Shahs Of Sunset Recap: MJ’s Birthday Repairs One Friendship, Wrecks Another, And Ends With A Love Connection


Last week on Shahs of SunsetMike Shouhed reached out to Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi. Sadly, I suspect GG was way too drunk to comprehend Mike's warning to get her act together. Also, Reza Farahan and Mercedes "MJ" Javid continued to play their passive aggressive games, purposely trying to hurt one another, and Reza managed to make Sammy Younai look like a real gentleman.
This week's episode starts with GG and Omid Kalantari out on a date. While GG munches on a big sausage, Omid admits that he has been partying with her friends without her. GG takes it well. GG says that her friends could combine their money, diamonds, houses, etc. and still not have enough money to buy any class, adding, "They call themselves classy… they put the ass in class." 
Omid goes on to tell GG that her friends told him that he's delicious and well-behaved when he's not around GG. To the camera, GG says, "I'm shocked. For real. Take the botox away, and I'm shocked." Not that much later, GG learns more about what went down between MJ and Lilly Ghalichi / Reza at the bar, and she says the night would have gotten "so dirty" if she had been there. Yet, she's shocked to hear that her friends don't want to party with her. 
Someone needs to tell GG: when life gets tough, the saying is "just keep swimming" not "just keep drinking."

Reza's mom calls 'em like she sees 'em. Over lunch, she tells Reza that he needs to save more money, stop sniffing armpits partying like a frat boy, put away the gucci mucci shoes, and get rid of the mustache. When Reza tells his mom that he and MJ are fighting, she says he expects too much out of his friends. Reza jokes, his mom treats him like a seven-year-old bitch… perhaps because he acts like a seven-year-old bitch. 
Facing her birthday, MJ decides to throw herself a party and asks her friends to bring eligible men in lieu of gifts. Bring Your Own Boyfriend for MJ party, if you will. Meanwhile, Reza and Mike talk about the party during a photo shoot. Surprised to learn that he's been invited, Reza asks Mike if he should go. Mike says yes, urging him not to throw away 20 years of friendship over something stupid. 
While her dog destroys a box of tissues, GG destroys a bottle of wine. MJ calls… GG is elated to hear from a friend… and immediately asks MJ about her recent run-in with Lilly. MJ brushes it off, adding, "In about five minutes, Lilly is going to get shipped back to the welfare line she was standing in before she decided to invade my life." 
Side note: Lilly addresses MJ's jab in her blog this week, writing, "If I had made this comment about MJ, it would be a HUGE deal that the skinny rich girl is picking on the chubby middle class girl. But, the other way around people find it acceptable? Double standard. Either way, MJ, I could buy your whole life and donate it to charity for fun if I wanted to, let's be real. The fact that I am self-made is something I am extremely proud of; you should pay attention and learn a few things from me."
GG is like, I've got your back. MJ is like, Thank you. GG adds, I've got your back because I love you. MJ is like, Girl… stop kissing my ass! I'm calling to un-invite you to my birthday party.
GG disconnects her phone, pours more wine. MJ calls back,explaining, "I have always had your back. You have had absolutely no consequences for any of the shit you have done. Everybody who is invited to my birthday is somebody who isn't going to be violent for no reason." GG disconnects her phone again. Persistent… if nothing else.. MJ calls again.This time, GG tells MJ that she could have at least "thrown her to the dogs and had her chewed up" in person. MJ is like, Um, no. I've seen your knives.
Remember the punching bag Mike brought to GG last week? GG kicks it across her living room and breaks something that's glass. Meanwhile, Lilly meets an old friend, Raumak, for lunch. Believe it or not… they bonded over hair extensions. Spending time with Raumak causes Lilly to question the choices she has made in her life. She shares, "All I want in life is to come home to someone else's face that I can touch, hug, and kiss." Unfortunately, Lilly's boyfriend of 10 years, Ali, doesn't seem to be on the same page. 
Decked out in pink sequins, MJ waits for her friends to arrive. Poor Pablo is too fat to chase his tail. Speaking of dogs who shouldn't be chasing tail… Sammy is the first one there. Tehran brings two eligible bachelors – Drizzy and Arash – and Mike brings one – Ebby. Leading the way to the party bus, which looks like a cross between an oversized school bus and a strip club on wheels, MJ shares that she's second guessing her B.Y.O.B. party theme. 
If Lilly isn't going to be forced to play with the rest of the group, why is she on the show? So we can learn that Lilly employs a celebrity hair stylist to give Coconut her baths? So we can watch Lilly give her long-distance boyfriend an ultimatum? Yawn. I do love Coconut though. When Ali seems uninterested in moving to L.A. to be with Lilly, she says, "I just might be waiting for something that's never going to happen." Indeed. It might be time for Lilly to throw her own B.Y.O.B. party. 
At MJ's party, Asa Soltan Rahmati and Reza notice a bit of a love connection happening between Drizzy and MJ despite his red pants. I notice the red pants, Reza notices the age difference. To the camera, he says, "MJ is the queen of the cougars, so go for it, bitch." 
Drizzy and MJ go for a walk. For someone who says she wants to meet a man, MJ looks miserable and her body language screams "don't touch me!" No worries… Drizzy is one smooth cat… he manages to get MJ to unfold her arms and hold his hand. Meanwhile, Omid tells Reza and Asa that he wishes GG were wrecking havoc at the party. Omid insists GG is a good girl. When she's sober? But, Asa doesn't want to hear it, insisting that GG doesn't care. 
On the beach, Drizzy attempts to soften MJ's heart. Admitting that she isn't falling for his cheesy lines, MJ asks Drizzy if he has ever been hurt. He says, "Of course. I think everyone has been before." A naive MJ is all like, really? I'm not the only one? Drizzy continues, "Those experiences, though painful, help us develop as adults and really home in on what we want to do, who we are, and how to treat someone else." This seems to win MJ over. She declares Drizzy the best birthday gift ever; Drizzy says he'll be with her until she sends him away. 
The next day, Reza and MJ talk out their differences on the GG issue. They each apologize. MJ says, "I just want our friendship to be real," and Reza replies, "We're not friends, we're blood." Tears, hugs, and kisses happen… then I imagine they eat the crap ton of food that Reza put out… seriously, why so much food for two people?
Are Pablo, Julio, and Sammy hiding in MJ's purse? 
To the camera, Reza says, "Nothing can ever get between this bond." Of course, Reza must forget how he acted like a catty mean girl the past two episodes and ditched MJ to work with Mike behind her back, because he knows we're all wondering how he could still love MJ. Nevertheless, Reza does go on to say some sweet words… something about seeing a storyboard of their life together… all the good times… and to not love MJ is to not love those times. 
Let's hope this is the end of bitchy Reza.
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