Bachelor in Paradise Season 9, Episode 2 Recap: Hurricane Hannah Hits The Beach

Bachelor in Paradise recap
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Previously on Bachelor in Paradise, Kylee Russell and Olivia Lewis were having a tug of war over Will Urena. Olivia kissed him first (once), but Kylee got a date card and asked him on a date, so now it’s war. I just don’t get it. He’s not that attractive. Am I the only one who finds Olivia super annoying and immature?

But at the end of last week’s episode, Kylee’s original crush arrived on the beach and Olivia’s got her eye on him, too. Will they both drop Will like a hot potato so they can fight over Paradise newcomer Aven Jones?

Adding to the chaos is former Bachelorette, Hannah Brown, who sends all the other women into a tizzy when she shows up with a date card. “I can never compete with Hannah Brown,” says Jess Girod. “Never in a million years.” Why not, Jess? What’s so special about her?

Will tries to smooth things over with Olivia

Bachelor in Paradise recap
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As we saw last week, Will sat down with Olivia and apologized to her for making her feel disrespected, but at the end of the day, they’re both there to pursue their options. It’s early days, and it’s not like they had any kind of commitment. It was one kiss.

Will finds Kylee and tells her he just spoke to Olivia. He says she had a little “attitude.” But he told Kylee, “There’s not anyone else here that I’d rather spend my time with than you.” Will’s got a huge crush on Kylee. But again, it’s early days. Cool your jets, Will.

In a confessional, Will says, “There’s nothing you can do to ruin my day!” Oh, dear. That’s a challenge this show can’t resist. You’ll regret that comment, Will.

Olivia predicts, “Kylee’s gonna ride that wave until Aven comes … and then, Will’s gonna get pushed to the wayside.” Olivia says Will’s a “placeholder” until Aven comes.

So guess who’s already on his way down the steps to Paradise? And we know he’s got a date card because we saw Jesse Palmer give it to him last week.

Aven’s comin’ in hot

Bachelor in Paradise recap
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When Aven comes into view, Kylee interviews, “Oh, my God! This is exactly the moment I’ve been waiting for. Aven has arrived in Paradise.” Sadly for Will, I think Olivia called it.

“Aven’s my number one guy,” Kylee confesses. “There’s so much buildup around us meeting. And I’m just so nervous ’cause I’ve never met Aven before in my life.”

Kylee only knows Aven from social media. There’s been “liking of pictures and a fire emoji.” Not a lot to base a relationship on, but she’s got hopes. When she goes to say hello and give Aven a hug, he doesn’t seem overly glad to see her. He says, “Nice to meet you,” and moves on to greet the next person. Does he not know he’s on her list?

But Kylee was “literally having an out-of-body experience” when she hugged Aven. She calls Aven “fine,” and Olivia agrees with her for once.

“Aven is fiiiiiiiiine,” Olivia declares. “If Kylee gets to take Will, I get to take Aven.” I think our BIP triangle is about to become a rectangle … or maybe a square.

After greeting everyone, Aven reads his date card. “Get ready to make some waves,” it says. Will doesn’t get the meaning, but the rest of us do. And the first person he asks to talk to is Kylee. Surf’s up! Will looks sad, while Olivia looks pissed off.

Aven weighs his options

Bachelor in Paradise recap
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Kylee tells Aven about her date with Will. “First date?” Aven teases. “You’re popular!”

“I am a hot commodity around here,” Kylee says playfully.

Meanwhile, Will and Blake Moynes are talking by the pool. Will is stressing about his new girlfriend and hopes she’ll choose him. “The best case scenario is [Aven] takes Olivia on the date,” Will says.

Olivia is doing some plotting of her own. She is currently “manifesting” that Aven will choose to take her on the date and sees it as payback for Kylee “stealing” Will from her. She thinks she deserves it.

After talking with Kylee, Aven pulls Olivia for a chat. Kylee says it feels like a “gut punch,” though she admits that if Aven chooses Olivia for the date, it would be karma.

As Aven tells Olivia she’s “very cute,” Kylee is back at the picnic table with Will. “I’m just scared,” she interviews. “My mind is really playing tricks on me right now … I’m thinking she might sabotage me.” You think?

When Aven asks about who’s coupled up already, Olivia tells him it’s only Will and Kylee. “Interesting,” he responds.

