Okay, so I guess it's time to say good-bye to Vinny Guadagnino, DJ Pauly D Devecchio, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, Jenni "JWoww" Farley, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, Ronni Ortiz-Magro, Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola, and Deena Cortese.  I feel like I'm slowly bidding farewell to cousins I don't acknowledge.  Three episodes left?  It's devastating, y'all!

We resume the Jersey Shore with Vinny trying to make amends with Snooki's fiance Jionni…at his future son's baby shower no less.  It's super awkward.  Jionni questions Vinny about joking that Vin is the actual dad.  The conversation is seamless, and all is good in the land of Jionni and Vin.  Really?  I thought that MTV would have sprung for more drama.  Thankfully Jionni's insecurities don't get in the way of a bottle chugging contest.  Rawn wins.  Who is shocked?

Snooki loves unwrapping baby clothes, champagne, and wine, typical baby shower gifts.   Jenni asks Jionni to come around more often which basically calls him out for not being present up to this point.  Snooki is just thrilled for a baby day.  While she still can't look at Mike, she's excited about all of her presents.  Mike is planning his entrance for when he can finally make amends with Snooki.  After a Mike-Snooki video montage, Sitch heads to Nicole's apartment.  I'm unsure as to whether this is part of his twelve step program.  Yikes.


Mike heads to Snooki's, and she let's him into her space.  That's a big deal.  Mike mumbles an apology and Nicole is slightly receptive.  Snooki hates that Mike made a fool out of Jionni.  Mike reminds Snooks that she was his best girlfriend ever…totes platonic, of course.  Mike grovels, and Snooki plays hard ball.  Apologies are accepted and friendships are once again forged.  High fives all around!

Vinny is shaving Pauly's side burns, and MVP is happy that Mike and Snooki are good.  MVP sits on the roof while Sammi schemes for a good prank.  Rawn realizes that the dudes are locked on the balcony.  A sick Vinny finds nothing hilarious about being stuck out on the porch.  The guys begin jumping off the balcony which scares the crap out of Sam.  She doesn't want Rawn to sprain an ankle!

Rawn, Pauly, and Mike head out to get their tan on….but Paula distracts Mike.  They make out before he heads into the tanning bed.  She's left him a note on the florescent lights.  It's weird.  And it's two sided.  Back at home, Vinny reads Paula's diatribe while the roommates commiserate.  Mike is happy that Snooki is involved in the conversation, and Snooki is happy to have her "brother" Mike back.  So, she couldn't have forgiven him a few episodes ago?

Deena's boyfriend arrives and the crew (minus Snooki, Vinny, and a sick Jenni) heads to party at Aztec.  Snooki feels like a grandmother not being able to go out with her roommates.  At least she has Vinny to ride elderly folks scooters on the boardwalk.  Snooki couldn't be more correct…Vinny will be a great old man because he's already practicing now. 

At Aztec, Paula arrives looking like an over sexed tennis instructor while Mike struggles with not drinking.  Paula asks Mike to hold her drink, and he gets upset.  Doesn't she realize it's hard enough for him to be in the clerb, much less be around alcohol?  When Paula realizes how angry she's made Mike she storms off.  Deena questions the exchange and for once believes Mike has a right to be mad at Paula.  Paula returns and apologizes while Vinny and Snooks continue their rascal race down the boardwalk.  They scooter up into Aztec, and the roommates are beside themselves.  It's pretty hilarious.  After a quick scooter dance off, the duo rides back home, but not before a random dude on the boardwalk can call Snooki fat.  Vinny quickly puts it in reverse to go defend his friend.  Yelling at dudes on his scooter is the most gangster thing he's ever done.  I'm glad those two are finally back to normal.  Rawn is scared on Mike's behalf given the intensity of Paula's stare stalking.  She antagonizes a girl that Mike is talking to before leaving the club for good.  Someone's not getting any tonight!

Snooki calls boardwalk psychic Zen Jen to come over and scare the poo out of Deena.  Apparently Deena is terrified of all things supernatural.  Snooki, her girls, and Jionni head to see Snooks' sonogram.  The girl roommates are overwhelmed, and everyone is excited to see his boy bits.  Baby Lorenzo is over it and totally flips off the gang.  Jionni goes off on Jenni for saying previously that he didn't come around enough.  It's awkward.  Jionni says he comes around as much as Roger does.  Um, Roger's not about to be a dad.

At the house, Vinny and Pauly are joking about Vin's new relationship with Jionni.  They want to initiate them into their family.  Pauly wants to inundate him with questions about his intentions with Snooki.  Pauly calls Jionni to invite him out with the boys.  This should be fun.  Meanwhile the girls gossip about midday sex.

It's time for guys' night out, and Snooki is worried that her roommates are going to be busting on Jionni.  The ladies are having a girls' night when Zen Jen arrives to bless the house.  Deena is about to suffer from a panic attack.  Snooki wonders if Zen Jen feels a tingle in her vajayjay when she senses a ghost.  Jen feels a presence on Deena's bed.  Poor Deena is flipping out over this news.

The guys are having a cigar with Jionni and he's doing a great job answering their questions.  Vinny finds it awkward when Jionni directly addresses the time Snooki cheated on him with Vin.  Luckily, Jionni quickly changes the subject to Mike's recent smack talking.  Mike makes sure that Jionni knows he was being honest, but he's apologized to Snooki.  The guys are happy that Snooki is happy, although Rawn brings up the fact that Jionni isn't around as much as he should be.  The guys wonder why he's so defensive, but the tension quickly dissipates when Jionni invites them to his bachelor party.  All's well that ends well.

Next week, Snooki is auditioning meatballs for Deena and Mike strips for Jenni. Wowsers. 


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