Teen Mom’s Catelynn Lowell and Fiance Tyler Baltierra Are Reunited For The Holidays!

catelynn tyler

Oh, it seems like at least one couple from Teen Mom is really trying to make it work!  I'll admit, most of the girls from both Teen Mom franchises make really stupid decisions and do totally dumb things–even when they have an amazing support system.  None of them seem to be in healthy relationships except for Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra.  Surprisingly, this pair had the most stacked against them…her mom was an addict, his dad was in and and out of jail, and they ended up becoming step-siblings when her mom and his dad entered into a tumultuous marriage.  It's enough to mess up any teen couple.  Or anyone, for that matter!

However, Catelynn and Tyler are different.  They've been together since the seventh grade, and, realizing that their daughter could be raised in a much more stable environment, they decided to choose adoption.  They are the only couple in the history of 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom to do so.  While they've definitely struggled in their relationship (Catelynn needs a lot of reassurance), they seem to be committed to one another and are now engaged.  Even if Catelynn and Tyler don't make it (I really hope they do), they are more mature than all of the other Teen Moms (1 and 2!) put together.  That may not be saying much, but I still think they still think they are head and shoulders above their counterparts. 

I'll admit, I laughed a bit when Tyler decided to move to New Orleans to focus on his acting career–mainly because he went to New Orleans and not New York or Los Angeles…or even Wilmington, North Carolina!  When Tyler decided to fulfill his dreams, he and Catelynn vowed to make their relationship work long distance.  Now, the couple is reunited for the holidays.


Catelynn and Tyler recently invited In Touch into their home as they reunited for the holidays.  Of their separation, Catelynn admits, “We were so used to being with each other every day.  Then he was gone for a month … it does get lonely.”

The strain on the pair's relationship was evident when Catelynn and Tyler got into a Twitter battle in November.  Fans weighed in on the war of words before Tyler tweeted about forgiveness.  Catelynn recalls, “People were thinking a bunch of crazy stuff about us.”

Catelynn claims to understand why Tyler had to move, and she's happy they are together for the holidays.  Catelynn, who is studying social work at a local college in Michigan, reveals, “Tyler wanted to stay in New Orleans longer because he had some job possibilities lined up, but I was pushing him to come home for Thanksgiving.”

Tyler also weighs in on the couple's ups and downs, saying, “Catelynn and I, we’re just a normal couple.  We’re not the perfect princess story; we get in arguments and we say things that we regret. We apologize and we move on.”  I hope he means that, because there's something in me that truly wants these crazy kids to make it!


[Photo Credit: Twitter]