To be completely honest, I started this article about Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers yesterday afternoon. But when I heard about the school shooting in Newtown, CT, I had to walk away from it. 
I couldn't bring myself to poke fun at Jenelle's one-stop courthouse shopping. Or care about the most recent developments in her life, such as her failure to get a prenup before her quickie wedding. I just did. not. care. and I hated her for having a child she (seemingly) does not appreciate. I chose to watch the news coverage on CNN instead.
That said, I'm not ashamed to admit that I've always had a soft spot for Jenelle. Her story is truly the ONLY reason I watch Teen Mom 2. I get Jenelle's never-ending desire to feel loved, I think Barbara is (unintentionally) hilarious, and Jace is super cute.
Yes, Jenelle is currently a complete mess, but I feel as if she's the only star of Teen Mom 2 who has it in her (albeit way deep down) to change for the better. Before you call me nuts, let me explain. 

Personally, I think Leah Calvert will always think too highly of herself and refuse accept responsibility for her sleeping around actions, Chelsea Houska will always be a spoiled brat who uses too many whiney syllables, and Kailyn Lowry will forever play victim and crap all over the people in her life. I really do believe Jenelle could learn to respect herself, and then love her child, if she sought professional help. Okay – now you may call me nuts! 
All these years, I've been hiding in Jenelle's corner, hoping and praying she'll take a step in the right direction. If you ask Jenelle, she'll tell you that Courtland is that step in the right direction. She has repeatedly said he's the best thing that ever happened to her. I know… (big sigh) …poor Jace
However, according to RadarOnline, those closest to Jenelle are actually worried about Courtland's influence on her. “He is just as much of a mess as she is," a source said. "They're seriously a disaster together.” 
The source added, “He just doesn’t seem to be the best influence on her, or for her. Jenelle has a lot of problems and Courtland isn’t going to make them any better or go away.”
I don't deny that Jenelle and Courtland are a catastrophe waiting to happen, but they actually have a lot in common. 😉
First, they're both a legal mess. Radar's source added, "Courtland’s own legal and drug problems are going to be just as bad as Jenelle's, and she didn’t make the best decision getting married so quickly to him." The bright side: if they coordinate their court appearances, they can carpool, save the planet, and brag about a new "green" interest. 
Also, they both suffer from mysterious medical issues. While it's usually Jenelle in the hospital for ovarian cysts (supposedly), Courtland got his day this past Wednesday. 
"Well, today I went with Courtland to a doctor appointment three hours away," Jenelle shared. "Although I can't talk about what happened I know that everything will be OK. I love my husband So much and I've never been happier!! I'm happy with everything in my life right now and I'm so thankful to have good friends in my life right now. Thanks everyone for your support!"
Lastly, now they share Jenelle's money, as Jenelle apparently failed to obtain a prenup prior to vowing to love Courtland forever and ever. "Jenelle didn’t get a prenup with Courtland mostly because she didn’t think she needed one,”a source tells “She’s totally in love with him and thinks their marriage is going to last forever."
I can't imagine Jenelle has much money, with all the smoking she does, the hair feathers she purchases, the bail she pays, the banged-up cars she fixes/replaces, the Uggs she buys, and so on. Reading my mind, the source added, “Jenelle doesn’t really have too much money and she didn’t think she would need to keep it from Courtland."  
That is, until the next MTV paycheck rolls in, and then Jenelle might regret not making one more stop inside that courthouse.
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