Love & Hip Hop Recap: Erica Is Quite the Mena Girl!


I'm still not sure how I feel about this new group VH1 has pulled together for the new season of Love & Hip Hop.  Some seem incredibly boring, while others (cough, cough Erica Mena) are too over the top.  Speaking of, Erica was still keeping it classy on last night's episode.  She's meeting with Lore'l to discuss they're beef from last week.  Erica doesn't like how she ganged up with Rich Dollaz.  Lore'l doesn't understand why Erica is so proud of her craziness.  Erica tries to pretend that the record was Lore'l's idea, and then she claims to have asked Lore'l to make her relevant.

Consequence is a practicing Muslim, and he and Jen Bayer are raising Caden to be Muslim, but Jen isn't sure she's ready to jump on board.  Cons wants the family to pray together, and Jen hopes that they can expose Caden to some of the Christian traditions she participated in as a child.  Religion is very important to Cons, and he is counting on Jen to start learning about Islam and his spirituality.

Yandy Smith's little Amir is so precious.  Mendeecees and Yandy discuss their relationship, and he is proud of himself for curing his wandering eye.  He wants to be a family man now.  Mendeecees wants the family to move to a bigger place, but Yandy doesn't want to move because her mom lives upstairs.  She thinks her living situation is stable, and Mendeecees has been anything but until recently.  Yandy wants to make sure that they are on the right track before they take that next step. 


Joe Budden is meeting with Raqi Thunda to apologize for his behavior for the last few times.  He has tricked her into meeting with him because he knows she wouldn't come if she knew he was going to be there.  Joe tries to apologize, but Raqi isn't having any of it.  He wonders what kind of good friend she must be if she had people willing to fight him.  Raqi can't believe that Joe was willing to throw away their friendship over the pool party incident, and he asks if she's in love with him.

Cons and Rich are discussing a potential collaboration, and Cons would really like to work with Olivia Longott.  Rich throws out Erica's name, and Cons thinks that Olivia is the big name who could help get Erica's name out there if they put her on the record as well. 


Mendeecees and Yandy are having dinner, and she tries to explain to him that he has a lot of growing up to do.  He really wants to move in together, but she isn't going to go out on a limb until they have more of a commitment.  Mendeecees casually tosses out that they can go ahead and get married, and Yandy laughs at his attempt at a proposal.  We learn that the scratch on his face is from Yandy throwing his iPad at him in his sleep.  Apparently, she caught him liking booty pictures on Instagram. 

Olivia and Cons are in the studio, and Cons tells her that he'd love to have Erica on the record with her.  He thinks it would be an exercise in branding.  Liv isn't hearing any of it.  The thought of Erica rapping on her record is laughable.  I can't say I blame her…she's a bigger name than Erica, and Olivia totally knows that Rich is using her coattails to boost Erica's career. 


Tahiry Jose goes to see Joe's mom Faye, and Faye fills her in on Joe falling off the wagon.  Both women are tearful, and they want to help.  Of course, Tahiry can't have him pulling her down all of the time, especially when he's with someone else.  She is torn because she doesn't like watching him self destruct.  Faye pleads with her to be a support system for Joe.

Rich goes to see Erica, and she thinks that Rich gives too much of his management attention to Liv.  Rich has heard gossip around town that Erica is wiling out all over town.  He's heard from Olivia that she went a little crazy at a red carpet event.  Erica tells Rich that all she did was get out of a picture with Somaya Reese because she hates her, and Olivia stayed in the picture.  Can you imagine?  The nerve.  Cons arrives and shares that Olivia won't do the record with Erica, which sends her into another cuss filled rant before storming out of the studio.

Rashidah Ali and Tahiry are meeting for coffee, and she fills in her friend on Joe's relapse.  Tahiry is conflicted.  She's been contemplating her relationship with Joe, and now she realizes that it was totally one-sided.  She is upset because she doesn't want to let down Joe, but she can't stay in this unhealthy pattern.  Tahiry needs to let it all go.


Rich is livid with Olivia for not doing the record.  He can't believe she stormed out of a studio session that had already been paid for, but she refuses to work with Erica.  If he's such a good manager, can't he find someone else to boost Erica's brand?  After a screaming match, Olivia bolts. 

Cons is fasting for Ramadan, and he is grouchy.  Jen is cooking, which doesn't make him very happy to smell her delicious meal.  She has been trying to not fill the house with tempting smells, but she is hungry.  Cons starts laughing…she's hungry?  He's been fasting sixteen hours a day.


Faye and Tahiry go to Joe's house to show him support, and he gives Tahiry a half-assed apology.  He is happy to have their support, but he seems extremely manipulative.  Joe wants to "stay in the now" but Tahiry believes they need to figure out the past to find out how they got to this place. 

Erica is going to a girls' night out event hosted by Yandy.  If Liv is in attendance, she'd better watch out!  Olivia is excited to see Yandy, and she fills in her friend on Erica and Rich.  Erica arrives, and she isn't happy about the picture with Somaya.  Erica thinks that Olivia needs to be loyal.  Yandy is pissed that Erica is acting a fool at her event.  Erica doesn't care…she is all about yelling.

Next week, Erica and Olivia both get on Rich for not devoting enough time to their careers, and Joe refuses to take a drug test at Tahiry's request.  Yandy faces potential health issues with Amir.


Photo Credit: VH1