Some might say it's the end of an era.  I'd say that.  RIP camo hat.  I guess much like Leah Messer being replaced in Corey Simms' life of wedded bliss, his hat must also be replaced.  In this case, he has replaced both Leah and the hat with a more conservative, less redneck version…although if you look closely at both the new fiance and Leah and camo hat and new hat, they all are pretty interchangeable, right down to the bleached hair, fake nails, and super curved bill. 

Likewise, just how everything in Corey's world will always follow a simpler, flame-emblazoned truck story line, Jenelle Evans also likes to follow a script…and not one from the local pharmacy (that we know of, although I'm sure she wouldn't turn down any Rx painkillers).  It's a Teen Mom 2 post of stuff that won't surprise you in the least!


First up, congratulations are in order.  Corey Simms has popped the question to his girlfriend of six months Miranda Patterson.  A photo of the happy couple is above.  That rock is quit an upgrade from Leah's original bling.  I guess this season MTV is paying a little better. 

Corey's dad shared the good news via Twitter, writing, “Corey and Miranda are now engaged! Congratulations! @CoreySimms2 @mirandabridget #happytweet”  It's being speculated that the proposal took place on Thanksgiving.  Just like how camo hat would have wanted it…surrounded by all that deer meat and fowl and family ATV rides…{sigh}

Leah seems equally thrilled with the news, tweeting her congratulations and updating her Facebook status to read "“[Miranda’s] wonderful to my daughters, and that makes me adore & respect her. As Coreys soon to be wife, and Ali and Aleeahs step Mom!”

She even rebuffed a Twitter follower who claimed that she and Corey's twins were suffering.  Leah retorted, "[O]ur children are so Happy! They love their step dad and they love Miranda! Corey and I do a fantastic job at raising."

Moving on from happy news, Jenelle has been in the hospital a lot lately…either for ovarian cysts or heroin addiction, depending on who you believe.  Radar Online reports that the troubled reality star's former roommate and a hospital official are disputing Jenelle's story that she was admitted for a ruptured cyst and citing heroin as the reason for Jenelle's prolonged stay.  

All of the tweets posted to Jenelle's account during her stay were quickly deleted, and many friends and followers are speculating that new fiance Courtland Rogers was using her account while she was being treated after an exchange was released showing Courtland begging to borrow $800 until he received his next MTV check.  Of course, this news in on the heels of Jenelle threatening to sue her sister Ashleigh for spreading lies about her.  It's just so, so sad.

Seriously, I really hope Jenelle is able to get the help she so desperately needs.  In the meantime, I'll drinking a toast to my dear friend camo hat.  You had a good run, a really good run.


[Photo Credit: Twitter]

The twins have grown up so much!


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