Twitter-addict bride.  Of course, the richest franchise does have some ladies who aren't winning any popularity awards among viewers.  The mere mention of Taylor Armstrong's name gets some people's blood boiling…will they be fortunate enough to see her hightail it out of the zip code she worked too hard to gain?  Check out some Beverly Hills gossip after the jump!


For this season, Camille has diminished her role to that of a "friend" of the housewives, although we've gotten to see a lot of her so far.   I totally respect her decision to keep her kids off camera and any residual Kelsey drama out of her onscreen life.  In a recent interview with All Things RH, she dished on her hard times during the first season, why she relates to Brandi, and whether she'll be back in the role of a housewife in the future.  Enjoy an excerpt from her chat below.

What made you decide to reduce your role on the show?

It was basically a decision between the producers and myself. They came to my house [like they do with all the women] and asked what was going on in my life. I didn’t want my children to appear on the show or to air any more of my divorce. I also didn’t want to air my relationship with Dimitri as my storyline, so from there the decision was made to reduce my role.

I’m so happy for you and your boyfriend, Dimitri, will we be seeing him appear with you on Season 3?

Dimitri does make an appearance on the show. In a couple of weeks you will see me looking for investment properties in downtown Los Angeles, with Mauricio, who is the listing agent. Dimitri comes with us as we look for properties for me to invest in.

I know that Season 1 was rough on you in many ways, how did you handle the negative press?

It was so difficult. I felt like I was being kicked from all sides. My husband had abandoned me, the feedback I was getting from the show was brutal, and I felt like nobody was giving me a break. I even had to get off Twitter for a while, because of some of the comments I was receiving.

I can’t imagine how you ladies deal with the backlash from viewers. I feel like I am way too sensitive of a person, and could never be in your position.

I feel like I am too sensitive for the show. In Season 1 I made a lot of rookie mistakes. Kelsey was pushing me very hard to do the show, and at the time I didn’t know why. I felt like I had to pretend to be what I thought a Beverly Hills Housewife would say or do.

Do you feel like getting through Season 1 made you a stronger person?

Absolutely!! It made me really look at myself and see that there were things I needed to change. I have had a lot of personal growth from this experience. No one is perfect!

One of my favorite opening lines in ALL of The Housewives Franchise is, “Diamonds aren’t a girls best friend… Freedom is!” I believe we saw the REAL Camille in Season 2, would you agree?

Thank you for saying that. Yes, that is the real me. I do not like confrontation. The producers would laugh at me when I would suddenly run to the bathroom to try and avoid it, but sometimes you get sucked into the drama!

Has being a part of the show changed your life?

Absolutely! It gave me a voice, and that is so important. Plus, I think people finally got to see the real me!

Which ladies on the show would you say you are the closest with, or can relate to the most?

Brandi and I have had very similar experiences with our husband’s cheating, so I relate to her. Kyle is one of the funniest people I know, she cracks me up! I really empathize with what Adrienne is going through, I feel so bad for her.

Bravo added some new Housewives, Brandi, Yolanda and Marisa, would you say this changed the dynamic in the group?

Yes, the dynamic has definitely changed. There is more cursing [laughs]! Yolanda and Brandi’s personalities are on complete opposite ends of the spectrum. I didn’t get a chance to know Yolanda that well, or Marisa, but the times I have been around Marisa I enjoyed her, she doesn’t hold back!

Would you ever considering coming back to the show as an “Official Housewife?”

It depends if they would want me back! And also, what’s going on in my personal life. There’s still a lot of loose ends to tie up with the divorce, and I don’t want to show that on camera.

Take note, other housewives.  Camille seems to have written the manual on how to go from villainous to revered in one quick season!  Seemingly following in those footsteps (very slowly, of course) is the former "friend" of the housewives who stepped in to replace Camille as a full time co-star.  Brandi has made no secret of her financial situation after her divorce from Eddie Cibrian, and she admits to living far above her means while married.  Now, she's trying to use the show to gain multiple business ventures to gain financial security.

After landing a book deal, Brandi has now unveiled a dress line which will be sold exclusively on Amazon and range in price from $115-$165.  She tells UsWeekly, "This initial collection of dresses for Brand B is exactly what I had envisioned when I began designing this line. I wanted to create clothing that I would wear — that I truly want to wear — but which would also fit my active lifestyle. I'm always on the move, but I don't want my hectic schedule to be reflected in how I look. I want to look feminine, powerful, sexy and bold. That's what you'll see in these dresses."

Of her Brandi B dresses she adds, "I'm so proud of this line and can't wait to show off more of what's to come!"

Finally, there have been multiple rumors that Taylor is leaving 90210 and quitting RHOBH to be closer to her new beau.  A source tells Radar Online, "Taylor's Beverly Hills rental home that she has lived in for years is being sold and she has told her friends that when that happens she will probably leave Southern California with her daughter, Kennedy, and move to Colorado to be with John," adding, "John lives just outside of Denver and Taylor is ready to start a new chapter in her life after all the insane drama she has been through with her husband, Russell's, suicide. Taylor believes that John would help her get set-up in a new house — she really doesn't want Kennedy to grow up in Los Angeles — and feels that Colorado is the perfect place to start her and John's new life together."

The insider explains, "John has a wife and kids and Taylor knew that when she started seeing him, but now that John is separated from his wife, Taylor feels like they can really move forward. She'd marry him tomorrow if she could."

While I want this rumor to be true as much as the next gal, Taylor mentioned on WWHL that her house was being sold and she was renting a place in Colorado for the holidays.  Unfortunately, she did say that all of the rumors about her moving permanently are false, and Mauricio will helping her find some new Beverly Hills digs after the holiday.  Sorry, y'all.


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