The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 5

Real Housewives of Atlanta continues to be a favorite among the Bravo franchise, which is amazing.  It's rare that a show can bring in new and volatile cast members and still remain on top of the ratings.  If you've been watching RHOA, you know that Kenya Moore fancies herself the show's new break-out star

Of course, for me, it's refreshing to hear from someone other than Kenya.  The usually quiet (give or take a housewives spat) Porsha Stewart has found her voice, and she wants to be known for her philanthropy moreso than any RHOA drama.  Can you blame her?  In the meantime, Porsha is working really hard to remember how many days are in a year.  365, Porsha, three hundred and sixty-five.


Porsha is opening up to the Examiner about why she joined the cast, her charity work, and her biggest regrets of her freshman season.  The mild-mannered Porsha discusses how she's been a long time fan of RHOA and what she wishes she could take back after watching herself on television.  Porsha also coyly dishes on what is still to come this season.  I have to say, I appreciate her candor!  Enjoy excerpts from that interview below!

How has your life changed by joining the cast of the Real Housewives of Atlanta and how did it come about?

I’m a lot more busy since joining the cast and of course now in the public eye. I also now have to talk and relive real life situations that I’ve been through, which doesn’t normally happen in your everyday life…in this world it happens, and then you rehash it over again. How I joined the cast…Atlanta has a very small social circle and these ladies are in it and I got involved in it that way. Some of the ladies I knew as well as my family, and then Bravo just asked me to join.

Was your husband supportive of the decision?

He was very supportive, the first thing in the beginning that he was concerned about the most was our privacy. He’s used to the spotlight because of his NFL career, and here I am now putting us in pop-culture media. He enjoys it, and actually thinks that it’s funny…he laughs at everything even when they’re not funny to me (laughs).

Have you watched the show previously, and if so did you have an idea who you would get along with the most?

Definitely, I was a fan of the show prior to joining the cast…there were some that I thought I would hit it off with, and it just didn’t turn out that way it just ended up being completely different for some reason.

What was your platform you wanted to represent going in as the new housewife?

I wanted people to see many things, and being a newlywed, I wanted to show that dynamic of a brand new couple of trying to make it, and the wife trying to be a successful business woman as well as being a mom. I wanted to show what’s important to me, and that’s giving back. I decided to let this be an example for other young women and other society people, to give back when we all have been blessed tremendously.

How important is the charity work that you do on behalf of you grandfather’s legacy?

It’s very important to me, it’s my grandfather's foundation, and how I was raised. I know that I’m blessed just as well as many others, and unfortunately some people don’t get to have what we have and it’s important for all of us to take those holidays and other days to participate in charity events and give back as much as we can.

How was it to watch Kenya disrespect your grandfather’s foundation and charity?

Watching it I had the same feelings that I had when I experienced her doing it, which was complete disgust. It was disgusting for me to see a woman that I looked up to…when she won; I thought this was a great accomplishment for her and for black women in general. I thought that she would encourage and be supportive of me, because I am coming behind her in terms of trying to make sure other women know what’s important. I was ultimately just disappointed by her behavior to say the least.

You stated that Kenya is envious of you, why do you feel that way?

I wish I still didn’t feel that way! Even after taping the show, she continues to talk negatively about me in the media.

What are three things you wish you could take back as you saw yourself this season?

I would have rather just walk away from the Kenya confrontation, because I feel like she brought me down to her level and it was never my intention to upset her or for myself to be taken out of character in any kind of way. I want to address the fact that I love Detroit! Some people didn’t like when I told Kenya to go back to Detroit…whether Kenya came from Decatur, Georgia where I’m from or Denver, Colorado, I was speaking about her behavior, and not where she was from. I’m also not an ageist either, when the age subject was brought up that was only me defending myself about her comments about me being a little girl…I was letting her know that she is a woman of a certain age and I expect you to act a certain way, I never was speaking to older women in entirety, I was speaking to one individual and that was Kenya!

What can viewers expect as the season continues?

They can continued to be entertained by me, people tell me that I’m very relatable on the show, and you’ll also see more into my personal life with me and my husband…there’s a situation that we find ourselves in being newlyweds. Unfortunately, viewers will see me in more drama, that I did not foresee. With this group of women they have strong personalities and opinions that they stand by that can cause some tensions to flair, and that’s what ends up happening as the season continues. It’s going to be spicy!

I'll admit, I'd pretty much written off Porsha as a dim-witted wallflower this season.  I know she can hold her own, but she always seems out of place when she has to do so.  I don't think anything she's said, even in her heated moments, need to be taken out of context and construed as anything other than trying to hold her own.  Honestly, I don't think Porsha could do or say anything maliciously…not because she's guarded or manipulative, but because, let's face it, the girl is one sandwich shy of a picnic.  Porsha is gorgeous, charitable, and usually well-mannered….but she's not hateful.  Don't believe me?  Let's once again reference the fact that she has no clue how many days are in a year.  Bless her.


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