“Kylee disrespected me,” Olivia confesses. “Knowing that Aven was on her radar and she was waiting for him,” makes him fair game in Olivia’s book. She’s down for the steal.

But despite Olivia’s best efforts, Will asks Kylee on the date. What’s that sound you hear? That’s the simultaneous sound of Will’s heart shattering as steam erupts from Olivia’s ears. “I would love to go,” Kylee tells him, as Will watches from the side of the pool. Poor Will.

And Kylee walks off with Aven without so much as a wave goodbye. Harsh.

Sadness in Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise recap
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“Deep breaths,” Blake reminds Will, who says, “My soul left my body” when Aven called Kylee’s name. Will says he wants God to “take me with you right now.” It was one date, Will. Settle down.

Oliva admits, “I’m not gonna lie. That one hurt, ’cause I wanted to go on the date.”

Some of the other women advise Will to “keep your options open.” There are other babes on the beach. Although he agrees in theory, he wants to have a talk with Kylee first.

In a confessional, Will says, “I had a great time with Kylee the night before, but then Aven came down [and] decided to take her on the date.” It’s not like he kidnapped her, Will. Kylee also made a decision to go with him.

Before leaving on her date, Kylee has the common decency to pull Will for a chat. “What we had yesterday was real,” she begins. “You are so kind to fully choose me and want to be with me. It makes me feel so good that you’re all in for me. I want that.”

He assures her that he’ll still be “true” to her, even after she goes on this date with Aven. She responds, “If we have a future together, this’ll be like a little ‘wrench’ in our journey, but I feel like it’s only gonna build us stronger.” I feel like she’s stringing him along in case things don’t work out with Aven. It doesn’t seem fair to me.

And with that, Kylee hugs Will goodbye and goes off with Aven.

The saga of the unopenable champagne bottle

Bachelor in Paradise recap
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As Aven and Kylee head off for their date, she interviews, “I’ve been hyping this up in my head from, like, the start [two days ago],” so she hopes it doesn’t turn out to be a “big letdown.”

Then she doubles down by saying a quick prayer, “Please, give me the confidence … for my chest not to break out in hives. Give me the words to say, and let him want to just marry me right after. Amen.” She’s not asking for much.

They’re on a beautiful yacht with champagne. When Aven tries to open the champagne, he can’t get the cork to pop. You’ve got to twist it, Aven. You can’t just shove it out with your thumb. That’s gauche. He ends up breaking the top off the cork and has to resort to a corkscrew. How embarrassing.

And he’s just as bad with the corkscrew as he was with his thumb. He screws it all the way down, so the part that’s supposed to grab the lip of the bottle is too low. He’s just trying to muscle it out, which isn’t a good plan. I just want to jump into my TV and show him how to do it. Jeeze Louise, Aven. The camera crew is having a ball filming his attempts to open this stupid bottle. Longest bottle-opening sequence ever. Save it for the bloopers, guys.

Finally, FINALLY, the cork pops out! I’ve never seen someone take 20 minutes to open a bottle of bubbly. That’s just pathetic.

Out at sea

Bachelor in Paradise recap
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While Will wanders the beach at Playa Escondida hoping that Kylee comes back to him and looking like a “deflated helium balloon” (per Aaron Schwartzman), Kylee and Aven are out in the middle of the ocean drinking champagne. It’s not a very nice day for a boat ride. The water is choppy and the sun is behind the clouds, but they’re just enjoying being together.

Aven says he was surprised and happy to see Kylee there when he arrived in Paradise. “I’m not surprised by how much I like you, meeting you in person for the first time, but I’m definitely happy.” He tells her he came down “super interested” in meeting her, which has to make her happy.

She tells him that she was the one who chose Will for the date last night, but to have someone (especially Aven) pick her feels good.

“I’ve been building this moment up in my head for a long time,” Kylee tells him. When she went on The Bachelor, she was hoping he would be the lead, but it was Zach Shallcross. But she’s glad she and Aven are finally in Paradise together. Things are not looking good for Will.

“Finally we kissed,” gushes Kylee, “and it was so good! It was amazing … 10 out of 10 for sure.” Kylee’s got “all the feels” and she’s “giddy.” She’s already planning to marry him and make babies. Slow your roll a bit, girl. A lot can happen.

New couples are forming

Bachelor in Paradise
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At last, we can turn our attention to someone besides Will, Kylee and Olivia. Blake and Jess are chatting in the pool. “You’ll notice I have a potty mouth sometimes,” he tells Jess.

