Shahs Of Sunset’s Reza Farahan And GG Gharachedaghi Talk Reality TV; Plus, Lilly Ghalichi On MJ Javid’s Cyberstalking


In recent interviews, Shahs of Sunset stars Reza FarahanGolnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi, and Lilly Ghalichi dished about being a celebrity (excuse me… a Bravolebrity), making time to be nice to people, and the secret behind the big hair, respectively. 

Reza said he thinks of himself as the glue that holds the Shahs of Sunset cast together, adding, "Who would have thought the homo of the group would be the one standing up holding the signs for everybody, like 'Hello, this is where the Persians are at. We’re here.'"

While Reza might be slightly full of himself, he is responsible for Lilly's addition to the cast. Reza joked, "Oh my God, I have a magic genie lamp at home and I rub it really hard every night and I pray a skinny bitch will come out of it and Lilly popped out."

Joking aside, Reza explained, "Actually, I bumped into Lilly in the lobby of the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills and immediately I was taken aback by her appearance. I went up and I struck up a conversation with her. She asked me what I did. I told her I was in the real estate business. She told me she was looking for real estate and cut to after several hours of conversation I gave her a business card, we kept in touch. And then I slowly started introducing her to my group of friends. Then Bravo was there to follow all of that and chronicle it for everybody."


Calling Reza a "Bravolebrity," the After Elton interviewer asked Reza if he hopes to make an appearance on other Bravo shows. Claiming to be taken aback, Reza answered, "That’s really funny because when I do interviews like this it pulls me out of life to talk about something that’s real, something that’s part of my life, and when you say Bravolebrity it’s so strange for me because I’m just Reza – real estate agent who lives in L.A."

Reza went on to drop names from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Million Dollar Listing L.A., saying, "The funny thing is, living where I live, I see Lisa Vanderpump and her husband Ken [Todd] a lot because I love SUR and Villa Blanca and I see them there. They’re very present; I see them often. I bump into Kyle [Richards] once in a while; I bump into her husband Mauricio [Umansky]. I see Madison Hildebrand. And Josh Altman is a dear friend of mine. So do I know if I’ll be on their shows? I don’t know, but I definitely see them around town all the time."

Last season on Shahs of Sunset, we witnessed a reunion between Reza and his father but we have yet to see the two together this season.

Reza said his dad will definitely be a part of season two, adding, "It’s so strange. We’re talking about a reality show and reality shows aren’t known for bringing families together and resolving deep-seated family issues. But, for me, if I could say the second most amazing thing to come out of it has been the transformation in my relationship with my father. It was the perfect storm for us to have this transformational dialog and you guys were there, the cameras were there."

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Reza added, "I didn’t want to do the ugly crying in front of the cameras but you just forget that they’re there. One thing after another, I’m crying, my dad’s crying, my cousins are crying. It was a hot mess." 

When asked how the cast deals with negative feelings towards each other, namely when Reza called GG "unstable" after she proudly showed off her knives, Reza said, "I’m pretty blunt. I am not a person that minces words. If I’m feeling something, you’re going to know it."
Reza continued to talk about his ongoing conflicts with GG, saying they had always managed to hang out in the same circle and go back and forth between being homies; however, things changed after GG attacked Asa Soltan Rahmati. Reza shared, "Then the pool party happened and she got physical with Asa. Asa’s like my sister so of course I was going to stand behind Asa. So, actually, GG and I have been texting back and forth and we’re trying to set some time aside to sit down and kind of see if we can get on the same page."
Speaking of GG
Admitting that she's not much of a people person, GG said starring on Shahs of Sunset has made her more humble and nicer to people, adding, "I take my time out to smile. You hope people wouldn't judge. The best thing about reality TV is [the audience gets] to watch you grow, as a process. You begin with a persona, and they see you come out of it."
When asked how her family feels about her TV fame, GG shared, "In Iran, my mom's uncle is one of the most famous poets and artists, and my uncle, my aunt's husband, is one of the most famous actors, so that fame thing was always around. They're excited. I think everybody is happy that I'm happy. That's the bottom line for my family –  the minute they see me in something that's going to bring me down, they'll be against it 100 percent." 
Considering what we've seen of GG so far this season, I get the feeling that "GG's reality" and "reality" aren't always the same thing. I don't think she has any clue how her family really feels about her quest for fame. And, even if Daddy Dearest isn't happy about it, he sure won't be standing up to her anytime soon. Honestly, it's hard for me to take anything she says seriously.
In an interview with OK! Magazine, Lilly talked about Mercedes "MJ" Javid and big hair.
On a recent episode of Shahs of Sunset, we saw MJ take issue with a picture Lilly shared on Twitter and blind side Lilly with crazy claims about sexual pet endangerment. 
Lilly shared her take on the incident, saying, "If somebody wants to learn more about me that's fabulous to me – which is what I originally thought she was saying when she sat down. Then she began to try to attack me with little petty things that were mostly not true anyway. To each their own. If she doesn't like me or she's out there trying to find negative things about me so she can attack me, that's her prerogative. If what she brought to the table was all she could find, I'm doing pretty good in life."
According to Lilly, her big hair routine includes clip-in extensions, a teasing comb, and a lot of hairspray. 


You mean… that hair isn't natural? I'm shocked! 😉 

Check out the video interview for more on Lilly Lashes and Swimgerie.


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