RHOBH’s Camille Grammer Is Over The Hateful Tone Of This Season; Adrienne Maloof Compares Herself To Demi Moore!

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The women of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills seem to be following in the footsteps of their Bravo counterparts.  Every day one of them is giving an exclusive interview, and usually at the expense of one of their cast members.  Now Camille Grammer is hoping that the hatefulness will end.  Or at least that's what she's saying so that she'll stay in the tabloids. 

Adrienne Maloof is also working overtime to make sure that she remains relevant, and what better way to do that then to keep reminding us of her May-December romance with Sean Stewart.  Enough already!  She actually goes so far as to call herself a trendsetter.  Yes, you read that correctly.  And no, I couldn't make this up if I tried.


Camille recently spoke with Radar Online about the ugly tone of this season.  You'd think they were trying to be Real Housewives of New Jersey 2.0!

The "friend" of the housewives (who seems to be more of a staple this season than when she was considered an actual housewife) reveals, “There was always silly fighting on camera during previous seasons on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. This season is different though, and I’m deeply saddened about it.  The one thing that had been different about this franchise as opposed to the others is that in the end, no matter what was going on, we were always there for each other.”

Of course, she's referring to the debacle that went down between Adrienne and Brandi Glanville and the surrogacy situation which shall not be mentioned.  Oh, oops!

Camille reminds us of times in the past where no amount of bickering would keep the women from supporting one another through hard times.  She recalls, “After Russell’s suicide, we all rallied around Taylor, no questions asked.  Sadly, that just wouldn’t happen now, and that is just awful.”

Waxing poetic, Camille shares, “Yes, there will always be drama, but it usually was over petty issues such as one of the other ladies was wearing a dress that was too tight, or someone was trying very hard to impress and outdo another. It’s my hope that we can all come together and move forward in a positive manner.  Life is just too short for anything else.”  Deep thoughts, Camille.  Deep thoughts.

Adrienne is also speaking to the tabloids about her her new relationship with Rod Stewart's son.  When did she become such a media lover?  Don't answer that.  Talking with Life & Style, Adrienne shares, “I don't think I am a cougar at all.  Jennifer Lopez, Madonna and Demi Moore — it's a trend now. Men do it all of the time, so I guess now I am a trendsetter too.”  Did she just compare herself to Demi Moore and Madonna?  Is she for real?

“I honestly had no idea what kind of buzz this was going to get — not just here — but around the world,” Adrienne admits.  Around the world?  I'm sure there are people in Japan who are following Adrienne's love life every second of the day.  She really has changed a lot since season one.  She used to be one of my favorites!

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