“What I like about Jess,” Blakes admits in a confessional, “[is that] she’s very sweet and very well-mannered.” Jess seems like such a girly girl.

But when discussing their favorite curse words, Jess lets fly a string of profanity that’s apparently so shocking that the smile disappears from Blake’s face. He looks shocked and taken aback.

But then he laughs and says, “I kind of like it. You’re naughty!

Brayden Bowers and Kat Izzo are developing a relationship. Blake says they’re getting “tight and cozy, which is super interesting, since I did not see that coming.”

“Right now, Brayden is, like, everything I want,” Kat says. “I’ve already developed deep feelings. I’m not gonna want to explore someone else. That’s just who I am.” Let’s hope Brayden’s feeling the same.

“There are lots of new couples on the beach,” Kat adds. “Me and Brayden, Blake and Jess, Aaron S. and Sam [Samantha Jeffries], Sean [McLaughlin] and Rachel [Recchia]. Up until last night, I thought Aaron [Bryant] was with Mercedes [Northrup], but today he’s hanging out with Eliza [Isichei], which is so strange.”

“It’s going pretty good so far,” Eliza says. “I didn’t expect to hit it off with Aaron, but … we’re basically attached at the hip, pretty much throughout the entire day. It’s nice not to be at the center of a very stressful triangle, like Paradise last year,” when she dated both Rodney Matthews and Justin Glaze. That didn’t end well.

Mercedes thinks Aaron B. is playing games

Bachelor in Paradise recap
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Mercedes is confused. Last night she and Aaron had a good conversation and even kissed. She thought everything was going great, but today he’s hanging out with Eliza. He hasn’t even tried to talk to her, which makes her wonder, “What did I do to make you feel that way?” Nothing, Mercedes. He’s just being a guy. That’s what they do sometimes.

“Aaron B. seems like he’s playing games,” Mercedes comments. “The fact that he made out with me last night, and then today he literally didn’t say a word to me, and now I just saw him vibing with Eliza. I’m freaking out.”

“Does [Eliza] know that he kissed you last night?” Kat asks.

“Probably not,” Mercedes responds. Guess what, Eliza? Here comes that love triangle you were afraid of.

For his part, Aaron says he’s feeling “very conflicted” about his feelings. “I really like Eliza and I really like how we flow. But I can’t ignore the fact that I kissed Mercedes.” He wants to be a better communicator. Better get on that, Aaron.

He decides he’d better tell Eliza that he kissed Mercedes. Though she appreciates his honesty, she says, “I’m a little shooken up, I’m not gonna lie.” She’s “triggered” and having flashbacks to being in the Paradise triangle last summer. It’s not something she wanted to repeat. So she climbs out of the pool and joins the ladies at the picnic table.

She tells them that Aaron confessed to kissing Mercedes. Cat Wong thinks Eliza is getting overwhelmed. Eliza is already spiraling and says she’s gonna cry. Oh, jeez. Grow up, girl. It’s not that big of a deal. She says she really likes Aaron, but she doesn’t want things to be so complicated. “Here we go again,” she says.

By all means, let’s drag Mercedes into the drama

Bachelor in Paradise recap
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For some strange reason, Kat thinks it’s helpful to bring Mercedes into the drama. “Mercedes, there’s a situation happening,” she says. “Poor Eliza had no idea that last night happened with you guys.” Kat’s just pot-stirring here. Was it really necessary to draw Mercedes into this mess? She didn’t do anything, but now she’s upset, too.

“When it comes to kissing or being affectionate,” she says, “I take that very seriously … I really like Aaron B., but it’s obvious that he can’t communicate. I hate that.”

Finally, Eliza confronts Aaron. “I appreciate you telling me … but I was just like, ‘No, not again.’ I just felt, like, triggered … I’m scared, like, I don’t know how this is gonna go. I don’t want another bad situation. I don’t want my guard to go back up, but to be honest, it’s starting to rise a little bit again.”

Seeing the tears on Eliza’s face makes Aaron realize that he should have brought the kiss with Mercedes up a lot sooner. I don’t know that it would have made a difference, though. I think Eliza would still have felt she was stepping into a threesome situation and would have backed off.

