Shahs Of Sunset’s Lilly Ghalichi Responds To MJ Javid’s “Welfare Line” Jab; Also, Asa Soltan Rahmati Explains The Gold Coins


There have been mixed reactions to Lilly Ghalichi's addition to Shahs of Sunset. Do you love her? Hate her? Want to steal her dog?

Either way, Lilly and Mercedes "MJ" Javid are bringing the drama, so don't expect the season 2 newcomer to go away anytime soon. This week on Shahs of Sunset, Lilly and MJ managed to insult one another without even sharing a scene. In Bravo's eyes… that's talent… and job security. 

When Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi wanted to gossip about Lilly, MJ implied that talking about Lilly wasn't worth her time. On the show, she said, "In about five minutes, Lilly is going to get shipped back to the welfare line she was standing in before she decided to invade my life." 

In response to MJ's jab, Lilly said, "If I had made this comment about MJ, it would be a HUGE deal that the skinny rich girl is picking on the chubby middle class girl. But, the other way around people find it acceptable? Double standard. Either way, MJ, I could buy your whole life and donate it to charity for fun if I wanted to, let's be real. The fact that I am self-made is something I am extremely proud of; you should pay attention and learn a few things from me."


I did mention Lilly's reaction to this line in the episode's recap… but the more I think about it, the more it bugs. Lilly comes across as really snotty, and, in my opinion, she needs to tone down her "I'm so fabulous" act. A lot? A little? I can't say. There's a fine line between confident woman and inflated ego.

About Reza Farahan and MJ's reconciliation, Lilly quipped, "AMEN. Maybe now she'll stop being such a bitch to me!"

Another big season two story has been Asa Soltan Rahmati's money problems. And it sounds like Asa's Twitter followers haven't been too kind to her as a result.

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"I don't mess around when it comes to my family's well being," Asa said. "This is why I couldn't believe some of the comments in the forms of tweets that were coming my way. Some of you wrongly thinking that somehow my Mom is 'working herself to the ground while I don't care and I have gold coins underneath my house.' This couldn't be further from the truth."

Asa said that most of her money comes from Persian Pop Priestessing real estate, adding, "I have a couple of tenants who are my main source of steady income. I have worked very hard to get my property to be where it is at. I am so very blessed that this investment has paid off as it has, however, stakes got so much higher when my parents' situation shifted not too long ago." 

According to Asa, she has financially supported her parents since her early twenties. "Since my father lost his business a few years ago, it got more serious. I more than ever realized that I want and need to make a lot of money and really take care of them," Asa shared. "While taking care of them had always been a priority to the point of obsession for me at that point the sense of urgency exploded in my mind. Consequently, my 'uber hussle' started urgently."

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Asa also explained why she chose to put $30,000 worth of gold coins in the foundation of her home. "When you are building/buying real estate, you have big chunks of money (in the form of a loan in my case) that you are dealing with," Asa said. "At the time, I considered blessing the foundation of my home AS important as every other piece of the house that was being built. The foundation, physically, symbolically, and energetically is the most important thing in building anything. There is no better place to invest."

To each their own, I guess. I still don't get it. Am I alone?

In conclusion, Asa promised a big announcement in the near future, adding, "I'm still in the midst of my 'uber hussle' and the future is looking bright on a couple of these major projects I am working on!!!" 


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