Dancing With The Stars All Stars Failed; ABC Promises More Bad Dancers


Dancing with the Stars All Stars was a bore for fans and a disappointment for ABC. And, after seeing a dip in DWTS' viewer numbers (11-16 million for all stars compared to the previous season's 13-18 million), ABC has decided the show has seen its day we want to see less good dancers and more train wrecks. Oh joy! 

Now, don't get me wrong, I love a good reality TV train wreck. Um, hello, I've made a career out of reality TV stars' famewhoring and idiocy. But there are a few shows I like to watch for the talent and Dancing with the Stars is one of them. I'd rather not see more Kate Gosselins and Bristol Palins, thank you very much. 

However, after analyzing the numbers, President of ABC Entertainment Paul Lee concluded: "Turns out people like to see bad dancing as much as they do good dancing!"


Paul explained, “What I meant by that is clearly people love to see the journey as much as they love to see the competition and if you pick only the winners, for which I take responsibility, they’re all gonna be great dancers.” That said, I truly hope he means they'll be choosing the future DWTS casts with "journey potential" in mind and not "tune in for a good laugh." 
“We can all remember many series of dancing where you’ve had people surprise you," Paul said. "People want to see the journey and that’s something that we’ve done very, very well in each season – some better than others – and we’ll be able to do that just by going back to our normal way of casting.”
ABC's Paul isn't skerred. “We’ve got a fairly good base to start there with and yeah, we think it’s gonna revitalize itself.” 
Season 16 of Dancing with the Stars begins in March. 
Photo credit: ABC