Aaron seems more confused than ever after his conversation with Eliza. “How am I going to navigate this situation?” he wonders. Even though he was initially attracted to Mercedes and thinks she’s a great girl, his feelings for Eliza are just stronger. “I gotta figure out what’s going on,” he says.

A surprise addition to the beach

Bachelor in Paradise recap
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Since the ladies are so outnumbered this week, they’re all hoping another guy will come down the stairs to help even up the odds. But instead of another guy, here comes Hannah Brown to make the numbers even more lopsided. The ladies will not be happy to see her. But wait? Isn’t Hannah Brown engaged?

Hannah says her love life has been somewhat complicated since she was last on the show, but she thinks Paradise is just the ticket to turn things around. She’s excited to be here. And to top it off, Jesse has a date card for her. That could stir things up, especially if she decides to invite someone who’s already paired up.

“Hurricane Hannah is about to hit the beach in Paradise,” she says. “They’d better take cover. The Beast is about to feast.” Whoa, that’s confidence. We’ll see how she feels after she’s been there a couple of days.

As predicted, the ladies aren’t happy to see another woman come down the stairs. There’s too much competition already. The girls are totally intimidated by Hannah. Y’all need to settle down. Hannah’s not any more special than anyone else.

“Everyone is star-struck, as they should be. Hannah Brown is an icon,” says Rachel, who’s also a former Bachelorette. What makes Hannah more special than you, Rachel?

“She is the Taylor Swift of Bachelor Nation,” Jess gushes. Really? That’s a little over the top.

Hannah assesses the group

Bachelor in Paradise recap
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Before Hannah can choose someone to go on her date, she needs a little background info. So she pulls Blake and Will to have a conversation. At least one of the guys is interested in dating Hannah. Peter Cappio says, “If Hannah Brown joined this group, I’d be ecstatic. She’s very hot. She’s a total babe.”

Even the women in the group admit they all have “crushes” on Hannah. But the former beauty queen is enjoying talking to all of the guys. “I think that some connections think that they are a lot stronger than they actually are.” Oh, Hannah came to play.

After talking to the men, Hannah addresses the group. “You might know that my ‘happy ending’ as the Bachelorette was so short-lived,” she says. “It was so great to meet some of y’all and to get to know you a little better, but I have found love and my happily ever after. So I will not be joining you on the beach.” Wait, what? All that anxiety you just caused all the women was for naught?

“But I do have this date card, which I am going to leave here,” she continues. “Maybe I’ll see y’all a little bit later.” And with that, she lays down the envelope and walks away.

Mercedes picks up the card and reads aloud, “It’s time to put your feet in the fire and answer the burning question. Meet me at the bonfire tonight and get ready to get real.” Everyone is intrigued but confused. Will it be “chill” or a “dumpster fire,” Mercedes wonders. Sean doesn’t think it’s going to be a fun time at all.

There are no s’mores at the Bonfire of Inquisition

Bachelor in Paradise recap
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Arriving at the bonfire, everyone’s on edge. Aven and Kylee have been gone all day on their date, but arrive back at the beach just in time for the excitement. They have no idea what’s going on and have to be filled in about Hannah’s visit. But nobody’s quite sure what’s going to happen.

Finally, Hannah arrives and welcomes everyone to the “First Official Paradise Bonfire.” Hannah says her biggest regret about being the Bachelorette is that she didn’t get to the truth sooner. Tonight she’s going to be digging for the truth. She urges everyone to be honest and truthful with their answers.

Jumping right in, she asks Cat, “Who would you like to have a connection with here in Paradise?”

“Actually, today Peter said I was ‘hot,’ and I was, like … I didn’t even know you were attracted to me,” Cat responds.

Next Hannah asks Brooklyn Willie, “If you could kiss anyone on the beach, who would it be?” And she immediately responds, “Peter,” who just happens to be sitting next to her. I guess Peter’s a hot commodity then, or is it because he’s one of the few men who remains unattached?

The next one on the hot set is Sean. “How confident are you feeling about your current connection in Paradise?” He and Rachel have been hanging out, so the camera pans to show her face looking a little worried.

“I feel pretty confident,” he starts. “However, it’s still so early, so I kind of have my guard up, but I feel great about us right now.” When Hannah asks, “Who is us?” he clarifies that he’s talking about Rachel.

There’s no Kumbaya being served either

Bachelor in Paradise recap
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Hannah turns her sights onto Rachel and asks, “How are you feeling about things with Sean?”

