Jenelle Evans And Courtland Rogers Have “Divorced” Via Twitter Once Again


Last Friday, newlyweds Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers created quite the tizzy when they announced they were getting divorced after only 26 days of wedded bliss. Via Twitter, of course. 

Bloggers and Teen Mom 2 fans struggled to keep up with the madness, which eventually ended with Courtland reaffirming his love and Jenelle refusing to take responsibility for the manic tweets on her account. By the end of the day, the love birds had kissed and made up.

Well, I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Jenelle and Courtland have broken up once again. When Courtland talked to his daughter (and, by extension, her mother Taylor) on the phone Saturday night after Jenelle had gone to bed, Jenelle was not too happy about it. 


Courtland tweeted, "I do miss my Lil girl  I just got to hear JaJa tell me (daddy) goodnight!!! Made me smile so big! JaJa.. I love u thank u Taylor [Jaja’s mother] for that” and “@memory232323 [Taylor] thank u for what u just did!! That phone call just made my year!! I am sorry give JaJa a kiss for me please Tay."

When a fan suggested that Jenelle will not appreciate his tweets, Courtland proved he doesn't know his wife all that well, tweeting, "my wife understands that I am always going to b in Taylor’s life because she has my Lil girl so the answer is NO Jenelle won’t freak out" and "@memory232323 and I do hate each other but we have to get along for our daughter no matter what because innocent lives come first."
Y'all know what's coming next. Jenelle attacked Courtland. On Twitter. For the whole world to see. Again.
The best (worst?) of Jenelle's rant:
@courtyb11 @memory232323 yeah I won’t care ?! Dude I’m f-king DONE
dude he told everyone that he wanted Taylor to never ever contact him again then he waits until I’m asleep to talk to her?
not to mention he doesn’t HAVE to talk to Taylor on twitter and have a “conversation” if he just talked to her on the phone
he is allowed to talk to his daughter but if u tell me “don’t contact me ever again” then wait until I sleep?! Haha whatever
yeah I’m walking away she wants him back and he wants her so it’s all good
The best (worst?) of Courtland's rant:
Now she is threatening me to tell the world I do heroin so everyone hates me just because I hear my daughters voice and realized I have to father to Jaja no matter what because that is my blood and I love JaJa to f-king death so if u are gonna leave me because of that then bye
So now I just lost my soulmate and my wife and my future
How dare her tell me that she is done cuz I talked to JaJa but two days ago she can call Gary and talk to him about a dog!! Wow f-k this
Out of nowhere, Jenelle's ex-boyfriend Kieffer Delp jumped in, asking to buy Jenelle's dog. He tweeted, "@PBandJenelley_1 yo ill buy brody [Jenelle’s dog] from yu rite now" and "ill give yu 400$??" Jenelle politely declined Kieffer's offer to buy her dog, and then she went right back to hating on her new husband. On Twitter. For the whole world to see. Cause that's how she rolls.
Courtland started, tweeting, "@memory232323 jenelle said she was gonna make up charges saying I beat her and i never did so that just made me say f-k jenelle for good" and "@PBandJenelley_1 why are u doing this to me. I always loved u!! I got ur name tatted on my heart for gods sake we can talk this out ya know !! Damn Jenelle."
To which Jenelle replied, "IM SINGLE @courtyb11" and "no one even knows the truth what I’ve been going through and that’s all I’m going to say. I can’t blast him BAD but I’m not like Courtland or Taylor… I’ve dealt with this twitter sh!t for years… This is nothing new lol he can blast me all he wants but when he ends up in prison for yearsssssss cuz of the charges he has pending… He will then realize how sh!tty he is."
Adressed to Taylor, Jenelle tweeted, "@memory232323 u can have him now." Taylor was all like, I don't want him; he's all yours! And Jenelle was all like, You were so right about him! I'm so serious.
In the middle of it all, Jenelle posted this picture of her and Jace.


This is my MAN right here 🙂

From there, Jenelle went on to accuse Courtland of being a drug addict, and he claimed that her best friend, Tori, tried to sleep with him while Jenelle was in the "crazy house." 

Reaching out to Jenelle's ex-fiance Gary HeadCourtland tweeted, "@gary_head man to man I am sorry for ever comin at u wrong" and  "@gary_head i am sorry I shoulda never disrespected u I wish I would of listened to u bro she just divorced me for talking to my daughter." 

Note to Courtland: a rant on Twitter is not a divorce decree. Y'all are still married.

The last two things Jenelle wrote were "Why do we fall in love so easy even when it’s not right?" and "Deactivating twitter. Bye."

Courtland took to Facebook, then. 

She left me for talking to my daughter when two days ago she called and talked to gary about a dog but I can't talk to my daughter and hear her tell dada goodnight?? And I am in the wrong?? Wow this is crazy I am sorry Gary Head and Kieffer Delp that I ever hated on y'all. I see what y'all went [through]!! This sucks now she is sayin that she is going to fake a abuse and get me arrested for ten years and she laughed when she said that an I have NEVER abused her this is not fair and I am way better of a person than this so f-k it I tried I tried so hard to b the best husband any man could b to u and for what??? U to just pack up and leave me at 530 in the morning because I heard my little girl say she loves me!?!?

Jenelle has been eerily quiet for 24 hours now. I'm sure we'll be hearing from her soon… and all will be fixed. The commitment of two people willing to fight for their relationship is, like, a beautiful thing. No?


Photo credit: Twitter