“I’m so pleasantly surprised that we met,” Rachel responds. “It’s exciting for what’s to come.”

Hannah turns up the heat by asking Sean, “Is there anyone else that you have your eyes on here in Paradise?” Yikes. Rachel doesn’t look pleased with that question. Be careful, Sean. It’s a minefield.

“Truthfully, I came down here and one person on my list was Jess,” Sean admits. Even though she’s flattered, Jess is happy with Blake. But Hannah’s not done stirring sh*t.

“Blake,” she continues, “have you already picked your connection here or are you open to meeting other people.” Ouch. He’s sitting right next to Jess, who immediately looks uncomfortable.

“I don’t know if I would risk ruining Jess and I’s connection with anyone here at the moment,” Blake answers, “but I would still be open to potential if someone came down.” Jess isn’t happy with that response.

“That was not very fun to hear,” she says, admitting, “It kind of left a bad taste in my mouth.” I see a meltdown coming. Blake is going to be sorry he said that.

“Kat,” Hannah asks, “do you think your current connection could actually last in real life?”

“For right now,” Kat responds, “I’m seeing it as possibly having a future … “

“I definitely like Kat,” Brayden jumps in. “And I definitely want to see what kind of potential there could be outside of [Paradise], too.”

Thirsty for the tea

Bachelor in Paradise recap
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Hannah pushes on with Brayden. “If you could pick one other person besides Kat to go on a date with, who would it be?” Hannah is showing her evil streak, as Kat mutters, “No, no, no.”

“I have a one-track mind right now,” Brayden answers, “and it’s just to get to know this amazing woman.” He either likes her or he’s afraid of hurting her feelings/pissing her off. Smart answer, B.

“Kat, are you waiting for anyone else to come to Paradise?” Hannah asks.

“There [were] people that I was also possibly expecting to see here,” she responds. But that’s not good enough for Hannah. She wants names. “Tyler Norris was one of them. Tanner [Courtad] as well … I don’t even know. We’ll see.” Uh oh. I don’t think Brayden liked hearing that.

“Hearing that from Kat definitely did not sit well with me,” Brayden says in a confessional. “‘Cause it’s like she might just be using me to get a rose this week.”

Hannah moves on to Aaron B., asking him, “Do you have eyes for multiple women here?”

He chuckles before saying, “I don’t.” When Hannah asks if he has his eyes on someone here, he says, “For sure, yeah … Definitely Elizah.”

Hannah turns up the heat

Bachelor in Paradise recap
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Hannah moves on to Kylee, who just returned from her all-day date with Aven. Definitely putting Kylee in the hot seat, she asks, “Who do you think is the best kisser in Paradise?” Uh oh. She’s gonna break Will’s heart here. He’s still hanging onto hope.

“I can say, I had more kisses with Aven, so I have more to go off of,” she says, without a thought as to how that would make Will feel. Ugh. Kylee is definitely young.

“Aven,” Hannah says, “you went on a date today. Could it be a love connection?”

“Yeah,” he answers. “The day was amazing … I think right now, [we’re] definitely focused on moving forward and seeing where that can go.”

Hannah follows up with another really mean query, “If you had to choose someone else who could have gone on the date with you today, who would that have been?” Choose your words wisely, Aven.

“I think right now, probably Olivia,” he says. Oh, wrong answer. Kylee’s head does a quick tilt of disbelief. You may not be getting any more of those kisses from Kylee, Aven. You might have just burned that bridge.

But Olivia loves that Aven is “open to exploring a relationship” with her. “Kylee, game on,” she interviews.

Hannah just created another triangle. This show is just evil. They say they want to give people another chance at love, but then they throw roadblocks across the path. I know someone wrote all those awful questions for Hannah, but she seems to be enjoying herself just a little too much.

“Olivia, if you could send one person home from Paradise,” Hannah continues, “who would it be?” Brutal. Olivia doesn’t hesitate to offer up Kylee’s name.

The sh*t stirring continues

Bachelor in Paradise recap
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Can we just be done with this game? It’s just not fun anymore. It’s painful and mean. But Hannah keeps going and asks, “Do you feel like you’ve been done dirty in some way? … By who and why?”

Olivia responds, “Absolutely. Just kind of a lot of shady things happening, so that would be my reason to send Kylee home.” Olivia is just not a nice person. Aven should stay far away from that one.

Kylee doesn’t like being called out that way by Olivia (and Hannah – I used to really like her). What do the producers have against Kylee? It just seems mean.

Finally, Hannah says, “Will, last question.” Yay! I’m over Hannah Brown. “What would be a happy ending in Paradise for you?”

“Leaving with someone?” he answers, kind of uncertainly. “Ideally, engaged.”

Hannah feels her visit was a success and she’s expecting “some things to blow up” later in the evening. I never knew she had such a mean streak. She’s having too much fun causing trouble and breaking people’s hearts.

The aftermath of the bullying bonfire

Bachelor in Paradise recap
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“I knew that bonfire wasn’t exactly going to make everyone feel amazing,” Peter comments.

“Tonight this bonfire definitely lit the beaches of Paradise on fire,” Sean says. But before tonight, he’d never told Rachel that he also likes Jess. “I’m just hoping Rachel’s not upset, and that she’s on the same page as me.”

“I like that we’re easing into things,” Rachel says. “I like where it’s going.” She doesn’t seem upset about him saying he also likes Jess. He talked to her the first night, but he didn’t kiss her because he’d just kissed Rachel.

The bonfire and Hannah’s inquisition shook a lot of people. Sean is worried about Brayden. He thinks his friend is all in on Kat, but Kat is still open to exploring other relationships. He’s worried that his buddy’s going to get hurt.

“We’re so early in this,” he interviews, “no one should be turning down dates or … conversations or feeling uncomfortable about going to explore things, ’cause this is Paradise and as confident you feel in your connection right now, it all can change in a second here.” True that.

Will’s still holding out hope

Will still thinks he has a chance with Kylee. Oh, honey, that yacht sailed away this afternoon. He thinks they have a “true connection,” and as soon as she comes within reach, he asks if he can “have a word” with her. As they walk off together, Wells points at them and asks, “Where are they going?” That was for Aven’s benefit, for sure. Wells has drunk the Bachelor Kool-Aid.

As they walk across the beach, I notice that Will is wearing a pair of white strappy Birkenstocks. My mom had a pair exactly like those thirty years ago. Will’s wearing girls’ shoes, y’all. Not a good look, Will.

Will’s still holding out hope for a future with Kylee. “I want her to be like, ‘You’re the one, Will. You’re the one that I feel the most love for.’ I’m just hoping things go my way.” Oh, honey, read the room.

After he pours his heart out to her, she says, “We dug deep really quickly, you and I. I wouldn’t have wanted to spend yesterday with anyone else … You’re literally everything and more that I could ask for in a life partner, but … the spark with Aven is kind of undeniable … I’m sorry is all I can say, but I am so thankful for our time together.” So that’s that.

Will says, “What I felt for Kylee was true and something I haven’t felt in a long time.” But she just didn’t feel it for you, Will. Find someone who will love you the same as you love her. She’s out there, but her name’s not Kylee.

Rose Ceremony Night

Bachelor in Paradise recap
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The tension is high for the ladies tonight. There are eleven women and only eight roses to be handed out. Three women will be going home. Jesse welcomes everyone to the first ceremony and encourages the ladies to have some conversations with the men tonight. He says, “Trust me, around here, it only takes one conversation. It takes one kiss, and that can change everything.”

“I don’t know who my rose is going to tonight,” Will says, “but once I find my person … they’re gonna be able to see that I have a lot of love to offer.” But hey, turns out Mercedes is crushing on Will, and she works up the courage to ask him to go for a chat.

“Will is so cute,” she says. “He’s super sweet. I knew that I liked him from day one. But Will was with Olivia, and then he was with Kylee.” Mercedes wisely adds, “You miss every shot you don’t take.” See, Will? You have options. I have a feeling Will is going to be very popular tonight.

Mercedes tells him, “I feel something very special, I really do. I just think you’re very sweet … You’re a good guy.”

Will is very touched that Mercedes is interested in him. “Paradise is crazy,” he says. He’s overwhelmed, but it feels good to be chosen. Also, Will’s grandma’s name is Mercedes, so maybe it’s a sign.

Mercedes admits to being “smitten.” She also says, “It feels right, right now.” I hope she’s not playing him. Poor Will’s had a rough day.

The Bachelor of Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise recap
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Greer Blitzer and Peter are cuddled on a couch together. “I don’t know if I’m gonna end tonight holding a rose,” she confesses, “but I hope if it is a rose, it’s a rose from Peter. It’s just very easy with Peter.” She feels like she’s getting encouragement from him.

“You’re so sweet,” she tells him. “You’re so easy to talk to, and I want to know more.” But Greer realizes she’s not the only one vying for Peter’s rose. Brooklyn, Olivia and Cat are also having conversations with him.

Meanwhile, Peter is telling Cat that she’s the person he’s most attracted to. “It’s safe to say the only rose I could possibly get tonight is from Pilot Pete. She had no idea he was attracted to her, but now he’s calling her a “blonde bombshell.” She also realizes she’s got competition.

Next, we see him telling Brooklyn that he finds her “very attractive.” Olivia has him pegged as a charmer. He talks to everyone, he’s so funny and makes all the girls “feel like a million dollars.”

“I hope he wants to explore me,” Olivia says, “because I want to explore him.”

Peter feels like “the Bachelor of Bachelor in Paradise,” but there’s still one conversation he wants to have. “I know Sam is with Aaron,” he admits. “But I really want to talk to Sam as, like, my number one.”

“Pilot Pete’s rose has not boarded yet,” he jokes. “Final destination, unknown.”

Pete attempts a steal

Bachelor in Paradise recap
(Craig Sjodin/ABC)

Even though Aaron S. is in the middle of assuring Sam that she has his rose, Pete walks up and asks if he can “steal” Sam for a minute. Sams asks, “Can we finish our conversation?” He agrees and steps back, but he starts a bizarre dance just a few feet away. Has Pete been drinking?

“I’m lucky to have found Sam,” Aaron says. “I legitimately have a strong connection with her. We were having a conversation that was going very well. And then Peter was breakdancing behind me, like a f***ing child. I don’t stand for that sh*t. And I never will.”

Finally, Pete gets his chance to talk to Sam. “I just wanted to tell you where I’m at,” he says. “You’re very a mature, beautiful young woman. I just wanted to know what you thought about our connection.”

“I think you’re an amazing guy,” she says. “You’re attractive, you’re ambitious. You work very hard.”

“Just out of curiosity,” he continues, “is there a red flag or a maturity thing with Aaron S.?”

But Sam is smart enough to know that her and Aaron’s relationship is none of Peter’s business. And Aaron’s not too pleased about it when Sean brings the news to him. He’s pretty pissed off that Peter is going after a girl who obviously already has a connection with someone else, especially when there are four women who don’t yet have sure roses.

Aaron stalks up the beach to where Pete is chatting with Oliva. Uh oh, this looks like trouble.

Aaron confronts Pete

Bachelor in Paradise recap
(Craig Sjodin/ABC)

Even though Pete wants to finish his chat with Olivia, Aaron insists they talk now. He demands to know if Pete called him immature. Long story short, Pete denies ever saying that about Aaron. But their body language as they face off is concerning to some of the others. “Do we have security here?” one of the girls asks. They huff and puff at each other, but fortunately, nothing really comes from the conversation.

“I have zero respect for you,” Aaron says. “None whatsoever. I think you’re a piece of sh*t.”

But Pete’s not intimidated by Aaron. “I’m fighting for what I want,” he says. “I’m gonna go for it. I have the rose. Don’t know yet exactly who I’m going to give it to, but game on, baby.”

Who will get the roses?

At last, everyone lines up for the Rose Ceremony. Who will get roses and who will be going home? Jesse wishes everyone luck. Let the Rose Ceremony begin.

The first several roses are no surprise. Brayden’s rose goes to Kat. Blake’s rose goes to Jess. Aaron B. gives his rose to Eliza. Will gives his to his new girlfriend Mercedes. Sean’s rose goes to Rachel. Aven gives his to Kylee. Aaron S. gives his rose to Sam, despite Pete’s attempts to steal her heart.

And finally, there is one rose left and it belongs to Pilot Pete. Who will get his rose? O.M.G. He gives it to Olivia, the last person I expected. I wonder if he’s using her as a placeholder until someone better comes along, and she’s doing the same. I don’t really see an attraction there. Ugh. I was hoping she’d go home, but I think somebody talked him into saving her. What a pair they make: the Dramatic Duo.

And with that, Greer, Cat and Brooklyn are off to the loser limos. Bye, ladies. Better luck elsewhere.

Bachelor in Paradise continues Thursdays at 9/8c on ABC.